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Life Before and After
by Vera ManaLeo

It was in Machu Picchu that I finally rediscovered my true being. Here I received so many answers as to why I had always been so attracted to this country. Machu Picchu, in Quechua, means the old mountain. Its ruins have taken the name of the mountain because no one knew what else to call these ruins. This name was given to the city after its rediscovery by the American, Hiram Bingham, in 1911. Once again, the Inca constructions cause us to question how they could have created this city and why they would have built a city in this place at such a high altitude. Imagine an ocean of mountains in a large valley and on the top of one, a perfect city of white stones.

Machu Piccchu is so special that it really deserves to be called the "Eighth Wonder of the World." Today, Machu Picchu is the inheritance of all humanity, and there have been many different explanations as to how and why it was built. In this time of technological revolution, most people look to the archaeologists explanations, but at the same time, we should not exclude the spiritual ones. It is my opinion that the best way to arrive at the truest explanation is through the joining of the two sciences -- the sciences of the intellect and the science of the spirit. Machu Picchu is perfectly intact compared to other ruins found around the world. The only work necessary to make this city inhabitable (of course, in a primitive way) would be to put roofs on the houses.

One of the many explanations of what Machu Picchu was is that it was built as a type of convent, where the Virgins of the Sun lived and worked to provide all of the necessities of life to their superiors, the Incas and Priests. Archaeologists discovered 167 human remains, 102 of which were adult women, 7 young women, 22 adult men, 4 young men, 21 of which they were not able to determine the sex, and 5 infants. This proves to us that this city's population was composed mostly of women.

Marino Orlando Sanchez Macedo, archaeologist and author of the book, De las Sacerdotisas, Brujas y Adivinas de Machu Picchu (The Priestesses, Witches and Psychics of Machu Picchu), researched and performed archaeological digs in this city spreading over a 20-year period, and I believe that he is the person who has come the closest to the truth about this city (with the exception of the channeled entitity, Chuma, who I will talk about later in this article), even though so much had already been taken by Hiram Binghamžs expedition. Marino Sanchez has rewritten the history of Machu Picchu from his point of view and through his research has arrived at the conclusion that this city was truly a sanctuary. The evidence he has found makes it clear that the Priestesses who lived there were very knowlegeable about the mysteries of the sky and the earth. When one visits Machu Picchu they will be able to feel the energy that involves and fascinates everyone, including those who have not awakened to the spiritual life, because everytime that I have been there I always have talked with people from all over the world and with great excitement they say that Machu Picchu has convinced them that there must be more to this life than our present material existence.

M.Picchu High Priestess
Another transforming experience I had when first visited Machu Picchu was my first introduction to a light being, through Gasparetto, named Chuma. This entity gave our group of fifty people many material proofs of her presence and the presence of other spiritual entities who live in Machu Picchu. Chuma said to us that the truth about Machu Picchu is that it was a University where special youths studied to cultivate, improve and refine their knowledge of the spiritual science. She also said that when humanity is prepared, a record book will be found which will reveal all of the secrets of the science of the past, present and future.Marino Sanchez discovered the remains of Chuma in his digs in the sacred plaza which were adorned with many crystals, principally amethysts, in the Temple of Three Windows. Three was always a magical number for all of the religions of the world. Three also had a deep religious significance for the Incas, which transmits the philosophic conceptions of the universe.

For them, the universe was composed of three different worlds: Hanaq Pacha, meaning Nirvana (the supernatural world); Kay Pacha, meaning the material world composed of human beings and: 1) the earth, 2) the waters, 3) the mountains, 4) the devas and 5) the guardian angels.; and Ukhu Pacha, meaning the subterraneal world. It was in the Temple of Three Windows that rituals were performed to combine these three worlds in perfect union for integral connection with God.
Three Windows Temple

Until 1438, the Incas worshiped the Sun as God, but after this date, with the reign of the Inca, Pachakuteq (meaning reformer of the universe). He believed that God was not only be the Sun, but must be something much larger than the Sun and therefore must also be the creator of the Sun. He called all of the Priests of the Empire and commanded them to go into seclusion until they found the true God. They returned to Pachakuteq with the true God -- (THE LIGHT, THE BEGINNING AND THE END OF ALL THINGS, THE ORIGIN OF LIFE, THE MASTER AND ORGANIZER OF THE UNIVERSE).

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