(larger then human size,
reported and edited by
Joshua Shapiro, March 2010)

On Friday, February 5th, I received an email from a 48 year old man in Germany.  Included with his email were five photographs of an amethyst crystal skull that I had never seen before.  This gentleman has agreed to allow us to share his story and the photos but he has requested that we do not reveal his name.  So of course, we are honoring his request to be anonymous but are very grateful that we can share his story and crystal skull with you as this is yet another fascinating story related to the world of the crystal skulls and how a person comes into possession of an old skull.

We have noticed even since last year (2009), that it appears there are many new crystal skulls (ones which appear to be hundreds if not thousands of years old) that are all of sudden emerging and come out to the public's attention.  Especially when we traveled to Mexico last year, we saw quite a number of new crystal skulls which had been found within the ground in various parts of this country. Some of these crystal skulls were sold in small stores and others were uncovered when digging into the ground and a worker found and kept it. 

I believe that just as we are seeing in the beginning of 2010, quite a number of physical earth changes and upheavals (happening in more frequency) that similarly, the sign of these new crystal skulls appearing out of no where there is some connection.  It is a powerful sign of the time we live in.  Or all of a sudden, people who have kept the skulls privately with little interest to know about them are all of a sudden feeling called to investigate their origins and discover what they have.  Could it be their crystal skulls are being activated which is causing these private owners to want to share them with the world? Or are these activities all connected and linked to the prophecies of a Golden Age coming to our world whether it be 2012/2013 or a bit later?

Anyway, we live in exciting and expanding times now, yes?  So here now is the information that this German Crystal Skull Guardian (we will refer to him within this webpage as The German Guardian) has shared with us as we present it sequentially via a series of emails he sent to us and also answering a few of the questions that I asked of him.

Thank you for your kind attention and to The German Guardian to share the following material and photos.  And by the way, The German Guardian has decided to call this skull (as it has come to him linked with a dream):

Kuún Ti Tsin
(sounds a bit Chinese)

Joshua Shapiro
a crystal skull explorer


Email Conversations with the Germain Guardian

(Underneath part of the amethyst crystal skull, the yardstick is measuring the size in centimeters)

Friday, 5th of Feb. 2010
(First Contact)

Hello Joshua,

(a short description of the skull and a brief history)

This Skull is made from solid Amethyst and is nearly a natural Sized Human Skull as it is about 6 Kg …it came to Germany (just before the First World War began), from somewhere in South America.

Kind Regards,

The German Guardian

Date: Friday, 5th of Feb. 2010
(another email received later this day)

(Left side profile of the amethyst crystal skull, again showing slidemetter to see its size)

Hello Joshua,

(More history about this crystal skull)

This Skull was given as a present to my Grandfather (he was an Officer in the Emperors’ Cavalry Regiment of the Guard Hussars, that came from a Commanding Officer of Kaiser Wilhem’s II Naval Fleet, who brought the Skull from a South and Central America Trip.

As I understood the Story {my Grandmother told me}, this Commander bought the Skull from somebody who told him it was stolen from the Grave from a big ancient Clan Chief.

For the last 25 Years, I have stored the Skull in a Bank Safe because my Wife didn´t like “him” at Home because she felt (a) “bad or scary Energy” coming from it.

Today I was at a special Museum in our Town because I became once more curious about the History of the Skull. So with one of the Curators, I arranged a Meeting and I took the skull to the Museum. The scientific Curator was having big Eyes when he looked at the skull ...but a lass, he could not tell me anything of value ... only that he asked me to give the Skull on Loan to the Museum. So, I left the Museum a bit disappointed and went back to my Office. Then I asked “Professor Google” on the internet about crystal skulls and I found your Publication (Website).

The German Guardian

Wednesday, 10th Feb. 2010
(the contact continues)


(Right side profile of the amethyst crystal skull, so you can compare to the left side above)

Hello Joshua,

I'm sorry to report that due to the arrival of the the Skull in our Family which happened nearly 100 Years ago that for me there are very few Facts that are known about it. :o(  By the way, the exact weight of the Skull is 6450 Grams (14.22 lbs).

{Note from Joshua: A crystal skull that is about 11-12 lbs is usually the size of a human bone skull, since this skull is heavier it is slightly bigger.)

Yesterday in the afternoon, I had the opportunity to visit with my Father and I asked him about if he remembered any other Details related to the Skull.

The Story I heard at this time was nearly the same as I told you in my second E-mail, but there were some additional Details that might be interesting. You asked me about the origin of the Skull (from which part of the world it may have come from). My Father said it is very possible that it came out of Central America because the Battleship which carried the Skull to Germany, in those Days took a long Tour from Africa to South America and then stopped in Central America where they anchored in many different harbors. And after they left Central America, the Ship went directly back to Germany. Also he said, that his Father told him the Skull was taken/stolen from a Cult Site / Temple (my Grandmother told me about a Chiefs grave) of an ancient Tribe where the Skull was a "Keeper of mystical Secrets".

You asked me about my Feelings or experiences when I am around the skull. And so, there are two Things which are strange for me. The first one is that every time the Skull is near me, I need to look at it, like something is "pushing me" to do this. And maybe this sounds stupid, but it is like "he / it" is trying to communicate with me ...like I’m waiting for "him" to open his "Mouth" and start talking with me. But all of this is happening to me without I am experiencing any bad Feeling(s) (as usually a Skull is not a nice object to look at). I notice also that my Heart beats faster when I am near the skull and sometimes I have a slight shiver that is running down my Back.

Please do not think I am nuts or crazy because in Fact, I know it's only a big old Gemstone in a strange shape ... Now, I am nearly 50 Years old and I have both my Feet on the Ground.  I do not believe in anything "magical" because I'm an Electronic Technician and believe in only what I can see, touch and scale!

(Joshua: The German Guardian asks some questions here in his email, which are a bit private but this question he asked was interesting)

It is OK to keep this Skull near me?  As honestly, I’m a bit concerned ... because for the last 65 Years the Skull was kept in dark Cellars and this last Time "he" was kept in a Bank Safe ... but never close to People.

And what recommendation you can give to me related to giving this Skull on Loan to our Museum which shares objects from mortuary Cultures?

{Joshua Note: we responded that we did not believe it is a good idea to give this crystal skull to the local Museum as they didn’t fully understand what the crystal skull is about and that the skull would not be able to help people directly.}

And lastly I make this Offer to you ...if you're ever travelling within Europe sometime this Year, please feel free to contact me and maybe we can meet.

The German Guardian

Thu, 11 Feb 2010
(our discussion continues)

(Finally a top profit of the amethyst crystal skull, to see how the amethyst quartz fits together)

Hello Joshua,

Thank you for your Time and your long and very interesting Letter!  I never expected that this strange Skull could be such an interesting Item ...as I told you before, for me it was "only an old Gemstone in a strange Shape".

But I like to ask you for a Favor ...if there's coming up any additional Information / Facts, please let me know. For me everything is interesting linked to the crystal skull including its History and the paranormal Aspects too (I'll try to be open my Minded for this).

(Joshua Note: If anyone has any feelings or response to the photographs of this amethyst crystal skull please feel free to email us with your comments so we can share them with the guardian, thanks!!)

My positive Feelings with the Skull are continuing and I decided to give him a good Place on my writing Desk ...right directly opposite from me.

Regards from Germany,

The German Guardian

Tue, 9 Mar 2010 02:11:30 +0100

(more information)

Hello Joshua,

I was trying to find some Time to come down and sit with my Skull. I’m very curious to find out if there is a possibility of a "bidirectional Communication" with "him". But still through today there has been no Time for such an experiment ...but I’m sure I will be able to check this out during this Month (March).

But what I can tell you about my Experiences with the Skull is that he seems to be a "friendly Creature" because around him there is like an "Aura" of Calm and I can sense positive Feelings / Energy.

And ...I do not know how to describe this exactly - it is a bit strange - ... but it seems like this Skull is trying to change my life or maybe trying to help / protect me because in the last few Weeks there have been some remarkable Occurrences that have taken place.

I only told a very few People about the Skull and nobody (except you) about my Experiences with it. This is because if I am being honest I’m afraid that people will tell me that I am crazy.

Kind Regards from Germany,

The German Guardian

Update on March 10th - More Photos

(The German Guardian didn't feel the first five photos he sent us presented the Amethyst
Skull in the best light so he sent us quite a few more.  We have a few more photos we
are adding in this section then, to give you a better perspective on the shape and size
of this crystal skull.  We hope you enjoy this ...)




Friday, March 12, 2010
(the beginning of the name)

Hello Joshua,


Yesterday while I was working with the Skull and take the new Photos, there was something interesting happening to me.

You told me that I have to ask the Skull for "his" Name, so during the time I work with him I always have the Question about "his" Name in my Thoughts ... for a long time nothing happens and I told to myself that maybe I should try it once more the next time I spend time with "him".

(Anyway, last night when I went to sleep, I had a Dream which was very intense and made me wake up in the early Morning Hours.

In this Dream I was in a place which looked like a Temple or a burial Chamber where all Walls were covered with Paintings and Reliefs and some of them were moving ...a little bit like watching a Cartoon.

(Joshua Note: The description of this dream is a bit private, so we will not shared what happens in the Temple or Chamber but at the end The German Guardian discovers something very important ... He sees something written on the stone floor in this chamber and after he woke up he tried to write in his notepad what the letters looked like.  Then the email continues ..  )

It looks like the letters said: "Kuun Ki Tsin" or "Kuun Ki Tzin".

Today in the Afternoon as I sat together with my Skull and remembered the Paper with the Letters from the Dream, I took the Paper out of my Pocket and tried to pronounce the Letters as complete Words. And in that Moment I felt slight shivers ran over my Neck and Back ...and something forced me to look at the Skull.

I put the Paper away and about an Hour ago, I once more took the Paper out and suddenly the same Action happened!

The words I pronounced for me sounded a bit like in the "Chinese Language" ...but is it possible that this could be the Name of my Skull???

Thank's for your Time and Kind Regards

The German Guardian


Date: Sat, 13 Mar 2010
(more about the name for the skull)

I think "Huun Ki Tsin" is a bit difficult to pronounce, but I'm sure that my Skull feels comfortable with it ...so I like to choose this Name for "him", maybe in the Future somebody will find a Translation or a Meaning?
Have a nice Weekend,

The German Guardian


Date: Sun, 14 Mar 2010
(final message for now, related to the name)

Maybe Interesting for you.

Today in the Morning there was something like another Hint for the Skull's Name.
A short Time after I woke up, there was something unusual that happened to me ... in my Head the Name was repeated many times, it sounded like that the first part Kuun is spoken in two Syllables, like Ku un or better Kuún ...so the Name would be Kuún Ti Tsin.

What do you think about this?

(Joshua Note: Well I told The German Guardian that each caretaker receives the name eventually and we have to trust it,  so now dear reader you know this crystal skull's name!! )

Kind Regards from stormy Germany,

The German Guardian

So dear friends, we have another interesting story about a new crystal skull that has been held in private hands that its now time for it to come out into the world.  The interesting aspect of this story is that we haven’t heard about too many amethyst crystal skulls so far.  For myself, the style of the skull seems a bit similar to some of the crystal skulls we saw in Mexico, which is why it could be that the skull came from Central America.

Anyway, we hope you enjoyed this story and through our newsletter we will continue to keep people updated to other stories and crystal skulls that emerge.

In peace and light always

Joshua Shapiro
A crystal skull explorer


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