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Thank you for your interest in our second Travel Log book, dealing with Joshua's three journeys to Peru from 1997-2002 in which he was led by "Spirit" to discover or make contact with what he calls "The Blue Skull".  In the vision which guides him to Peru, this crystal skull (if it is made of quartz crystal) appeared as a transparent sky-blue color and was comprised of two pieces, with a separate jaw bone.

This webpage describes the first editions of this book which were released in two formats including a PDF protected format that has been available since December 29th, 2012 and the printed edition that came out in March (2013).  Through our publisher Global Communications there is also a Kindle version but we believe the format of our version of the e-book as a PDF is easier to read.  Before you decide which of these two editions to purchase, check out the ordering process first (as the postage to send the printed book to countries outside North America is a bit expensive) that is shown below.

Photo above, Joshua preparing to travel to the
      Laguna Negra to search for the Blue Skull, high
      up in the mountains of northern Peru ...

Photo to the left, the location in Peru, the mountain
and the sacred lagoon which Joshua was guided
to explore to find the "Blue Skull"

The Laguna Negra with the Mountain
Peak behind, do you see the skull face that appears upon the mountain?

Order the book Our Story of Atlantis

 Never before has Joshua offered the complete sharing of his journals from his 3 journeys to Peru (Spirit requested at this time, that "HE MUST!!"

The Blue Crystal Skull that is discussed within this book could be centuries upon centuries old. It provided information to Joshua that it may have originated in Lemuria and has a special purpose to assist humanity in the near future.

Due to your support of the Crystal Skull Explorer's work in the world to share key information about the crystal skulls ( if you received our private invitation, you are being invited First) to receive one of the very first copies of this book to be released!

Joshua was requested by his "spirit guides" to write a journal report of each day during the three journeys he took to Peru (the northern part), in 1997, 1999 and 2002. You have the chance to be right there with Joshua as he travels with various companions, in each of these trips, to uncover The Blue Skull and what happened to them as they traveled throughout Peru.

Bonus sections of this book includes several other reports of some amazing new research done by Joshua and Katrina in the paranormal, including Joshua's contact with German Composer Pachelbel; Table Tipping and linking with John Adams near Boston; and Apportations of Spirit linked with the crystal skulls. Also, Joshua has included some special photographs from Peru taken on various travels there of UFO activity via clouds and lights in the sky over Lake Titicaca.

Here is Joshua at Machu Picchu - although this
is not the area where he saw the vision of the
Blue Skull, he has visited Peru a number of times
since 1989, each time giving him new clues ...

Joshua Meditation at a power stone
in Machu Picchu with the crystal skulls


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Here is Joshua with a photo of the "Lord of Sipan"
who was a Moche ruler about 200 AD - he was a
guiding spirit that came to Joshua to help him with
his search for the Blue Skull in Peru and had this
skull in his possession during the time of his rule!

Is it possible that there a crystal skulls in Peru?
During a tour in 2009, Joshua was shown this skull purportedly from the Chavin ancient civilization. Since 2009, what are called Andean Crystal Skulls are surfacing and some are made from quartz.

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Thank you for your interest in our new series of books.  Stay tuned because we expecting to write several more as we move into 2015 and beyond.

PS - we are working in 2015 on two new novels - novels linked to the paranormal and the crystal skulls. The best way to be kept up-to-date is by becoming a member of our free newsletter, Unfolding of the Crystal Skulls -- to find out more click here.


Peace and Light always

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