Our Story of Atlantis
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By Dr. Phelon & George Lippard

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 A Rare book, virtually unknown to the public

Contains a translation of a ancient document written 29,000 BC from an individual living in Legendary Atlantis

If you ever wondered what it was like to live in Atlantis and what our world will be like in the near future, get this book!

After you know the truth of Atlantis, your life will never be the same again - a $5 discount if you order before October 5th!!

Bonus sections of the book includes another amazing story by Dr. Phelon (a true mystic and seeker of truth) and the origins of the Rosicrucian order with a special connection with George Washington.

A brief overview of the Construction of this Special Book?

This book actually consists of three sections or books within one.  The first two books (or steps), "Our Story of Atlantis" (published 1903) and "The Future Rulers of America" (published 1887) were written by W. P. Phelon MD.  Dr. Phelon and his wife established the Hermetic Brotherhood of Atlantis, Luxor and Elphante in the late 1800's.  Dr. Phelon was a mystic who was driven by "Spirit" and his soul's essence to travel the world in order to discover key ancient knowledge held by ancient cultures. It appears these two sections of the book were based upon his personal experiences which he wrote about. Briefly let us summarize, what is contained within these two stories:

Summary: "Our Story of Atlantis" -- Dr. Phelon takes a boat ride from New York City to San Francisco in 1872 (which means the boat had to go around the Cape Horn at the bottom of South America). During this trip he meets a mysterious man upon this boat (the only other person aboard the vessel who is a passenger) and they have a number of dialogues about Atlantis and Lemuria. 

Photo of Dr. Phelon, author of "Our Story of Atlantis"Then their ship reaches the West Indian Archipelago area (Islands between Cuba and South America) and the crew decides to take a temporarily stop. This mysterious man then invites Dr. Phelon to accompany him to one of these islands where they discovered a huge obelisk or pillar of advance stone design sticking out of the water.  This structure is believed to be part of one of the buildings of Atlantis which according to Edgar Cayce, sank under the water around 9,500 B.C.  We won't spoil the entire story but we will say they magically discovered inside this structure a stone box which contained a document (of papyrus) that was written in ancient Atlantean.

The rest of the book is the translation of this Atlantean document whereas the mysterious stranger interprets and translates the Alantean text while Dr. Phelon records the writings into English. All we can tell you is that this part of the book greatly effected us (both Katrina and myself, Joshua) - it awakened memories of a life time and place where we both have lived before.  We were so overwhelmed with the amazing information contained inside of this book that we were inspired to help make copies available for others and made a special agreement with the publisher.

Now let us digress for a moment and tell you how this book came to us personally. While we were visiting a local library in Bellevue, Washington (not far from Seattle), Joshua was scanning the small section of books linked to the spiritual and the paranormal when he saw the title of the book discussing Atlantis. This book literally jumped out at him. He remembers even feeling a presence behind him, urging him that he must take out this book.  As a result of reading "Our Story of Atlantis", Joshua contacted the publisher to learn more about their organization and how has a personal relationship with this group. If you ever have wanted to really now what Atlantis was like this is the book you must read!!

It is amazing to note that Edgar Cayce had over 600 sessions while in a trance state where he discussed Atlantis. That Atlantis first came into existence well over a hundred thousand years ago but this fabled land went through three distinct ages.  The Second Age of Atlantis took place from 50,000 - 10,500 BC when Atlantis was comprised of five islands with the major island called Poseida. The papyrus scroll states that this document records a time in Atlantis about 29,000 BC during a period of time during this specific age.

To give you a taste, here is how the scroll begins:

I, Tlana, Scribe of the Mighty Three, to whom it has been given strictly in charge so to do, herein write the history of my beloved country. This is to be for the instruction and enlightenment of my people when they, in the far-off ages to come, shall need more than bread, help to recurring memory. I demand for this undertaking the necessary assistance and guidance from the Brotherhood of both the Invisible and the Visible, so soon to become of the Invisible; from the gods of Wisdom and Power, and from the Supreme Ruler of All, that I may say that which is best and most instructive concerning the actions and conditions of our nation from its beginning to now.

(note: The Mighty Three, represent the three most powerful Magi, who were linked to the Great Temple and were considered the wisest and most noble individuals linked to spiritual sciences and the occult in Atlantis, like how an Elder or Shaman is considered within various indigenous people today)

What is the most important aspect of this story is it describes a time of Atlantis when the people were living in total unity and harmony. A time when everyone believed that all that exists first comes from the invisible into the visible. When the Government, Religion and Science were working together for the benefit of all the people. If you read this book, not only will you come to know what it was like to live in Atlantis but you will see how our world will be in the near future as has been foretold by many prophecies. Because again returning to Edgar Cayce, he discussed that many souls who lived in Atlantis when their level of technology was at a similar level as our own, have returned.

"Our Story of Atlantis" is a must book and again, we have granted permission from Beverly Hall Corporation to make this book available for our friends, extended family and visitors for a special discount.  We apologize for this webpage being so long (feel free to move further down this page for the order form) to discuss this amazing book but there are two more special sections you should also know about included within this version of the book.

Summary: "The Future Rulers of America, A Physician's Adventure" published in 1887. Just prior to the start of the civil war, Dr. Phelon, who was trained as a medical doctor receives a strange request to assist an elderly gentlemen who needs some type of medical attention. When he meets this elderly gentlemen in his home, he claims that he has been alive since time of the ancient Phoenician but his time on earth is coming to an end shortly. He reveals some secret information to Dr. Phelon and then before his death, two men materialize from out of the air to take his patient away. Another amazing occult-type store told by Dr. Phelon that is hard to believe but too unbelievable not to. 

Summary: "The Brotherhood of the Rosy Cross" is written by George Lippard and deals with the First World Parliament in the 1600's, a meeting of the leaders of various spiritual societies which leads to the creation of the Council of Seven. A great prophecy is discussed through this council that includes information and another story linked to George Washington who becomes known as the Deliverer, and he is told of a vital rule he will play as the future savior and leader of the US. 

George Lippard, co-author of Our Story of Atlantis & The Three Steps, wrote about the Order of the Rosy Cross
George Lippard
was a Philosophic Initiate, genius, dreamer, champion of the oppressed; advocate of the freedom of man; visionary, yet practical reformer; awakener of Lincoln to the negro's plight; and at 25 became a member of the Council for a secret occult based society. He was an author of many books.  To Major General Ethan Allan Hitchcock must be given the credit for being his spiritual Father as in later years the General introduces Lippard to Abraham Lincoln Lippard died in 1854 at the age of 32.

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