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(First Edition, PDF format, Part I - Winning Fast,
approximately 25 pages including a bonus of the 31 page
report of Wolfman's Shapiro 2012 CBA Championship)

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Thank you for your interest in my first ever SOM Strategy e-book.  After many seasons of creating teams in the leagues I have participated since the early days of my playing of Strat-o-matic Baseball since the early 1970's, and my recent championship in the CBA (Cyber Baseball Association) I have decided to write down for the first time, all of my strategies for creating a successful team (i.e. - one worthy to make the playoffs of your league or tournament, assuming you are building your team via a type of draft or keeping players from year to year).

Please Note: This is Part I of two parts of my report which focuses on winning quickly and what you must do to win in your current season or tournament.  Part II which will be released later, is a slower approach that involves building a team of youth in order to be competitive in a few years (so this part is mostly for draft leagues) but then have a team that will be a powerhouse in your league for years to come.  For most of my life, I have always gone for the fast approach to have a winning team each year but eventually this strategy does catch up with you.


Wolfman Shapiro, with the trophy he received for the 2012 CBA Championship with his
team the Skokie Wolfmen.  In 7 season in the CBA he has been in the playoffs 6 times,
the World Series 3 Times, with this past season finally winning the championship
(note: the one year he didn't make it, he lost in a final death tie breaker)

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 Never before has Wolfman Shapiro offered all of his strategies of how he has created year after year a playoff
caliber team.

This e-book shares how to construct your team through
the draft, strategies for trades, what type of team to create that will see the best success.

If you offer a donation of $25 or more for this e-book, Wolfman will offer a free 15 minute consultation to answer your questions about building your team.

This special e-book also discuss various strategies to use during the playing of your games as you not only need to build a good team but you must use the talents of your team to the max.

Bonus section: Wolfman is including his special report as an extra bonus that gives the full story of his 2012 CBA Championship - how he built his team and the results of the playoffs.  With the Strategies of winning Fast and full story of his CBA championship you will have numerous strategies to pick from how to build your team.  (Note: for the members of the Ultimate Strat Baseball Newsletter, you have received this report before, but with this e-book we have included everything together)

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