Dianne Robbins

This Edition published 2008
New Expanded Edition

197 pages, divided into
8 sections with 27 chapters


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 A Rare book, virtually unknown to the public

Contains direct communications to the author from the people living in the city of Telos, decesendants of Lemuria living in a thriving and peaceful city under Mt. Shasta in Northern California.

If you ever wondered what it might be like to live in a Utopia, and how our Earth will be in the future, the lifestyle of the Telosians will be the way of our earth in the near future, fully described within this book!

Finally, Miss Robbins also shares key information about the Inner Earth people (those who live on the inner surface of our world) as well as direct communications with them.

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A brief overview of the Table of Contents of this Special Book?

As stated above this book consists of eight sections all of which share various telepathic communications which Miss Robbins has received from the people living in the underground city of Telos and from her contacts with the people in the Inner Earth (or also called the Hollow Earth).  If you have not heard of the Hollow Earth before, following is a brief explanation.

The Hollow Earth - as you can see from the photo from your left, there is a hole at the North Pole with a light eminating. Our world is Hollow with also a similar hole at the South Pole (1400 miles in diameter) and the light is from a small mini-sun at the Earth's center.  People are able to live on the inner surface as well as the outer surface as gravity hold us to the planet.  It is said the people living inside may exist in a higher vibrational frequency; are very tall and may have originated from various galactic races.  The Inner Earth people also have direct communication with the people in Telos and other underground cities.  This photo was taken by space and is from Billie Woodward of the Hollow Earth Network which you can learn more about the Hollow Earth by visiting this website:

To give you a taste of the type of information this remarkable shares with you, here is a small portion of the book as "Adama" (who is the High Priest of the Council of 12 which governs Telos, see a drawing of what he looks like below) communicates to Miss Robbins what the people in Telos look like:

We look just like you, although we are perhaps somewhat taller in stature and broader than you are. We are hefty and strong, for we've been on a vegetarian diet for the last 12,000 years. This diet has slowed our aging process to the point where we've stopped getting older. We use our diet and our mind to remain in a youthful state always, which we term "Immortality". We are able to prolong our life for as long as we desire, based on our diet and our belief system of Immortality.

Now here is a summary of the key sections of the book and what is covered:

Summary: "Part One - Beginnings" -- An overview of the book; who the people are from the Hollow Earth; greetings from Telos and their spiritual leader Adama. The history of Telos and their Lemurian Origins; Battle with Atlanteans (in the past); why they selected Mt. Shasta for their new home.

"Part Two - "Physical Nature and Telos Lifestyle" -- What the Telosians look like, their physical body; how the Telosians communicate with telepathy and use Astral Projection; What a normal day is in the life of a Telosian; their system of Government; Their Buildings and Technology; Food Production and Climate and Weather.

"Part Three - Travel & Transportation" -- From Telos their Electromagentic Vehicles & the Underground Travel System; Polar Openings and their Visits to the Surface of the Earth

"Part Four - Mission of  Assistance" -- Basically this part discusses the assistance the Telosian plan to offer to humanity in the future; about future Earth Changes; how we are all "One Family" on Earth; their perception of the Light, working in Love and their connection with Creator.

"Adama" - The High Priest and
Leader of Council of Telos

Telos Symbol
(drawn by Lutz Mueller)

"Part Five - Reunion" -- What is the Photon Belt and how it is affecting our spiritual evolution, updates on the Ascension Plans for Humanity.

"Part Six - Telos and the Earth's Interior" -- A description of the Earth's Interior or the Inner Earth - what it looks like; what a hollow planet means; the Tunnels & Spaceports inside the Inner Earth; what the Inner Earth Beings are like (as discussed by Adama).

"Part Seven  & Part Eight (added in the new edition) - Messages from the Hollow Earth" -- These last two chapters cover direct messages that Miss Robbins receives from various beings inside the Hollow Earth; the Inner Earth people discuss their life, what the inside of the world looks like, their spiritual philosophy and more.

This book offers to the readers a chance to see how our world can be like in the future when there are no wars or suffering, and the people understand we are all children of Creator, here to help each other and work together. Our friends from the underground cities like Telos and the people of the Hollow Earth stand ready to help us move into a Golden Age and rejoin the "One Family"!!

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