( Stories and Experiences from 1972-1980 plus
new assorted articles as the Skokie Wolfman
returns to the world of Strat-O-Matic ... )

Hello dear friends -- to those who I have had the privilege and honor to know and meet in my early days of playing this great game we love (in all kinds of leagues and especially connected to the national conventions we setup) -- the Skokie Wolfman is back after 25 years.  And I send greetings to all of the new strato buddies I have met upon my return and those who I shall meet in the future.  It is damn good to be back.

Many people didn't know what happened to me, since 1980.  1980 was the  last year we setup our national conventions and also when I participated with the Chicagoland SOM Game Club.  There have been rumors I got religious or joined some strange mystical groups.  Well, let us just say that through my personal journey over these years I discovered myself and now today I live in Holland, married to a wondrous Dutch Lady, who is responsible indirectly for helping me to return, to the game I (we) love and I devoted so much time to for many years.  However, to discuss what happened to me and the places I have been in this missing time is another story and would require a whole book to tell.

The logo above, is the team logo for our boys -- the Skokie Wolfmen, who have returned to life and are participating in the CBA, a computer based internet league.  We wish to acknowledge former manager Dennis Concepcion (the Longue Pointe Loggers) for his help to develop this logo.

Using my writing skills (as I have published three books now during my exodus) -- I have begun to write some new articles about my experiences with SOM Baseball and in particular working with the computer version of the game.  So please find on this, my new SOM home pagem some of these articles plus the early exploits of the Wolfman from 1972-1980, when I submitted various articles to the SOM Review, which unfortunately is no longer in print.

I hope you enjoy your visit here and please feel free to write if you have some questions or just want to shoot the breeze.

Success and enjoy your particular teams in your league,
all the best,

The Skokie Wolfman
aka R. Joshua Shapiro 

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Close Encounter with a Star Tournament
        ( 1st experience at the Star Tournament, Chicago, 2005)  

SOM National Conventions, 1972-1980
       ( Reports on the first 9 conventions, SOM Review)  
Battle of the Sexes (Part I & II, 1973)
       ( The Wolfman challenges Donna Chevrette )  

Expanded Manual for Net Play, SOM Baseball
       ( Microsoft Word Document, Expanded Information)  


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Good luck everyone with your Strat-o-matic Seasons

................ the Skokie Wolfman