Adventures for the Soul


Based on an article by Ishtar Antares-Kosir from Slovenija

For a long time, this planet existed and evolved within the dimensional parameters of duality. It was subject to the laws of time and space, cause and affect (sometimes called karma) birth and death, good and evil, the polarities. The evolution of consciousness was achieved through conflicts through experiencing the opposites, the separation.

Now, this world has reached the point where it can graduate from duality and enter a new patterning of Oneness. This results in drastic changes in consciousness and energy flows which can already be experienced. This time of Conversion, the Antarion Conversion is connected with the constellation of Orion which holds the key of duality for this part of the galaxy. There are some very bright and some not so bright beings originating from Orion who are playing major roles in the drama of duality.

Planet Earth is currently completing its participation in this drama. For it is entering the Template of Oneness, a world of no-time, no-space and no- duality. There will be no more karma, for there will be Divine Grace flowing; there will be no more death and evil, for it will be transcended by the Love of the One Heart. This is the time when all judgment will be released as a result of Divine Intervention, the Love energy originating from the One through the Greater Central Sun System. It is changing and transmuting the vibrational frequency of every atom of your planet, every cell of your body.

As a result of this increased energy, many star people are awakening. Your star codes are being actived. You are gathering together and activating dimensional doorways which allow the Antarion Conversion to occur upon your planet. When enough conscious beings get together with focused intent there is a great amount of new energy of Oneness that can flow through them. When this energy circulates around the planet, activating the consciousness of many, generating a quantum leap.

The first of the major planetary activations was the Harmonic Convergence. It occurred on 16th an 17th August 1987. Over a hundred thousand dedicated beings anchored the fourth dimension -the astral plane, the plane of emotions. Thus access of the astral plane was much easier, allowing an emotional cleansing on a planetary level. This prepared the foundation for the 12:21 Activation of the AntaRion Conversion on December 21, 1987.

THE 11:11

Next was the 11:11 Activation on 11th January 1992. This major planetary activation opened the doorway of Oneness. For the first time in the evolution of this planet it was possible to experience the energy of the One directly. The Doorway of the 11:11 has Eleven Gates which lead directly into alignments with a Greater Central Sun System. As the First Gate was activated on January 11, 1992, the last one will be activated by 31st December, 2011 when the Doorway of the 11:11 closes. This will be the completion of the Antarion Conversion. Earth will become a heavenly world anchored in Oneness living in the subtle currents of the One Heart. It will be a point of light in the intergalactic network of light.

The Second Gate of the 11:11 was activated on 5th June 1993. It was the activation of cosmic love or the One Heart upon this planet. Many of you have felt this increased Love energy of the One Heart since the Second Gate Activation. This will result in great changes in your personal relationships. Intimate relationships will be expanded from two individuals into a group. New forms of relating will be created which will lead you even deeper into the enhanced frequencies of the One Heart. By the time of the Third Gate Activation in 1997, you will be merged with your soul families, living in communities of Oneness, the Islands of Light.

Before the Third Gate Activation, the First Wave of Ascension will take place. Ascension is an expansion of consciousness into cosmic Oneness. This will occur in three waves. At the Third Gate Activation, a network of Islands of Light will be established. This will signify the beginning of the turning point of the Antarion Conversion. This is a probable time for the second wave of Ascension. This will create a shift of the mass consciousness of humanity towards the Greater Reality. It will lead to the activation of the Fourth Gate of the 11:11 which is called the Antarion Doorway. This will be activated on 11th August 1999 during Total Solar Eclipse which occurs at 11 hours, 11 minutes Greenwich Mean Time.

At that point, the Template of Oneness will reveal itself fully. This is the cosmic revelation that was predicted in your prophecies. It is also the culmination point of transition for this planet. An enormous amount of light and love will be present. It will be a time of great miracles which cannot be described. It is the point when cosmic no breath will reach the Earth. For this universe is reaching the exact turning point from expansion to contraction and at this point the Love of One Heart can expand throughout manifested creation. Each being who makes a conscious decision for Ascension into Oneness will manifest it instantly, for this will be the time when the Divine Spark of humanity will reveal itself. The third wave of Ascension will possibly occur at that time. There will be some Earth changes around that time, but all the Islands of Light and anchors of Oneness around the planet will be unaffected.


After the Antarion Doorway Activation there will be further 11:11 activations of Gates 5-11. They will not be activated at a certain date in Linear time, for linear time will not exist any more. They will be activated interdimensionally in a state of no-time. They will lead us as One into the New Matrix which is indescribable. It will allow our vast Starry Family to travel together as One, beyond the manifested universes.

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