Bob Shell Speaks Out on the Film

Conference in the Encounters Forum, August, 1995

I was not involved in this conference but I did find the transcript in the Mufon Library of the Encounters Forum on Compuserve. It is a conference with Bob Shell sharing his perspectives on the film. Also, Mr. Shell has agreed to an interview for our web site so this conference will prepare you for some of his position on the Roswell Film.

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Enjoy .............. ILLLINOIS

The conference seems to be starting when Mr. Shell makes his first statements........

  BOB  SHELL           | The film is being seriously checked out right 
                       | now.  But if
                       | this is FOX's standards, I may not cooperate 
                       | with them in
                       | the follow up.  Where was Bruce Maccabee??? 
                       | They
                       | taped a bunch with him.
                       | Elapsed time of autopsy, if I recall right, 
                       | was one hour and
                       | forty minutes. 
                       | Maccabee isn't the only one who was 
                       | cut!!!!!!!!!!
                       | This was not the FIRST autopsy they had done 
                       | on one of
                       | these RUBES, so they already knew about the 
                       | eyes.
                       | Jay,  I'm the guy in charge of investigating 
                       | the film.  I've
                       | got lots of info that isn't public yet.
                       | I have the cameraman's statement, which I 
                       | have done
                       | some research on.  I have his statements and 
                       | answers to
                       | questions.  I have a piece of the actual film 
                       | here on my
                       | desk.  What more do you want?
  :Theresa/SL/MUFON    | If you wish to ask a question please post a 
                       | single ? 
  BOB  SHELL           | Based on my investigation, I give a 95% 
                       | scientific
                       | probability that the film was manufactured, 
                       | exposed and
                       | processed in 1947.  That's my professional 
                       | opinion about
                       | the film.  I can't type fast enough to keep 
                       | up with you
                       | guys.  Got a bad left hand, so I'm sorta slow.
                       | The cameraman is in his 80s, and needed money.
                       | I need some specific questions to answer, one 
                       | at a time.
  :Theresa/SL/MUFON    | Ok, Bull go ahead.
  BOB  SHELL           | I know who the cameraman is, I know where he 
                       | is.
  :Theresa/SL/MUFON    | You had a question, Bull.
  BullAtFour           | How did you arrive at this 95% Probability?
  BOB  SHELL           | The 95% probablilty was reached by careful 
                       | analysis of the
                       | films physical characteristics.  Too long to 
                       | go into here.  It
                       | is all posted in my messages on the forum.
  :Erik Funderburk:    | Welcome Whitley!
  :Theresa\Hostess     | Bob, post a GA when you are done typing so I 
                       | know to call on the next person.
  BOB  SHELL           | 95% probability that the film was 
                       | manufactured, exposed
                       | and processed in 1947.
  Whitley Strieber     | !
  BOB  SHELL           | OK , GA
  :Theresa\Hostess     | Be patient folks, Bob is learning the hard 
                       | way here.
                       | Debbie Ga with your question.
  Debbie Hagar         | Bob, what is the most compelling piece of 
                       | evidence of the film's authenticity (as a 
                       | film, 
                       | not the alien bodies?)  The film itself, the 
                       | leaders, the cameraman, or what?
  BOB  SHELL           | The film itself.  It matches what it should 
                       | be to be military
                       | film from 1947.  GA
  :Theresa\Hostess     | Jay GA
  Whitley Strieber     | !.
  :Ann Fischer/SL23    | Welcome to Encounters.  Tonight we are 
                       | hosting a 
                       | formal discussion of the Alien Autopsy Film.  
                       | To ask 
                       | a question please type a "?".  To make a 
                       | comment 
                       | please type a "!".  Thank you.
  BOB  SHELL           | Jay,  since you missed the GA, I'll answer 
                       | anyway.  They
                       | had three of the RUBEs to autopsy, and this 
                       | is at least the
                       | second.
  :Theresa\Hostess     | Freedom, GA.
  BOB  SHELL           | Cameraman's notations on film box say autopsy 
                       | number two.  GA
  freedom              | How about the doctors who perform the 
                       | operation has anyone ever tried to find them?
  Jay                  | thanks
  BOB  SHELL           | We only know the name of one doctor.  Detlev 
                       | Bronk.  He
                       | is dead, but we know he was involved in black 
                       | projects. 
                       | We may be able to enhance and read what the 
                       | nurse is
                       | writing on the clipboard pad in some 
                       | sequences and get other names.  GA
  :Theresa\Hostess     | Dale, GA.
  BOB  SHELL           | That's an old story.  I personally doubt it. 
                       | GA
  :Theresa\Hostess     | Thanks, BOB, Carol W. Ga
  Carol Wennerdahl     | Bob, you said that there was more that Fox 
                       | could have shown.  What would you have 
                       | recommended that they should have aired 
                       | instead?
  BOB  SHELL           | The whole enchilada!  They have 21 minutes of 
                       | dynamite
                       | footage, yet peddled less than ten, and much 
                       | of that repeated.  GA
  :Theresa\Hostess     | Donald GA
  Donald Shevlin       | The ship is hard evidence do you have any 
                       | idea as to it's where abouts? ga
  BOB  SHELL           | No I do not.  The cameraman says it was taken 
                       | by flatbed
                       | truck to Wright Patterson.  GA
  :Mark Roberts/ASOP   | 
  :Theresa\Hostess     | Thanks, Bob, let me know if you get tired.
                       | John GA
  John Marcum          | did he film all3?ga
  BOB  SHELL           | If you mean all three autopsies, yes.  Two in 
                       | July of 1947
                       | and a third in May of 1949.  GA
  :Theresa\Hostess     | Bob Felix, GA
  Bob Felix            | Bob, can you say any more about  the chemical 
                       | testing of the film now that the Fox show 
                       | has aired?  Any luck with the stuck roll 
                       | marked "Truman"?  -Charlottesville, VA.
  BOB  SHELL           | The chemical testing should move forward now 
                       | that Fox no
                       | longer has any reason to interfere with it.  
                       | The "Truman"
                       | roll will be unrolled in due time.  GA
  :Theresa\Hostess     | Alan GA.
  Alan David Pocaro    | Bob,  was the autopsy shown 
                       | on the show the first, and if so 
                       | why has rigamortis set in so 
                       | quickly?
                       | specificaly the oral areas of 
                       | the creature
  BOB  SHELL           | The autopsy shown tonight was the second.  
                       | How do you
                       | know how rapidly rigor mortis sets in on an 
                       | alien?????  GA
  :Theresa\Hostess     |  Denise, GA
  Denise T             | First, welcome to Bob Shell and to Whitley 
                       | Streiber.  
                       | My question is, I understand a follow-up 
                       | documentary 
                       | is being made.  Any idea when it will be 
                       | aired, and 
                       | will it cover additional research made on the 
                       | film 
                       | since this special was filmed? Bob, your 
                       | research is 
                       | quite compelling and is a valuable addition.
  BOB  SHELL           | I don't know about this.  My relations with 
                       | FOX were rocky
                       | and I kept my mouth shut about it until after 
                       | the show, but
                       | I am no happy since they didn't even keep 
                       | their promise of
                       | a credit at the end of the show, after I 
                       | shared all of my
                       | results with them.  GA
  :Theresa\Hostess     | Jason, GA.
  Jason Hamilton       | Just looking at the format and style of the 
                       | show, 
                       | does any one see it as the overwhelming 
                       | evidence 
                       | it should be ,if real? Does  this peak public 
                       | interest or tabliod it?  GA
  BOB  SHELL           | I am afraid that truth was now well served by 
                       | what we saw
                       | tonight.  Stan Friedman said it near the end, 
                       | this film has
                       | nothing to do with the "traditional" Roswell 
                       | story.  GA
  :Theresa\Hostess     | Drew, GA
  BOB  SHELL           | Typo  should say not well served
  Drew                 | Please clarify. Is there footage of the 
                       | wreckage site and is Truman present?
  BOB  SHELL           | There may be, but it is on one of the rolls 
                       | which are still
                       | stuck together and can't yet be unrolled.  GA
  :Theresa\Hostess     | Fulvio, GA
  Fulvio Castelli      | Bob -- what is cameraman's name & how did you 
                       | find it?  GA
  :Theresa\Hostess     | You are doing great Bob. 
  BOB  SHELL           | I am not at liberty to tell you the 
                       | cameraman's name.  It
                       | was told to me as part of my information 
                       | "download" to
                       | assist in my research on the film.  This info 
                       | is dispensed on
                       | a "need to know" basis.  GA
  :Theresa\Hostess     | Roger GA.
  Roger Prokic         | Bob how many reels of film did you get?
  BOB  SHELL           | How many reels of film did I get.  None.  Ray 
                       | has
                       | repeatedly said he got 22.  I have some 
                       | sections of film for
                       | testing.  I would not want to have this 
                       | valuable and
                       | dangerous film in my personal possession.  GA
  :Theresa\Hostess     | Larry, GA.
  Larry Hancock        |  Bob, will you be posting more 
                       | details/background?
  BOB  SHELL           | As information becomes available, yes, so 
                       | long as it is not
                       | likely to interfere with my continuing 
                       | testing.  GA
  :Theresa\Hostess     | Glenn GA
  Glenn                | Bob Shell, have you read the "Project 
                       | Majority Files", written by Milton William  
                       | Cooper and if so, what did you think?
  joni                 | do you think the release of this film will 
                       | prompt the govt to release add'l information 
                       | about roswell, ufos, majestic or  similiar 
                       | topics
  BOB  SHELL           | Sorry, don't know that one.  GA
                       | Joni, there you are!!!!  B
  joni                 | yes
  :Theresa\Hostess     | Sorry joni, thought you left.
  BOB  SHELL           | Don't count on the govt to do anything in 
                       | response to this
                       | unless all of us keep pushing --- and damned 
                       | hard!  GA
  :Theresa\Hostess     | Okay, Freedom, GA.
  freedom              | what happened to the alien that was found 
  BOB  SHELL           | It lived for two years in "custody" under the 
                       | surveillance
                       | of scientists.  It could not speak vocally, 
                       | but
                       | communicated in other ways.  No one knows why 
                       | it died.  GA
  :Theresa\Hostess     | Trevor GA. 
  Trevor               | Do you believe this will cause other people 
                       | to come 
                       | forward, who until this point have been 
                       | afraid to?
  BOB  SHELL           | I'll add that all four were alive when found. 
                       |  One was killed
                       | ont he site by the military, and two others 
                       | died within days.
                       | Trevor,  I sure hope so.  We need the weight 
                       | of evidence.
  :Theresa\Hostess     | Richard Z. GA
  Richard Zeisel       | Do we know what type of organs were removed 
                       | from the abdominal cavity ?
                       | What type of organs were removed from the 
                       | abdominal cavity ?
  BOB  SHELL           | I've looked at that sequence until I'm green 
                       | around the
                       | gills!  Whatever they are, they are not small 
                       | and large
                       | intestines, kidneys, etc.  They are totally 
                       | weird, almost as
                       | weird as the brain.  GA
  :Theresa\Hostess     | Sean, GA
  Sean Magill          | Good evening Bob, can you tell us how Fox was 
                       | interfering with the analysis, and has a 
                       | section of the film been provided to Kodak 
                       | yet for chemical analysis?  If so, when can 
                       | results be expected to be released? 
  BOB  SHELL           | I'd rather not go into the FOX bit here on an 
                       | open discussion.  Ask me in a private forum 
                       | message.  Film will
                       | soon be in Kodak's hands for testing.  The 
                       | actual tests
                       | take a matter of hours.  You should note that 
                       | the only
                       | Kodak person on the FOX show was a salesman, 
                       | not a  tech expert.  GA
  Sean Magill          | Thank you.
  freedom              | I would like to thank everyone for sharing 
                       | their thoughts and feelings with me. THANK 
                       | YOU BOB and our Hostess THERESA and all of 
                       | the other SL'S for a job WELL DONE. love and 
                       | freedom to you all goodnight :)
  BOB  SHELL           | Indi-Anna----- damned if I know.  The film is 
                       | in black and
                       | white and the cameraman hasn't said.  
                       | Honestly, I've been
                       | too busy with photographic questions to ask 
                       | him biological
                       | ones yet.  That will come in time.  My guess 
                       | is that it's red,
                       | because if it was some other color he would 
                       | have mentioned it.  GA
  :Theresa\Hostess     | Frank Stanley GA.
  Frank Stanley, Ph.D  | What is the most recent information on the 
                       | authenticity of
                       | the film, Bob Shell or others?  Also there 
                       | are discrepancies
                       | between the number of aliens which were 
                       | reportedly alive
                       | at the crash site in things I have read and 
                       | the film tonight. GA
  BOB  SHELL           | Much of what was said tonight was nonsense. 
                       | The
                       | cameraman says four were found, all alive at 
                       | first.  One
                       | was killed by over zealous military who hit 
                       | it in the head
                       | with a rifle butt.  The other three were 
                       | alive when taken
                       | into custody, but two were badly injured and 
                       | the medical
                       | people really didn't know how to help them.  
                       | They died
                       | within days.  The fourth lived for two years. 
                       |  All according to the cameraman.  GA
  :Theresa\Hostess     | Wow, thanks Bob,  Monty GA.
  BOB  SHELL           | Where oh where has Monty gone???
  :Theresa\Hostess     | Monty, you have a question?
  Bob Felix            | Please accept my apologies for stepping in 
                       | but our local FOX network news at 10 has 
                       | announced a "behind the scenes" piece on the 
                       | Autopsy special- should be coming up 
                       | soon.  Thought I'd pass it on.  -  P.S. Bob, 
                       | thanks for all your efforts!  Keep up the 
                       | good work! 
                       |   Charlottesville, VA
  :Theresa\Hostess     | Okay.....Andy, GA.
  Andy A.              | Encounters - the show was well done.  The big 
                       | thing is that it isn't a big thing anymore, 
                       | we've come so far!  We're ready for it! 
  BOB  SHELL           | What was the question?
  :Theresa\Hostess     | Michael Hart, GA
                       | A comment, that was.
  :Theresa\Hostess     | Ok, Rick M is ready now, GA Rick.
  Rick Monteverde      | It has been reported that Truman could not 
                       | have been in Roswell at the time of the July 
                       | 4th timeframe. Now ...
                       | this film argues for an earlier date. Do you 
                       | know if that "free up" Truman for the new 
                       | time frame? And... what was Rep. Schiff's 
                       | reaction as of today?  GA
  BOB  SHELL           | We've asked the Truman Library for his travel 
                       | schedule,
                       | and he wasn't there----officially.  Don't 
                       | know about Schiff,
                       | since when I was on Ollie North's show today 
                       | with Schiff, I
                       | only got to hear my segment.  Local radio 
                       | doesn't carry it. 
                       | I have to wait for the tape.  Wish I was in 
                       | Hawaii right now!  GA
  :Theresa\Hostess     | Greg GA
  Greg                 | Has anyone addressed what appears to be a 
                       | blink by the 'alien' during the discussion of 
                       | Turner's Syndrome.  Very fast in real-time, 
                       | but very suspicious in frame-by-frame.  It 
                       | happens just after they remove something from 
                       | the eye and zoom in.  Check it out.  GA
   BOB  SHELL          | Greg, I noticed it on first viewing, and went 
                       | through frame
                       | by frame.  It isn't a blink by the alien, but 
                       | a flaw in the film.  GA
  :Theresa\Hostess     | Alphonse, GA
  Alphonse J. Bazzica  | Hi Bob.  Is there any chance of congressional 
                       | hearing on this incident particularly the 
                       | charge of a government cover up
  BOB  SHELL           | Your guess is as good as mine on that.  
                       | Schiff says he has
                       | more than 20 congressmen interested.  I sure 
                       | hope so.  GA
  :Theresa\Hostess     | Bob, How are you holding up?
  BOB  SHELL           | Jus fine, thank you, Maam!
  :Theresa\Hostess     | Ok, Kent GA.
  Kent Lawrence        | Bob>  Really enjoy what you're doing here 
                       | tonight, but my questions for you have all 
                       | been answered.  So, I have one for ALL:  How 
                       | many of you were "fence-sitters", and have 
                       | now 
                       | a) been "won over" to believeing in the 
                       | Roswell Story because of this documentary, or 
                       | b) don't believe a word of it, because you 
                       | think the autopsy was a fake?  (Just giving 
                       | old Bob a little break here )  GA 
                       | EVERYBODY!! 
  :Theresa\Hostess     | Thanks, Kent.
                       | Roger GA.
  Kent Lawrence        | Yer welcome, ma'am! 
  Roger Prokic         | Bob, with the public pressure to have the 
                       | govt relase secret documents on the Roswell 
                       | incident, do you think that these reels of 
                       | film
                       | were somehow allowed to be released by the 
                       | gov't as a face-saving maneuver?
  BOB  SHELL           | That's been suggested.  I have no knowledge 
                       | one way or
                       | the other on that point.  GA
  :Theresa\Hostess     | Drew, GA.
  Roger Prokic         | it would be possible though right Bob?
  BOB  SHELL           | Roger, certainly it would be.  GA
  Drew                 | Do you know the make/model of camera that was 
                       | used and is it hand-wound?
  BOB  SHELL           | It was a Bell & Howell Filmo 70 model D.  It 
                       | is spring driven
                       | and can shoot one full 100' roll on a 
                       | winding.  Each roll is
                       | about 2' 45" of so in running time.  GA
  :Theresa\Hostess     | Michael GA
  Michael L. Hart      | In regards to an earlier question, I was at a 
                       | recent UFO 
                       | conference where a few speakers mentioned 
                       | that there is a lot of 
                       | information scheduled to be released by the 
                       | Gov't..TODAY.  GA
  BOB  SHELL           | Sorry, wrong Michael.  No I've heard nothing 
                       | about that. 
                       | Could be true, but I'm not holding my breath. 
                       |  GA
  :Theresa\Hostess     | Muzik, GA
  Muzik                | The BIG QUESTION, what do we do next? If the 
                       | UFO society believes this to be real then it 
                       | is up to us to do something, but what? 
                       | Thanks Bob for the great help you've been. GA
  BOB  SHELL           | If you believe it is real, really believe it 
                       | in your heart and
                       | soul, then it is up to you to convince others 
                       | and work to
                       | get the truth out.  This will take a group 
                       | effort by all of us.  GA
  :Theresa\Hostess     | Bruce GA
  Muzik                | I hope I'm up to it. Thanks again GA
  BRUCE ARGUELLES      | I,ve heard Truman is present on one of these 
                       | tapes. is this true and when can we see it? 
                       | Also, are there any
                       | more tapes to be seen? GA
  BOB  SHELL           | Let's not answer the same questions over and 
                       | over and
                       | over, please.   No Truman is not in any of 
                       | the film which
                       | has been transferred to tape.  He may be on a 
                       | roll which is
                       | yet to be unwound and put on video tape.  GA
  :Theresa\Hostess     | Nik GA
  :Nikolaus L/DL       | Bob, do you know, why none of tv channels 
                       | worldwide showed 
                       | anything else than the autopsy, no debris, no 
                       | tent-autopsy etc., no 
                       | real background-info? Does the researchers 
                       | retain part of the 
                       | footage to test witnesses reports? ga
  BOB  SHELL           | What is the question,or is this a comment?
  :Nikolaus L/DL       | No, the question is,...
                       | why most of what we saw. ...
                       | is just the autopsy of the RUBE
                       | but no debris
                       | and no tent-autopsy
                       | didn't Santilli release the
                       | whole film to the press?  ga
  BOB  SHELL           | Ask FOX.  They have the debris and tent 
                       | footage.  Maybe
                       | they are saving them for the follow-up show 
                       | they say they
                       | will do.  The debris footage is very 
                       | interesting, and much
                       | more convincing when you see it in motion 
                       | than the poor
                       | quality GIF files in the library.  I think 
                       | they should have
                       | shown ALL the film they have.  GA
  :Theresa\Hostess     | Herbert, GA.
  Herbert              | Bob -- If the photographer is scared of 
                       | violating his 
                       | government clearance why doesn't somebody in 
                       | the Fox network or UFO groups lobby the  
                       | White House 
                       | to get this individual immunity to testify.  
                       | Either the 
                       | film has to be verified as legit or the 
                       | photographer 
                       | has to come out to tell what he knows.  
  BOB  SHELL           | This is being worked on.  He wants amnesty 
                       | for possible
                       | crimes.  He may not even need it, since this 
                       | was so long
                       | ago, but he is old and sick and paranoid, so 
                       | we will try to
                       | get it for him.  GA
  :Theresa\Hostess     | Matt GA
  Matt                 | I've heard rumours that the blood in the 
                       | aliens' bodies
                       | contained a chlorophyll type substanse. In 
                       | your research,
                       | have you heard any talk that corroborates 
                       | this or any other
                       | rumour regarding alien's ability to 
                       | photosynthesize?-GA
  BOB  SHELL           | That chlorophyll stuff comes from an 
                       | "autopsy" report
                       | which was part of the fake MJ-12 documents.  
                       | I doubt that
                       | you will find any chlorophyll in the RUBEs.  
                       | An animal just
                       | doesn't have enough surface area to body mass 
                       | ratio to
                       | efficiently use photosynthesis.  Best leave 
                       | that to plants!!!  GA
  :Theresa\Hostess     | Dave Smith GA.
  Dave Smith           | I'm not sure wether the content of the 
                       | programmes 
                       | we saw tonight in the us and the uk were the 
                       | same, 
                       | however, the autopsy clips were not all that 
                       | convincing,  whilst the content and 
                       | testimonies 
                       | were well produced  and as far as I can 
                       | Judge,  
                       | Authentic, However and Any good  film sp fx 
                       | dept 
                       | could have produced  the same, and whilst we 
                       | would all like to believe, the comercial 
                       | aspects of 
                       | Santilli's Enedeavours surely cast reason for 
                       | doubt?
  BOB  SHELL           | Dave,
                       | The programs were totally different.  GA
  :Theresa\Hostess     | Newton, GA
  NEWTON               | Bob, you said that the only Kodak person on 
                       | the show was a 
                       | salesman -That person was presented as a 
                       | technical expert. 
                       | What about the supposed pathology experts?  
                       | do you know 
                       | anything about them?  What else was 
                       | misleading?GA
  BOB  SHELL           | Sorry, missed part of the question.  Any 
                       | special effects lab
                       | COULD NOT do it.  Stan Winston said so in the 
                       | US
                       | program.  One of its few saving graces!  GA
  :Theresa\Hostess     | Skyjoker, GA
  Skyjoker             | Who's decision was it to blur out the genital 
                       | area?  I thought I heard mention that there 
                       | were no discernable genital 
                       | features.  Thanks Bob. (I joined late, hope 
                       | that that hasn't been asked yet.)  GA.
  Kevin  l. mckay      | FOX tv   I heard only puchased a portion of 
                       | the film and made their own documentary. 
                       | oops
  :Theresa\Hostess     | Newton he answered it.
  BOB  SHELL           | The pathologists were legit, but Milroy is 
                       | somewhat
                       | discredited as a debunker because his 
                       | university sat on
                       | him hard for issuing the original report.  
                       | Dunno why they
                       | didn't get a Kodak tech person, since they 
                       | were in
                       | Rochester, NY, at the George Eastman House 
                       | museum. GA
  :Theresa\Hostess     | Jason, GA
  Jason Hamilton       | If the fourth one had lived for 2 years it is 
                       | plausible 
                       | and likely the right people have many hours of
                       | footage and documentation that could never be 
                       | gotten with some right to know act. have you 
                       | heard 
                       | from the cameraman or other sources on this?( 
                       | how much study was done)? and does Frakes as 
                       | the host lessen or highten the validity of 
                       | the show?  
  BOB  SHELL           | I am sure that lots of documentation on all 
                       | of the RUBEs
                       | exists somewhere.  I don't know how we can 
                       | get access to
                       | it, though.  I thought Frakes added a touch 
                       | of class to the
                       | show.  GA
  :Theresa\Hostess     | lisa GA
  lisa                 | Bob, do you know where the wreckage and 
                       | corpses 
                       | are currently being stored?GA
  BOB  SHELL           | Theresa, lets stick to Q & A about the USA 
                       | show, please. 
                       | I did not see the UK one and don't want to 
                       | answer questions about it.
  :Theresa\Hostess     | Yes, Bob.
  BOB  SHELL           | No, I don't know where anything is stored.  
                       | My guess,
                       | somewhere in the many govt warehouses in and 
                       | around
                       | DC, but that is just a guess.  GA
  :Theresa\Hostess     | j. persico. GA
  j persico            | where was the 4th alien kept for two years? GA
  BOB  SHELL           | I don't know.  Probably somewhere in the 
                       | Dallas/Fort
                       | Worth area where the autopsies were done.  GA
  :Theresa\Hostess     | Bob Felix, GA
  Bob Felix            | Bob, what's Ray's position on the uploading 
                       | of GIF's from the full video footage?  Will 
                       | the 
                       | price/availability of the video change now?  
                       | - Charlottesville, VA
  BOB  SHELL           | All still images are copyright by Roswell 
                       | Footage Ltd, a
                       | company Ray set up just to manage the film.  
                       | You can not
                       | use them in any way without permission.  I am 
                       | not involved
                       | in the sale of the video, in fact I should 
                       | point out that I do
                       | not work for Ray, and am doing this on my own 
                       | initiative.  GA
  :Theresa\Hostess     | Andy A. GA
  Andy A.              | ga
  :Theresa\Hostess     | Ok, Craig GA
  Craig Spencer        | Bob, do you think this airing of the Autopsy 
                       | footage 
                       | will bring out other venues of the main 
                       | stream 
                       | press?  In other words, will this spark start 
                       | a fire 
                       | storm.??  GA
  BOB  SHELL           | I certainly do hope that this happens.  I 
                       | expect we will see
                       | a lot of bad videos, a lot of bad books, a 
                       | lot of bad CD
                       | ROMs, etc. etc. spring from this, but among 
                       | all that chaff
                       | there will be some wheat!  GA
  Craig Spencer        | LOL thanks GA
  :Theresa\Hostess     | Onyx, GA
  (Spectrum)ONYX       | Do you think the government will come forward  
                       | with something after this incident?  Do you 
                       | feel that popular support will be enough 
                       | to pull the 
                       | information from their teeth or will it 
                       | prompt another coverup?  ga
  BOB  SHELL           | I wouldn't even try to guess what the spooks 
                       | running the
                       | black programs will do.  They might just lock 
                       | ALL of us up
                       | and tell all of the sane people to forget 
                       | about it.  GA
  :Theresa\Hostess     | Kevin GA
  Kevin  l. mckay      | Fox showed only the portion they bought and 
                       | cut it in bits and pieces. Is there any other 
                       | documentary in the works  in which we will be 
                       | able to see the entire autopsy and addional 
                       | corresponding footage that santilli still 
                       | has?   Also, do you know if any major news 
                       | organizations (like CNN or ABC ect.) are 
                       | preparing reports?   GA
  BOB  SHELL           | You can order the complete film from London.  
                       | Look in the
                       | MUFON library under 2getfilm or something 
                       | like that for
                       | ordering instructions.  I've been interviewed 
                       | until my voice
                       | is gone by radio, TV, newspapers, etc. for 
                       | the last few
                       | days, so I hope one of the "real" news groups 
                       | is on the
                       | story.  Trouble is, they can't use the film 
                       | without permission from FOX.  GA 
  :Theresa\Hostess     | Monty, GA
  Monty Fowler         | It strikes me that this whole matter and the 
                       | accompanying disinformation campaign by the 
                       | Govt is a walk in the park for Uncle Sam.  
                       | Let's face it folks...these are the same guys 
                       | who 
                       | defeated Japan and Hitler, won the cold war 
                       | and deployed an entire Satellite based 
                       | missile 
                       | defense system without public knowledge.  
                       | Aliens and flying saucers are a piece of cake 
                       | for 
                       | these people to deal with.  Anything short of 
                       | the wreckage being dragged out of a hangar 
                       | will 
                       | be called "a Hoax" by our govt.  Damn shame! GA
  BOB  SHELL           | Another fifteen minutes and I'm outta here. 
  :Theresa\Hostess     | Okay Bob.
                       | Want to comment on Monty's comment?
  :Theresa\Hostess     | We have enough questions now, Thanks.
  BOB  SHELL           | Not really
  :Theresa\Hostess     | :Dean, GA
  :Dean [ASOP]         | I thought  the curator at the  Eastman  museum
                       | with 16 years experience was fairly confident 
                       | the
                       | film could not have been faked.  Isn't his 
                       | opinion
                       | worthwhile in your opinion?  GA
  BOB  SHELL           | Absolutely, and I respect him.  I have 
                       | friends at that
                       | museum and have seen how it is run.  He was a 
                       | good
                       | person to have.  But he didn't do any tests 
                       | on the film, and
                       | only saw a seven-frame strip briefly.  He was 
                       | primarily
                       | commenting on the video he was shown.  GA
  :Theresa\Hostess     | Wazoo, GA
  The Great Wazoo      | Bob, when can we expect additional results of 
                       | objective testing of the film? How will
                       | it be made available to us and the public?
  BOB  SHELL           | We can expect this anytime we like.  In 
                       | reality, the
                       | timetable is not up to me, but to Kodak who 
                       | is doing things
                       | at their own corporate speed.  I will 
                       | announce my results
                       | here on this forum, and in a published paper, 
                       | once the
                       | work is done.  GA
  :Theresa\Hostess     | Snipe GA and this will be the last question.
  Snipe                | I'm new to this whole scene, is Bob Shell a 
                       | name I 
                       | should be familiar with to join this 
                       | conversation? ( 
                       | Sorry Bob  )
  :Theresa\Hostess     | Snipe we can tell you later if you like.
  BOB  SHELL           | You gotta know the password to get in the 
                       | clubhouse. 
                       | No, unless you are a photography nut, you 
                       | shouldn't
                       | necessarily know who I am.  GA
  :Theresa\Hostess     | Bob, would you like to make any closing 
                       | statements?
                       | You did wonderful by the way!
                       | I am impressed.
  BOB  SHELL           | Yes,  I'm worn out and am going to bed!!! 
                       | Thanks to all.  If
                       | anyone has any important questions we didn't 
                       | get to, talk
                       | to me on the forum,
  Snipe                | This diesel mechanic apologizes....
  Bob Felix            | Thanks Bob!
  Sherri               | Thank you, Bob.  It was great listening to 
                       | you.
  :Erik Funderburk:    | Bob, thanks so much for joining us tonight!!
  Muzik                | Thanks Bob, Goodnight all!
  Craig Spencer        | NIte Bob and great job Look forward to 
                       | talking again.
  Lucy Plá / San Juan  | Good work Bob, thanks. Exit
  :Theresa\Hostess     | Ok, will do! Thank you so much.
  Drew                 | I just bought a ( Bell & Howell 70 DR) a 
                       | couple of months ago with some unprocessed 
                       | film in it ! Anyone interested ? G'nite all. 
  Frank Stanley, Ph.D  | Good job Bob and Forum hosts.
  joni                 | thanks Bob, it was interesting
  :Dean [ASOP]         | I sold mine 35 years ago.
                       | as an antique
  :Lynn Jennings/SL14  | Thanks Bob!  Great job!
  :Erik Funderburk:    | Great CO Bob and Theresa!!
  May                  | Thanks Bob!
  :Terri T./ASOP       | Thanks, Bob!
                       | Thanks, T!
  Indi-Anna            | Goodnite all - I'm lighting 5 candles in the 
                       | name of humanity.
  Dave Smith           | Goodnight from England Y'all!!
  Drew                 | Thanks Bob.
  :Jeannie / SL1&2     | Thank You Bob :)
  :Lynn Jennings/SL14  | You too, T!  Thanks!
  Marina               | thanks Bob
  KEVIN LINEHAN        | Theresa are you staying on ?
  Jeff                 | thanks bob
  :Nikolaus L/DL       | 
  :Jeannie / SL1&2     | T..Great Job.
  Craig Spencer        | Clap Clap (standing style)
  Kevin  l. mckay      | I think that of course it looks FAKE but then 
                       | again we dont have a REAL reference to 
                       | compare its authentisity to...  I have been 
                       | following ufology for years so I will keep an 
                       | open 
                       | mind and give it the benifit of the doubt 
                       | until its PROVED fake, anybody agree or 
                       | disagree? 
  Rick Monteverde      | Great job Bob. Thanks for everything.
  Marina               | Here, Here Kevin
  :Erik Funderburk:    | Kevin, if it looked "real", I'd be sure it 
                       | wasn't.
  KEVIN LINEHAN        | What is BOBS experience in ufo's
  Kent Lawrence        | Great job, Bob!
  Dave Smith           | Kevin Sorry Pal,   It Looked fake
  :Dean [ASOP]         | Kevin -- I'll take the experts opinion -- the 
                       | best
                       | fakers in the world said they couldn't fake 
                       | it.
  BOB  SHELL           | A special good night to the "mad Hawaiian"!

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