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For quite some time know, one of the people I noticed who seemed to be very dedicated toward sharing information about UFOs was Dr. Richard Boylan. When I joined Searchnet's UFO mailing list, I decided, as I watched Rich posting messages, that I would see if he would answer some questions for me as I was intriqued by some of his messages and I wanted to know more about him and where he was receiving his information.

As most of you may know, Dr. Boylan had his psychological license revoked in the state of California and claims it had to do with his sharing of UFO related information. So I believed, the best way to understand him was to ask some questions and hear his own answers. In the meantime, we wish to add our voice as a support to wish him well in battling his legal case to have his license restored. He has done a great job as a pioneer. However, could his case be a forwarning ...? If I am not mistaken, in the TV mini-series called "Intruders" (based on Bud Hopkins' book by the same name), did we not see a psychologist working with abductees warned to stop sharing UFO related information?

All the best to Rich ... regards .....


Online Interview with Richard Boylan

Date: Sun, 04 Feb 96 11:14:37 -0800
Subject: Your Q & A


In response to your E-mail interview inquiry, received 31 January,
I would respond as follows.

Q.1: How did you get started with UFOs?

My interest in UFOs started in June, 1947, when, as a boy of 7, I heard my parents discussing the newspaper headline accounts of pilot Kenneth Arnold spotting the first modern UFO sighting: a V-formation of discs flying near Mount Ranier, Washington State. Several weeks later, there were more headline stories about the Army Air Corps capturing a downed UFO near Corona/Roswell, New Mexico.

In 1952, at age 12, I was reading the newspaper and saw the large headline stories and photographs of a squadron of UFOs flying repeatedly over the Nation's Capitol.

Q.2: What is your general background as a psychologist?

I have worked as a licensed psychotherapist since 1973. In 1984 I completed a Ph.D. in Psychology, and soon thereafter, became licensed as a Psychologist, in addition to my previous Licensed Clinical Social Worker and Licensed Marriage, Family and Child Counselor licenses. I am a clinical, consulting and research psychologist. Additionally, I have specialized background in Anthropological Psychology and Native American Studies.

In addition to counseling thousands of clients, I have consulted to State agencies, and worked as Director of a county mental health department.

Q.3: How did you get started with working with "abductees"?

My interest in working with persons who have had extraterrestrial (ET) encounters began in 1989, when four of my clients, after we had resolved the problems they had come in with, went on to tell me about ET encounters they had had. I decided this was an interesting area, and one never discussed in graduate school. Furthermore, I wanted to become proficient in counseling such persons. So, I reviewed the professional psychological literature and found there was almost none. So, I read the pop UFOlogical literature, and then began a research study of ET experiencers, in order to help develop some serious professional clinical literature in this area, and to enhance my skills.

Q.4: What is your opinion about the UFO phenomenon, what is it all about?

The UFO phenomenon is probably the most important event in human history; may even be the "missing link" in human history. The UFO phenomenon at its most basic represents a growing, massive and the most open contact extraterrestrial cultures have made with the human race in recorded history. While some (MUFON officers, military and intelligence officials, and scientists working in classified aerospace research and development projects) think that ET contact is an extraordinary opportunity to jump ahead centuries in science and technology (which is true), they miss the central point of why the Ets have begun massive open contact with us: to facilitate our rapid advancement in understanding the primacy of the metaphysical, spiritual, and parapsychological dimensions of life.

Q.5: What is the curerent status on your struggle to keep your Psychologist license?

I have had my Psychologist license revoked August 7th, because of some trumped-up charges pursued by the hostile and corrupt leadership of the Board of Psychology, using multiple current and "ex-" military members and "assets" of the Board, all of these acting as proxies for powerful forces in Washington who want me silenced for my public speaking, writing and publishings about UFO reality, ET contact, the Shadow Government's involvement in the UFO Cover-Up, American covert manufacturing of antigravity craft based on ET technology, the UFO Cover-Up forces' covert kidnapping and PSY-War experimentation on experiencers, and the Cover-Up's secret war on UFOs using Star Wars weapons, et cetera.

The government harassment action on my license is currently being appealed by me through the courts. No appellate decision has been issued yet.

Q.6: Do you feel the "grays" exist? Are they "abducting humans, or are abductions the actions of secret agencies? Is any information which promotes fear of the extraterrestrials a lie/disinformation?

There are (conservatively) somewhere between 15-20 different extraterrestrial races visiting Earth currently and interacting with humans. The so-called "Grays" is a misnomer for a number of different but superficially similar races. In addition, there are many other races: the Praying Mantis (insectoid) types, the short dwarves types, the Reptilian (reptoid) types, the humanoid types, the disembodied "energy presence" types, et cetera.

Several of the ET races have repeated direct contacts with humans. In SOME of these instances, but not all, the human is removed to a different location temporarily. The purpose of these interactions is education, healing, passing on of warnings, physical upgrading, psychic upgrading, spiritual insight development, and, in a minority of instances, some reproductive procedures, (both upgrading of human offspring [mostly] and some creation of ET-human hybrids).

In about 5% of the experiencer cases I have researched, (this figure is corroborated by other researchers), there is kidnapping, experimentation, and torture by military and other governmental operatives.

The massive disinformation psychological-warfare campaign by the UFO Cover-Up organization has two lies as its central themes: a) UFOs don't exist; and 2) if you don't believe the first lie, then ETs are mean, vicious, rapacious evil organisms which should be feared; [and don't get in the way when the covert military units shoot their UFOs down.]

There may be a few cold, indifferent, nonemotional ET individuals operating, but neither I nor any other research professional has found evidence of "Evil Aliens".

- Richard Boylan, Ph.D.

Q & A continued with Richard Boylan
( Addendum to Question 6 before .. )

Date: Mon, 05 Feb 96 09:25:17 -0800
Subject: RE: YOUR Q & A

JS> lets do a follow up on this question ... where does your information
JS> come from on question #6?
JS> are you implying that abductions are good for people? From a
JS> spiritual perspective, it is my belief that permission must be
JS> given ... in the case of an abduction .... the word implies taken
JS> without permission...


My information comes from hundreds of experiencers I have personally debriefed, from the quality research of other psychological professionals, from an analysis of official government records, and from a critical analysis of disinformation put out by the UFO Cover-Up apparatus, as well as from ex-military and ex-intelligence informants.

The word "abduction" is improper vocabulary, because it already assumes a certain interpretation. The neutral phrase is "extraterrestrial encounter". To recast your question: am I implying that extraterrestrial encounters are good for people? I would say that extraterrestrial encounters CAN be growthful for people. Good is an ambiguous word. Does it mean fun? ET encounters can be fun or can be frightening (at first). The same could be said for the Demon Ride at Great America theme park. Does good mean morally good? I would answer: from whose perspective? The human's or the ET's? Frankly, I don't think ET encounters are so much a matter of individual good, but of the larger global and cosmic process going on, which involves off-planet races contacting us and telling us it's time to grow up before it's too late.

As for "permission", so many Americans, raised in a country with one of the most emphatic cultures of "rugged individualism", the issue of do-you-have-my-permission becomes a sacred talisman. However, that is not the preeminent moral question here. Extraterrestrial encounters are not gratuitous home burglaries or kidnappings. Some people bristle at the involuntary aspect of some encounters. But did you know that many encounters are quite voluntary, and even anxiously sought after by humans?

A better model of evaluating those involuntary encounters is to consider the action of the school attendance (truant) officer. Even if you feel like staying home and fishing on a school day, the truant officer may come by and make you go to school. Is that a violation of sacred individual freedom? Only doctrinaire radicals would say so. (And telling the truant officer that you don't want to go to his dumnb, ole school because you're not interested in European History, or because you find Trigonometry frightening, isn't a good reason for him not to make you go.

When we consider that our planet is dying, and human fertility has diminished by 50% in this century alone, and apparently a series of Earth cataclysms will begin in 1998, the emergency intervention measures of the ETs can be seen as comparable to the actions of EMT paramedics, who don't care about your permission when they strap you to a guerney and rush you to the Emergency Room.

JS> there are cases, regardless of Government disinformation of people
JS> who know they are abducted and angry about it ....
JS> do you have a different in definition between a contactee and an
JS> abductee ...

Yes. As I said before, how a person reacts to an extraterrestrial encounter varies much more because of the kind of *human* involved, than it does because of the kind of ET involved. There are a number of humans who like quiet, well-ordered lives, and do not wished to be disturbed by anyone. Such may find ET encounters particularly frightening, off-putting and unwelcome (from their point of view). But consider the encounter from the planet's (Gaia's) point of view? Is the ET encounter with that human unwelcome? Not if it wakes him/her up to the quiet emergencies going on all around him/her. Consider the ET encounter from the point of view of all the unborn generations that won't happen if this race or planet dies? Is this ET encounter unwelcome from their point of view? I think not.

People who live their lives from a perspective or rugged individualism or from a rigid desire not to be bothered without their explicit permission, will find ET encounters most upsetting. But that's the price of getting an *opportunity* at enlightenment.

Other experiencers are frightened, and thus angry, because they have been brainwashed by the UFO Cover-Up's disinformation about "evil, sadistic aliens", and are prejudicially predisposed to interpret the actions of the ETs from that stereotype.

Still other angry experiencers (the minority, despite the propaganda spread by Budd Hopkins, David Jacobs, John Lear, Bill Cooper, and others) do not care for ET encounters, because the activity which goes on reminds them, or creates flashbacks to, earlier human-caused trauma they endured. Thus, they erroneously impute to the ETs the same dreadful motives that their human abuser had, and then carry resentment for the encounter as a proxy for their earlier human abuse (unresolved) experience.

Others may not understand the need for a procedure which they don't comprehend, which might be briefly painful, and thus look at these odd creatures as sadists. But human misunderstanding does not turn an ET intervention into evil when its purpose is the ultimate good of the individual and/or the human race/planet.

Is there a difference between a contactee and an abductee?

Semantics. The neutral term is "experiencer". Contactee emphasises the interpersonal intelligent exchange. "Abductee" was invented by the psychological warfare specialists within the mil/intel UFO Cover-Up apparatus, to semantically precondition people who use the word to see the extraterrestrials as despicable kidnappers, (which they are not).

JS> also if the ETs are doing so-called friendly abductions why is this
JS> so secretive?

Notice the assumption that if something is done in secret, it must be bad. Psychotherapy sessions are conducted in secret; are they bad?

The ETs don't do "abductions" [there's that PSY-War word again]. They often, but not always, conduct contacts with humans covertly for several reasons:

1) to protect themselves (from attack by the human, from UFO shoot-downs by covert military/intelligence units, etc.)

2) to protect the human (from ridicule or persecution by neighbors, from military or intelligence surveillance and harassment, to respect the experiencer's privacy and freedom to choose to accept the ET contact or to ignore it, etc.)

3) to allow the human race to gradually wake up to the fact of extraterrestrial contact by having thousands of its citizens begin to choose to tell their fellow humans about the ET contacts and what these ETs want to say.

- Richard Boylan, Ph.D.

Further Explanations by R. Boylan

Date: Mon, 05 Feb 96 16:21:43 -0800
Subject: Further Response

[snip] ......

JS> All I can tell you is ... that something inside of me saids
JS> that something that is being discussed about the Greys, abductions,
JS> what is going on behind the scenes is happening ... it is not
JS> all made up ... our job is to send these individuals and cosmic
JS> brothers a love energy ... we are all here to learn about Unity
JS> and Brotherhood ....

In my previous replies, I tried to answer your questions. Let me now go beyond that to comment on what I think you are alluding to.

There *may* be one or more extraterrestrials resident on Earth and in more or less frequent communication with representatives of the UFO Cover-Up apparatus. I have contacts from a source who claims to talk to the Aviary UFO Group and the CIA's UFO specialist frequently. The EBE, as they call her, may or may not exist, and may or may not be passing on information about a major public ET landing. They claim that such will occur on April 24, 1997 near White Sands "Missile" Base. They also claim that EBE told them of a series of upcoming Earth cataclysms in 1998.

I prefer to derive my UFO/ET information from experiencers and professional research, rather than from intelligence agents/operatives/assets of uncertain truthfulness/accuracy.

I agree that our challenge here involves love and brotherhood, but also discernment and disciplined investigation.

Best wishes,

Richard Boylan, Ph.D.

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