Pedro Cunha
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(March: 1996) - I have spoken to Pedro Cunha on a number of occassions, he is a very dedicated UFO Researcher in Brazil who also offers a BBS system to share UFO information with others. The story below is an announcement posted to the i_ufo-l mailing list sponsored by SNET.

Date: Thu, 29 Feb 1996 22:03:47 EST5EDT
Organization: The Navigator BBS, 55-61-2437676,Brazil
Subject: ET captured in Brazil?
Reply-To: Pedro Cunha

Ola All,

There are rumours of a strange creature that was captured in the State of Minas Gerais, Varginha Town. Globo TV Network showed some interviews with citizens living in the town and they also showed last Sunday, when "Fantastico" was broadcasted to Brazil, that they found someone from the army who confirmed the case.

The creature was taken by the military people and if that is so, I think it's going to be hard to prove anything. The only thing we will have is the reports from the witnesses.

The captured creature was said to be dark, with some kind of sticky liquid all over the body, with three of what they called small horns on the head and with only one red eye. It was short in stature.

The case is being investigated by the Brazilian Ufologist Ubirajara Franco and some of his friends. He is known by his research about the Baependi case, when a leather bag was found with strange inscriptions on it resembling some old ancient language, Greek or Aramaic perhaps when a farmer had a close encounter with a bright light and was allegedly abducted.

I hope I can post more on that subject if find more news about the case.


It was also published in UFO magazine (from CBPDV, A.J.Gevaerd) a little note about a farmer in Rio Grande do Sul, south of Brazil, that was found agonizing. He was identified as Olivio Correa, 56. The date: 12th, December, 1995. Town: Estancia Velha in the Great Porto Alegre. He was attended by Paulo Ricardo de Olvieira, Md, and was taken from Hospital Getulio Vargas (Estancia Velha) to Hospital Banco de Olhos (Porto Alegre). What is weird about this is that he did not have his eye balls anymore. They were extracted with surgical precision. By who and with what purpose? Who knows! The police says they have a suspect. I hope to hear more about this case too.

Pedro Cunha

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