ET Capture Update - Pedro Cunha ( May 1996 )

(I sent an email to Pedro, since it seemed that the reports of the capture were not going away, implying that indeed the Brazilian Government may have in their custody a real "ET", and asked him to give an update ... and here is what he sent .... ILLINOIS)

Date: Tue, 14 May 1996 08:37:21 EST5EDT
From: Pedro Cunha {}
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Subject: Caso Varginha

Hello Joshua,

Here goes a briefing on the Varginha Case where there was a creature captured by Brazilian Fire Fighters and then held to the Army.


Some interesting data:

1. The witnesses are showing today signs of emotional disturbances (they really saw something).

2. Other witnesses saw strange movements in Varginha (Minas Gerais) on the week of 20th of January this year, when the fact happened.

3. The kitchen catering girl in Varginha's Hospital said she didn't see anything, but other friends told her they saw the creature.

4. Dr. Rogerio, orthopedist, who supposedly attended the 'creature' in an interviewed to Agencia Estado, denied everything, but to Gazeta de Varginha ( a local newspaper) said: "I don't know what it is, it can be an aberration of nature, but I never saw it..."

5. The southern part of Minas Gerais has given lots of cases to the ufology question.

6. The witnesses are the sisters Liliane de Fatima Silva, 16, Valquiria Aparecida Silva, 14 and a friend Katia de Andrade Xavier, 22. The fact occurred, as stated before, on 20th of January, little after 15 hours. From than the fact started to form and the work on understanding the puzzle is being done by Ubirajara Franco, a renown Brazilian Ufologist.

7. The being (alive or dead) is allegedly under the power of the Brazilian Army. Initially the reports spoke that the creature was taken away alive.

8. Another data: on 3rd of March an object was seen over the town, round, silvery light, varying in some parts from red to blue. The object flew over one of Varginhas districts for about 45 minutes and then departed in a trajectory which had some strong impulses, as if it were being taken by kicks, going towards northest direction.

A common fact: those who do not believe in the case are making fun of the poor girls, especially at school.

Pedro Cunha


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UPDATE: May 16th, 1996 - from Pedro

j> Rich Boylan in the US, said that the US Gov't wants the aliens and is
j> willing to trade for two astronauts in space from Brazil ... have you
j> heard this?

Yes, we have heard this, but sometimes the stories seem to be so fantastic, more fantastic than the fact of having a alien being being captured on Earth.

I will today watch a video with the interview with two people, last Sunday, on Globo Television, programa Fantastico. I hope to transcript what I see and then send it on to you.


Pedro Cunha


Ola Joshua,

Just a comment about a program I saw last Sunday on Globo Television, Fantastico:

The mother of the two girls who allegedly saw a 'creature' which was captured by the Brazilian Army said that her family received a visit of four men well dressed in suits that offered her money to stop talking about the case.
Pedro Cunha

OTHER UPDATES: May 17th-21st, 1996

Date: Fri, 17 May 1996 08:32:00 EST5EDT
From: Pedro Cunha {}
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Subject: Caso Varginha


> waiting for the new news ... sounds like the ET's are very real ...
> a step closer to the truth ...

> Joshua

After the program I watched from Globo TV, it seems to me they are really hiding something. There are contraditory interviews... two people from the Army said they saw the creature. General Lima (commander of ESA - School of Army Sargeants) gave an interview too and denied everything, but did not answer all the question with precision. A doctor gave an interview about it and there are many witnesses of "manouvres in the dark" (if you understand what I mean), when Army trucks and soldiers were seen in places where they would not normally be.

I wonder, if there's one, where the being is now, where the creature was taken to.

Pedro Cunha

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Date: Sun, 19 May 1996 09:12:51 EST5EDT
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From: (ovni)
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19 May 96 09:03, escreveu para All:

i> There's that word again: PROOF. What PROOF do we have that witnesses
i> were indeed suppressed? Don't we need affadavits from those
i> witnesses--and even then, it is still just one person's word against
i> another's. Everyone here is looking for hard, solid "evidence"
i> and--guess what--no one's got it!!

i> Marilyn

The witnesse have not been supressed. According to the mother of two of the girls who were witnesses, they were visited by some people offering money to them to make them stop talking about the case. They are alive and well, said _no_ to the offer and are speaking about the case. But you are right when you say there's no hard evidence. And if there is where is it? Who is holding it? And why people bother to make people stop talking? Money for nothing.. :-)

Pedro Cunha


Date: Tue, 21 May 96 12:57:00 -0200
From: (roberto coppoli)
Sender: IUFO Mailing List {}
Subject: More Varginha

Dear friends,

A Brazilian magazine called ISTO E has published an article about the Varginha case, and shows a copy of a document issued by a group of Brazilian ufologists. The text says that they haven't doubts a EBE was captured in january 1996 by military forces... the names in the document are: Claudeir Covo, Edison Boaventura Jr, Osvaldo e Eduardo Mondini, Ademar Jose Gevaerd, Marco Antonio Petit de Castro, Rafael Cury, Irene Granchi, Marco Antonio Rodrigues Silva, Vitorio Pacaccini and Ubirajara Franco Rodrigues. Does this names say something to you?

The issue date of the magazine is may 22, 1996, no. 1390.

Roberto Coppoli
from Brazil

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