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The following material was forwarded to us concerning Courtney Brown and his experiments in remote viewing at Farsight. If you want to learn more, you can visit The Farsight Institute web page at :

This page includes information directly from Farsight regarding their attempts to use remote viewing to get a closer look at Hale-Bopp and some email messages describing the contents of an Art Bell show on which Mr. Brown made an appearance and made some startling claims about the comet.

All of the material is quoted verbatim. It has been edited only to format it to fit this page.


Date: Fri, 15 Nov 1996 02:58:40 -0800
From: Kent Steadman <>
Subject: Here comes Nibiru? Huge object suddenly appears next to Hale Bopp

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Dear Friends,

As this incredible news is breaking I am typing wildly. Please pardon the sketchy notes. This is an actual report; news source: Art Bell, 1:30A.M. PST November 15, 1966. I'm sure others are doing similar recording so please cross-reference.

Quote: FLASH!!! THIS PICTURE JUST IN!!! "What on earth could that Saturn like image be to the right of the comet? This picture was taken November 14 at 6pm Houston time (CST). Chuck Shramek - Houston" Unquote: WEBSITE WITH IMAGE

A. Moving toward earth a celestial object four times the size of earth tracking right behind comet Hale Bopp; a ringed sphere, self-emitting light source, surface uniformly smooth and luminescent All of the pixels are identical in brightness.

B. This object and event are verified by legitimate astronomers worldwide, but I thought to include remote viewing interpretations below:

C. Courtney Brown's remote viewers have made the following statements.

1. The approaching celestial object is built from borrowed technology, including human-assisted perhaps dating back to Atlantis.

2. Not a weapon.

3. Constructed with materials not currently known.

4. Composite of technological and organic materials within a matrix of thought.

5. Object recently appeared from subspace: has been MOVED into position within the last 24 hours.

6. It is under artificial control and will interact with human DNA.

7. The object is acting to awaken us, but is being misunderstood by our world leaders. The decoding process must be made within the notion of sub-space reality and universal thought form.

8. Keywords: consciousness, enlightenment.

9. Government began removing Hale Bopp photographs last May.

10. The object is sentient, self-aware.

11. It is sending us a message but decoding processes are not going smoothly by government intelligence sources.

12. Target object is involved with awakening and unfolding. Object has telepathic, recording and transpirational elements within it.

13. The subspace elements are not being understood.

14. Sub-space grid is the unlocking key.

15. More of similar objects will be coming this way.

16. Object was a joint project of many groups of beings, greys, humans Andomedans.

17. Greys were instrumental in technology because they possessed it. Purpose is galactic evolution. Humans living now have retarded the project, but the fulcrum of space-time is immediate and forthcoming events will be powerful.

18. Object may have function as symbolized by the obelisk in 2001 Space Odyssey.

19. Object could be a transformed planet.

20. The object is a sentient object with no emotion as we understand.

21. The object has multiple parts. Involved in process of uncovering secrets.

22. Object fulfills destiny. Mission will not be stopped.

D. Additional comments and reports.

1. Everything that happened in the past is still going on.

2. It is possible to change a timeline.

3. Energies and phenomena represented by object are not limited to physical realm.


Kent Steadman

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The Professional Sessions: The Hale-Bopp Comet Anomaly

Following the early evening announcement on 14 November 1996 of a photographed astronomical anomaly in the vicinity of the Hale-Bopp comet, The Farsight Institute assigned three pairs of remote viewers (one monitor and one viewer in each pair) the following target: "Anomalous target near Hale-Bopp comet (current time)." As with all sessions conducted at The Farsight Institute, all of these sessions were conducted "blind," meaning that each viewer was not told the identity of the target until after each session was completed. Because of the interest in this target, we are including nearly all data items in this summary, allowing people to sift through the relevant parts themselves.

Professional 1 Target: Anomalous target near Hale-Bopp comet

Professional 2 Target: Anomalous target near Hale-Bopp comet

Professional 3 Target: Anomalous target near Hale-Bopp comet

Professional 4 Target: Anomalous target near Hale-Bopp comet

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Farsight Professional Hale-Bopp Study - 1

Farsight Professional 1: Hale-Bopp

NOTE: All SRV sessions are conducted blind. The viewer does not know what the target is until the session is over.

The target cue for this session was "Anomalous object near Hale-Bopp comet

Immediately into the session, the viewer perceived that the target involved an artificial, metal structure, not on earth. She perceived a vortex, and spinning motion. Temperatures at the target site were both hot and cold. The luminescence at the site was a mixture of "bright, glowing, and dull." The contrasts were both high and low, relating respectively to various site aspects. The viewer then drew a sketch of people on Earth looking at two objects that were near each other in the sky, one oval in shape, and the other longer.

Moving into Phase 4, the viewer perceived that something at the target location was glowing. It was large, dense, magnetic, and it was involved with a great deal of energy. Initial concepts related to the target were, "releasing, powerful, ominous, and centrifugal." Subsequent concepts were, "event, boasting, calibration, entertaining, announcement, determined, energy waves, and particle waves." The viewer noted a great deal of subspace activity related to the target, including "beings, tables, and chairs" as well as the concepts of "interested, watching, directing, guiding, essential, and urgency." The viewer deducted that this target was related to a "war of wits."

At this point, the view declared, "The Galactic council, or some higher order, is watching very interested -- like they are watching a hologram unfold. It's like watching election returns or something. They are all seated around a table in subspace -- looking like 4D or something like that. They are very serious about some event or happening which may go in a direction which is not evolutionary. Only time will be lost, but time is of the essence in regards to this happening."

The viewer then executed a movement exercise to the center of the target. She perceived a vortex, spinning, and magnetic energies. The colors at the site were black, brown, white, and transparent. Luminescence was glowing, and contrasts were both high and low. The viewer also deducted a grid of some type.

The viewer then drew a sketch of people on Earth watching a structure in the sky that was moving in the direction of Earth. The viewer also drew a subspace grid which represented some type of informational structure, and deducted the idea, "Telepathic communication...why won't he listen?" (See sketch 2 below.)

Moving again into Phase 4, the viewer declared, "There is a message being sent to someone who is listening but not hearing it. It is essential that he wake up NOW and listen. Help will be there when he does. There is also some [perception of a] weapon involved in the decision that some important person is evaluating, and he is making decisions for many. He cannot make a rational choice yet, but it is time to make the choice." Probing the previous Phase 3 sketch (object A), the viewer declared, "[The object is somehow related to] materials which were borrowed technology. The people using the technology don't understand it and may not open or direct it properly as a result." [Editors note: these last points may relate to ET technology that has been obtained by one or more human governments. It is possible that the viewer was perceiving a connection between the target object and this other technology that human governments may be contemplating activating.] The viewer perceived that energetics as well as the concepts "projected, transmuted, and dangerous" were related to the target. The viewer then declared that "some of the people involved are like babies -- they don't want to be responsible, and their ignorance is dangerous.

Again probing the previous Phase 3 sketch (object B), she found it to be a metal structure that was "pointed, aimed, targeted, and calibrated." [Editor's note: It was not clear what this structure related to.] Probing part C in the Phase 3 sketch, the viewer found it to have the following subspace meaning: "grid, language, communication, matrix, transportation, devices, operational, hieroglyphics of another dimension, universal application." The viewer then declared, "There is an urgency in understanding now. The main guy must listen!"

Executing a movement exercise to the target object, the viewer found it to be bright, glowing, and translucent. The target object involved some kind of vortex and spinning movement, and the viewer stated, "there is no word for's efficient." The viewer the drew a symbolic sketch containing two objects in the sky, one a diamond shaped structure and the other having a round shape with a wide tail. The sketch also contained a pyramid structure on land, a subspace communication grid, and people. The viewer deducted the idea of "secrets." (See sketch 3 below.)

The viewer the declared that "the main guy needs to listen" or too many people may have difficulty. The viewer then perceived people and subspace beings in some type of interested partnership. She also perceived structures that may be discovered or utilized before the entire decoding process is handled. Continuing, the viewer declared, "Some people think the objects and devices are to be weapons for them to gain. The purpose is not as a weapon however." The viewer then deducted that the government and secrecy were involved in all of this. "The potential of harm is great right now due to the lack of faith by the leaders." The viewer then perceived that the following concepts were related to the target: "events, military, government, and power." The viewer also deducted NASA as related to all of this. The viewer declared, "They are not seeing what they think they are seeing. They have not properly decoded the messages."

Moving directly to the target object, the viewer declared, "It is holistic in a multidimensional sense. The purpose [of the object] must be discovered by those who intend to (or have in the past) used it. The object is not made up of materials known by us. It is sentient (i.e., self aware) with respect to its origination. The guidance system (of the object) is a composite of minerals and organic material in a matrix of thought. It is intended as a device for vibrational instrumentation. Some have looked at it and not decoded the unlocking or keying mechanism properly. It is a danger to those and some others as a result. The decoding will happen if the leadership chooses...only if they decide. Power, or the reigning power structure, prevents proper decoding. The machine/device interacts with DNA and is a calibration mechanism. Some organization or government has taken pictures of the object and distributed them to sources who may endanger a project as a result. The decoding must is essential. The language is subspace -- as we call it -- but it is actually thought form and must occur to unlock the keys. Secrets are being kept, but the message to the government by the assisting beings is to reveal the secrets. It is crucial for the leadership to wake up and listen. The object is known by the government due to satellite and reconnaissance photos. They don't know what it is for."

Re-cueing on the target object specifically, the viewer the declared, "The target object is a BIG object. It is subspace and physical. All beings are involved. Humans assisted in the technology in the ancient past. The object is on a journey/mission of awakening from the center of the belt system. It is traveling through the Earth's and other star systems. The goal is awakening. It's like a device for meditation to some of the groups." The viewer then stated the goal is related to the concepts of enlightenment and consciousness. Continuing, the viewer then declared, "The object's destination is not a place, but an awakening.

It is on a mission, but has been intercepted (in photos only), but the photos are used to feed misinformation."

The viewer then drew an advanced Phase 5 sketch, showing a multidimensional subspace grid or matrix. (See sketch 4). The view stated that the grid was related to a telepathic decoding and transportation key to the object. Still in Phase 5, the viewer declared, "Energy is matter and thought in the middle of the object. All that can be seen appears 3D to the viewers. That is why they have misjudged the use. They have been given the thought balls of the matrix, but will not awaken and listen. The methods of awakening must alter. The subspace grid is the unlocking mechanism and must be understood by the leadership in the U.S. Other countries on earth as an organization and organism will follow what the U.S. says." The viewer then made the pointed deduction of the Martians who are awakening (with memory retrieval) on Earth. The time is now essential because the people cannot survive without full retrieval and operation of devices. There are more of them coming." [Editors note: The survival aspect may relate to the Martians who are currently existing under severe conditions.] The viewer then stated that the following concepts were related to the target object: "DNA exchange, ionization, grids, lattices, and thought balls." Continuing, the viewer declared, "There is nothing original anywhere! This object was a joint project of all the beings involved or it could not happen here now. All future races -- greys, humans, Martians, and others were involved with this object. There ones on Earth at this time (that were involved with the object in the beginning) originated from Mars, but the greys were instrumental in the technology, because they had it. The Galactic Council is watching with serious intent because it is the humans who are causing a delay. They understand but are very eager. There is a window of opportunity now."

Finally, the viewer declared, "The purpose is awakening and transportation. It is like a form of meditation for the group needing it. (Something related) has been discovered by a governmental group in the U.S. which does not have a clue as to its purpose. They are trying to use it for another purpose in their total ignorance and arrogance. The (true) purpose is galactic evolution and is humanitarian in application." [Editor's note: This last point us unclear as to what it refers to. It may refer to remote viewing or some other aspect of government sponsored consciousness research.]

Session Index

Farsight Professional Hale-Bopp Study - 2

Farsight Professional 2:

Hale-Bopp NOTE: All SRV sessions are conducted blind. The viewer does not know what the target is until the session is over.

The target cue for this session was "Anomalous object near Hale-Bopp comet"

Immediately into the session, the viewer perceived that the target involved "glowing physical energy." Luminescence was bright, and the contrasts were both high and low. The viewer perceived a big, hollow, expansive vortex of magnetic energy. The viewer then drew a sketch of beings (either physical, subspace, or both) surrounded by a swirling vortex of energy. (See sketch 1 below.) Moving into Phase 4, the viewer perceived that the target was both airy and enclosed, and very big. There were both physical and subspace beings associated with the target. There was some process of "grading" or evaluating going on (but not in the sense of judging). The viewer again perceived an energy vortex as well as a lot of subspace activity at the target site.

Again in Phase 4, the viewer perceived that there were subspace and physical beings who were watching something big and vast in a contented and pleased way. They were working to finish an important project. The project was enjoyable, almost like playing. The viewer then deducted that the target had an enormous "celestial light." It was important, and it caused some emotions of fear in some physical people. The view deducted an ET craft as well as the idea of the photon belt.

Moving to the target object, the viewer deducted a climate controlled space capsule. He perceived something heavy, big, hollow, magnetic, and electric with energy. He deducted machinery. The viewer drew a symbolic sketch (that seems to be related to the target, but not the target itself) that contains a pyramid, a central person, and an eye surrounded by energy. Moving into Phase 4, the viewer perceived people who "feel" different. He deducted both primitive people and the obelisk from the story 2001: A Space Odyssey. He perceived the emotions of concern and worry related to the target object. The viewer the declared the target related ideas, "Will it work? What might it do? The results are unknown." This was related to the concepts of test and experiment.

Re-centering on the target object, the viewer stated that it was big, silver (in color), important, central, and new. The viewer declared that the "target object has no emotions." [Editor's note: This last observation suggests that the viewer may have subtly noticed that the target object was alive in some sense.] The object was hard, technological, and complex. "Multiple parts are all or mostly needed for the object to function. The object was involved in something like learning or reading (not in a literal book-like sense). The target object was becoming progressively more important. It was growing in significance. It was involved in the process of discovery, like uncovering secrets. The target was moving, traveling, and was following a plan. The object was both watching and being watched. It was providing more pieces to a puzzle. It had both new and old information, and it constituted a new historical discovery. It was involved with the process of scanning and taking pictures. [Editor's note: This does not imply that the object was doing these things. This could relate to the activities of humans with regard to the object.]

The viewer stated that the purpose of the target object was "uncovering that which has been hidden or lost." The purpose was one of discovery. It was fulfilling a destiny. It will provide radical information to help ease humans through the coming transition. It has broad support from both the physical and subspace realms. The viewer then declared that the target object "will accomplish its mission. This time it will not be stopped. There will be no interference. It has unilateral support." In some sense, this object is "welcome." "The target object's information will help bring about a new era for humanity. It will help heal the schisms created by the upcoming event with the target object's information."

Moving into Phase 5, the viewer stated that the target object was important, and that it contained/provided a wealth of information. It was artificial, planned, purposeful, historical, necessary, and new, with all of these concepts being applicable in some way. The viewer declared, "It's like the target object helps bring about something new. But the target object itself does not necessarily feel new. A new paradigm is being formed, incorporating the best of the old with the new."

The viewer then perceived that the target object was leading to a new understanding, perhaps relating to Martians. This new understanding or paradigm was necessary for future growth. Some people seemed to be very happy/pleased with what the object is or represents. But some people had mixed emotions...some happy and some confused. The viewer perceived the concept of "lost" to be associated with the people. "People are struggling to wake up to something new, trying to incorporate new information into the preset patterns of their lives."

Moving to the most significant people, the viewer perceived groups, families, "like a big group." The view deducted Martians and perceived the concepts of watching and guiding with respect to subspace. These people seemed different from current Earth humans. They seemed distant, and the viewer deducted the idea of primitive.

Cueing on the target object, the viewer declared that "it seems represent a new beginning even though some view it as an end. It is advanced, helping, necessary, and relevant."

Cueing on the origination point of the target object, the view stated that is was "closer then you think." "It seems to be from far away, but not so distant as it initially seems. It is not from here but of here. It is from space, but also from Earth." The viewer then stated that the USA seems to be involved with this. The viewer ended the session after deducting "a space capsule returning to Earth."

Session Index

Farsight Professional Hale-Bopp Study - 3

Farsight Professional 3: Hale-Bopp

NOTE: All SRV sessions are conducted blind. The viewer does not know what the target is until the session is over.

The target cue for this session was "Anomalous object near Hale-Bopp comet"

Immediately into the session, the viewer perceived that the target involved an artificial structure. He stated that the target was large, hollow, and moving very fast. He deducted a space ship. The viewer then drew a Phase 3 sketch that included a being in a rounded structure. (See sketch 1 below.) Nearby the structure was a another object that was composed of many pieces. [Editor's note: This latter object was most probably the comet since it was in the process of breaking up as it flew closer to the sun.]

Moving into Phase 4, the view perceived that one aspect of the target was "fast, spurting, funnel shaped, spread out, and billowing." [Editor's note: This is the comet.] The viewer perceived the emotions of dread, concentration, and fear. He perceived physical beings and sky. Something related to the target was "trying to push through." The target was involved in education, political matter, and both destruction and construction... "like a building site having to knock down something first." The mixed emotions related to the target were both frantic and caution. The target also involved a structure that was technological. The viewer deducted that the target involved a structure containing communication equipment. It was involved with the process of bridging or connecting physical and subspace realities...bridging a a school. The viewer then declared that the structure was a vehicle.

Moving to the center of the target, the viewer perceived something hollow, cylindrical, and large. He deducted a tornado. [Editor's note: This deduction was connected to something spinning at the site. Other viewer's also perceived the concept of a vortex.] The viewer then drew an analytic sketch of a cylindrical or roundish object connected to a vortex or funnel. A structure with beings was also identified, as well as something else that was irregularly shaped. There was no ground in the sketch. (See sketch 2 below.)

Returning to Phase 4, the viewer perceived emotions related to the target of intense concentration, and concepts of communications, danger, and people looking up. Something was blowing and gritty. Something was moving that was massive and large. The viewer deducted the idea of a blimp. The structure contained the technology of the stars. It was bunker-like. Moving to the target object, the viewer drew a sketch of a rounded an cylindrical object with a surrounding ring. (See sketch 3 below.) Again in Phase 4, the viewer stated that the target object was dome like. It involved the concepts of travel, communication, reverence and respect, the technology of thoughts, and training. It was a container, a structure that was like a "winning beacon." Moving to the significant people related to the structure, the viewer perceived a homogeneous group involved in scientific experimentation, monitoring, watching, and guiding. They were setting something rolling, getting something started, like the catalyst for a project. Moving to the target object, the viewer declared that "at times it emits energy." It is "hard, smooth, and rounded, containing metallic and stone aspects. The viewer then drew a sketch of a diamond shaped object that was near another round object that had a tail. (See sketch 4.)

Cueing on the purpose of the diamond shaped object, the viewer declared that it was revelation, study, projection, and that it was involved with the idea of time. Inside the structure was hallways. The viewer then deducted tunnels. Again cueing on the purpose of the object, the viewer found it to be ancient and related to the soul. The target object acted as an educator, like a book or time capsule. It was involved in the process of discovery, timing, and evolution. It was an old world artifact that had hidden technology.


Date: Fri, 29 Nov 1996 18:29:01 -0500 From: Bill Teague <> To: Subject: Art Bell - BLOW OUT


Well the 'big show' has come and gone ... I really have to encourage ALL to go ahead and order a taped copy of the program at 800-917-4278 (ask for the Nov 28/29th show with Courtney Brown and Whitley Streiber) ... believe me you WILL want to have this show on tape ... it was amazing, I've never heard anything like it.

So in a nut shell it went down like this ...

Courtney Brown, Art Bell, and Whitley Streiber ALL now are in possession of photos taken by the still (but only barely) mystery 'head astronomer at a Top 10 university astronomical facility' showing the _larger than Earth_ sized OBJECT traveling along with incoming comet Hale-Bopp.

These pictures are not going to be released on the internet for at least a week. Brown, Bell, and Streiber have agreed to allow the astronomer in question time to 'talk to his family' to prepare for the surely huge public/scientific reaction to come, collect some last bits of supporting data and arrange to present what are _his own_ data and findings in a press conference by sometime next week.

The pictures are of such quality and signatory style that to release them would clearly indicate which telescope took them and thereby identify the astronomer in question. This astronomer is said to be internationally known and a pioneer in the field of planetary astronomy which, covering all planetary objects and material including asteroids and comets as it does, makes him THE perfect 'authority' to come public with this information. He has discovered over 200 planetary objects in his long and esteemed career ... he is of the creme de la creme in his field.

He has been aware of this object now apparently for several months and the (5) pictures that Bell et al have in their possession are from a viewing session that lasted a "couple hours" and tracked the object _traveling along with Hale-Bopp the whole time. It appears "behind" the comet but dwarfing it in size and brightness.

This astronomer says that there is _no_ doubt that it is emitting it's _own light_ which can even be clearly seen reflecting off the cometary cloud of debris in the photos and _very little_ doubt that it is _intelligently controlled. This seems evident because though the object has only been seen traveling along with Hale-Bopp it _not always_ seen when HB is observed. And also when it _is_ with HB it is _observed_ to _move about_ in a so far totally _unpredictable_ manner.

The astronomer also says that he is not by any means alone in his observance of the object ... many top astronomers in his circle from other major facilities have been quietly and privately sharing information on the object for some time.

And on top of all the visual confirmation of it's existence apparently several _radio_ astronomers have verified to the astronomer in question that a _radio signal_ has been transmitted _from the object directly to Earth_ and that this signal has been received and _taped_ by them and work is furiously in progress trying to _decode_ the signal. It is composed of an as yet _unknown pattern_ of a very high degree of complexity. As with the object's movements there seems little doubt that the signal is of an _intelligent_ nature.

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