Harley Byrd Interview

On the Art Bell Radio Show, October 19th, 1995

On this page you will find various postings to the Hollow Earth list about the interview with Harley Byrd by Art Bell on his radio show which was broadcast, Thursday evening, October 19th. Harley Byrd claims to be Admiral Byrd's grandson. I recall in a UFO magazine in California, seeing a listing for Harley Byrd and his interest in UFOs and the Hollow Earth. In any case, as you will read below, some of the people who commented were not sure that Harley Byrd is who he saids he is. So see what you think.


From: "Jan Lamprecht"
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Date: Wed, 25 Oct 1995 14:43:22 +0200
Subject: 1# Admiral Byrd's grandson interviewed on radio here
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I listened Thursday night to Harley Byrd, the Admiral's alleged grandson. It was quite strange, because he claims to have his grandfather's secret diaries. This is what he claims: Basically, when Admiral Byrd was on his way back from his first North polar flight (somewhere not far from Iceland), he spotted a vast city. This, the Admiral writes, "is impossible." The city was not a human city, however. Soon Adm. Byrd was approached by strange aircraft and forced to land. He walked through the alien city, and was led into a hall. There, according to Harley Byrd, the Admiral saw all manner of creatures: - Sasquatch, large and small greys, but mostly "Aryans," who were human and blond. (They had swastikas painted on their flying discs.) One of the members of the Admiral's expedition was German, and evidently took careful notes. As it happens, Harley Byrd is passing out a similar satellite photo as the one you have, and insists it shows a polar opening. (I have not seen it.)

I listened to this "alleged" Harley Byrd character for nearly two hours, and my conclusion is that he's a fraud. He talks nonsense, makes all manner of bizarre claims about greys, sasquatch, Aryans, and other alien types, and assiduously commercializes the whole for profit. It has been stated by someone here in California that Harley Byrd is actually a Jewish huckster whose name ends in "itz," and merely poses as Byrd's grandson to sell these bogus diaries.

Curiously, Harley Byrd admits to being a former military intelligence officer who now works in Hollywood (on TV production and as an actor). Byrd insists on being called "Dr. Byrd," though given his activities it is not clear what his doctorate is for. He is close friends with Dr. Frank Stranges, author of *The Stranger at the Pentagon*, another wild yarn about a Venusian who had an office there. Stranges is another one who peddles the hollow earth line.


From: "Jan Lamprecht"
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Date: Wed, 25 Oct 1995 14:43:29 +0200
Subject: 1# Admiral Byrd's Grand son & Hollow Earth
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From: steve@linex.com (Steve Wingate)



Interview with Richard "the Admiral" Byrd's grandson, Dr. Harley Byrd .... whoa! ...

Hold on to your hats we're going for a RIDE .... Admiral Richard Byrd's grandson, Dr. Harley Byrd was on Art Bell tonight and man oh man ... did it ever get hairy ....

Dr. Harley Byrd, or just plain "Harley" as he preferred to be called claimed, sighting network coverage of his grandfather's funeral that showed him as the flag bearer, that when he presented his grandmother (the Admiral's wife) with the flag (the one that was draped over "the Admiral's" coffin) as is customary, she, at grave side at the Arlington National Cemetary and with camera's rolling, walked over to the coffin, it being still partly open, rumaged around in the inside breast pocket of the jacket "the Admiral" was wearing (we are talking about the self same Admiral Byrd that made many famous and controversial trips to both the North and the South Poles, about whom it has been rumored for years discovered the inner Earth, yep flew right into the 'land beyond the Poles' to a land 'devoid of ice or snow' ... some even saying that he saw a city and landed and ... but we diverge ) ...

Yes the very same Admiral Byrd ... and pulled a manilla envelope out of this pocket and walked back over to Harley (the grandson and the one interviewed on Art Bell last night) and handed it to him. Upon receiving said envelope, Harley, a bit embarrased, not knoing what was in it (money perhaps?) considering how public the whole affair was (the network camera's and *extremely* high Dignitaries in attendance and all) slipped it into his pocket to be looked at later.

What was in the envelope? Well none other than *the Secret Log* of the Admiral's first trip to the North Pole in 1927.

(Note: the next few lines seemed to have been garbled, just bits and pieces ... )
some *flying saucers* did come up along side his aircraft ... taking control of it in flight ... Germanic sounding voices telling him over the radio that "everything is all right, Admiral" and not to worry ... "we've got you"

the very ancient *reversed* Tibetan (and Native American) kind

escorted into a council or tribunal of a race of *tall blonds*

From there as Art got progressively more and more freaked out Harley went on to tell about the mysterious death of his father, his family last seeing him as he left the family home on his way to address a National Geographic Society group on certain aspects of *the story* ... how he was found a few days later in a warehouse dead, seemingly having suffered dehydration and malnourishment ?!!

the pole trips he was given a job over at the Pentagon with top security clearances as a pay off, in charge of certain achives

footage of openings into the inner Earth in that state

.. folk like JFK and little John John


to the N. Pole

deciding to make a trip into one of the entrances located in S. America

kind of like swiss-cheese in that regard

essentially like going into outerspace

.. 3 kinds of Zeta Reticullans, giant *Nordics*; lost *blonds*; some others

is no easy feat let me tell you ... Art loves to yack and he's a master yacker ... but Harley? ... whoa!!) ... blowing by mentions of the Men-In-Black, how underground nuclear *testing* is really a form of earthquake war on the opposite side of the planet from the *testing*

he comes back announces that the LINE HAS GONE DEAD ... which he duly notes as being ... *weird*


with all guests that if the line goes dead (when they hear a dial tone) to hang up and he (Art) will call them back ... well Art goes to calling Harley back and ... BUSY signal ... so Art finally gives up, goes on with his regular call-in schtick and none of the callers makes even a mention of what they just heard .. !!!

he says he never heard a dial tone so thought he was just on hold and never hung up ... *oh well* and *titch titch* ... but he never puts Harley back on !!!! ... I can't believe it ... BIZAARE ... and even MORE BIZAARE ?? ... usually when Art has somebody on that is really throwin' down .... when it's all over he'll go on and on about how great it was and you just have to get the tape of the show and he'll give out the phone # a million times cause he's always gonna hawk his product don't you know (god bless him) but does he do that tonight???? ... NOT A PEEP !!!

whoa !! ... MAJOR whoa !!! ... I still don't believe it ... some of the highest strangeness I've heard yet on a really quite often sublimely strange show ...

Harley talks about a TIME Magazine (that's right ... TIME) article ('93!) that tells of a *subsurface continent* discovered by mapping vibrations from an underground Chinese nuclear test ... 200 miles by 80 miles big *underneath* Iceland ... and about a follow-up Scientific American article about it 6 months later !!!

Harley also tells Art that he's got satelite imagery of an opening up by Iceland ... Art seemed to have been aware of at least the rumor of the existance of these photos ... Harley's going to send him copies of photos, Time Magazine art.; Sci. Amer. art.; says the network footage of the funeral showing his grandmother reaching in the casket for the envelope and handing it over to Harley is available for $2,000 .. and on and on and on and on .. !!!

so since Art couldn't muster it up ... I say GET THE TAPE ... GET THE TAPE .. GET THE TAPE ... GET THE TAPE

Interview with Dr. Harley Byrd on 'Coast to Coast' (*not* Dreamland ... Dreamland is on Sundays only) Thursday night - Friday morning, Oct 19 / 20th .. 800-917-4278

OR ... go to the Art Bell web page and find out the station near you and listen for the repeat of this show that *should* be on Sat night ... previous weeks Dreamland show repeats usually Sat.*eve* 7pm to 10pm CSTand then Thursday's show repeats Sat. *night* 1pm to 5pm CST ... this does depend on area and stations ... so check the web page ... do Webcrawler keyword search for Art Bell ....

Glenda Stocks

From: "Jan Lamprecht"
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Date: Wed, 25 Oct 1995 14:43:36 +0200
Subject: 1# Those strange coincidences again....
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Dan Weiss, Dave, Chris, Julio, Goro & all;

As I am trying to find the time to get back in to the swing of things I read through some of the shorter e-mails I've been receiving and glanced at the stuff about Byrd's grandson.

I was unaware of this event - and I thank you all profusely for sending me the e-mails about it.

The fellow claimed to by Byrd's Grandson and not his son. One of the things which struck me as strange was the fact that this "grandson" claimed to have these "secret diaries". Dan Weiss has made contact with Byrd's DAUGHTER and one would imagine that she'd have been closer to her father than said Grandson. All she could relate to Dan was that her father did have a diary but no one knew where it was.

Some time back Chris told me that the origin of that booklet "The Secret Diaries of Adm Byrd" was suspicious. While there are interesting things in there, there are parts which I too find decidedly suspicious and I must agree with Chris.

I have sent you an e-mail from Jeff wherein he states that he thinks this Grandson is a charlatan.

It will probably come as a big surprise to many of you, to suddenly find *ME* of all people crying "Fake, fake" - but on this occassion I must disappoint you and say that that's my feeling at this time. Much as I'd like to be vindicated, I can't let my DESIRE for such things overcome reason and judgement. I don't want to go into all the reasons now. HOWEVER - I would appreciate further updates regarding this fellow because I'd like to see what he does/does not do. And whether he's here to stay.

What interested me was the fellow's references to BIG FOOT in the Hollow Earth! Now just hold on for a second, but I *NEVER* saw *ANY* references ANYWHERE to Big Foot having anything to do with the Hollow Earth. Have you? But I will tell you where I first DID come across people discussing Big Foot living underground - and that was *HERE* - with HENRY. Remember that? Do you think someone's been listening in on our conversations??? Remember Henry's run-in's with the MIBs? And all his bizarre experiences?

Remember some months back when I mentioned the strange coincidences which seemed to dog my footsteps while enquiring about this? As I view this, I think its happened again. You people must keep in mind that as I do things, I do NOT tell you everything that I am up to. I do this deliberately - but even so - sometimes one can't help it.

Let me tell you what did happen. I noted that this Grandson had said he had all these photos which he'd send to Time magazine, etc.

Let me take a step back and tell you a few things. I have dug around for years looking for a bit of info about this and that, and even chasing up UFO crashes. But *NEVER* has *ANYTHING* strange happened that has made me paranoid - EXCEPT this Hollow Earth thing.

Julio, Chris & I, who have been discussing this since the beginning of last year - have noted that every time we decide to search in a different direction, that something happens that's "out of place". Let me explain. How many people in the West do you think are interested in the Hollow Earth? Very few. There are but a handful who discuss this. Consequently we can infer that 99.99% of the population is quite happy about the fact that Peary discovered the North Pole, etc. So its strange when "answers" to my pending questions suddenly pop up, out of place, for no reason. The strangest thing of all, is how it pops up on TV and now the Radio and also on the news.

This "Grandson" - who had all this stuff for all these years - Byrd died ages ago - suddenly in 1995 decides that he can't wait 1 second longer and has to let the WHOLE WORLD KNOW RIGHT THIS MINUTE. The man is in such a hurry - you'd think he only got the photos yesterday - or did he? If he had it all these decades, why didn't he go about things in a more rational matter? Suddenly, after decades, he decides to cash in big time. He had all this time to do things in a rational manner.

The big splash this guy is making, makes me wonder if perhaps his intention is to DELIBERATELY DISCREDIT THE SUBJECT.

Jeff wrote a sarcastic letter to me about this guy having the "same photos as I have". Well, I don't know about that. I was reading an excellent ISCE article by Mark Harp wherein he stated that the science magazine "Discover" had a photo of the hole on Venus on the front cover of one of its 1989 issues. I want to get hold of Mark or that issue. As he pointed out, like the photo I have, people don't seem to realise what they're looking at. There are quite a few photos around not just mine.

The bizarre behaviour of "Harley Byrd" - seems as though this fellow is going to be discredited in a very short time. He may take some people for suckers of course and make some cash. But I am thinking that this is another "Area 51" type bullshit story - but a much weaker one - one which will fall apart in 2 minutes - and serve only to discredit Hollow Earthers!

The real coincidence regarding Harley Byrd, relates to my own photo. I have been searching for SEVERAL MONTHS for someone to analyse my photos. I have pretty much kept this quiet and not let many of you into the fact that I was really pushing HARD to find a credible scientist to analyse these photos. I eventually managed to get through to a fellow named Vincent, who is associated with Hoagland. Vincent replied to me privately and gave me the name of a scientist in New York. He told me I should contact this fellow. At the time that Vincent wrote to me, I could see from his e-mail address that he was working at NASA. Vincent had done some of the analysis of the Monuments of Mars photos. I'd read some of his views in Omni. Finally getting hold of him in person was cool. I hit many dead ends in my search. I even had the address of a fellow in Austria who did this type of analysis - and personally I'd hoped to get hold of him. As it turned out, he was no longer at that address. Vincent asked me for a copy of the image I had - and I sent it to him. I have not as yet contacted the fellow in New York.

I have been at this since about May 1995 - writing and phoning. Now I had also written to other Hollow Earth researchers and suggested to them that they make their photos available for such scrutiny.

Do you see where this is leading to? My PRIVATE correspondence, and some of my e-mail was directed towards this task. And I was under the impression that (strangely) no one had done this before, and here was an area with some potential.

Now doesn't it strike you as bizarre, that after I'd been at this for such a short while, that suddenly, out of the blue appears a guy with MORE EXTRAVAGANT CLAIMS and suddenly he short circuits it, and the way he's going about it, he's going to discredit EVERYTHING. IOW, someone has beaten me quite thoroughly at my own game.

But this is not the first time either. Since last year there have been 3 other occassions where I saw things on TV which seemed "out of place". The other event which struck me as strange was suddenly watching TV news and hearing of a photo of Peary at the North Pole. As I've said, 99.99% of the population has NO PROBLEM with Peary at the pole. There is no great discussion or dispute relating to that. Most people don't even know there was a dispute about it long ago. IOW, there is no REASON for this news item. This happened late in 1994 or thereabouts. I was chatting to people and making the point that Peary - according to the Congressional Hearing which were held afterwards - had not proved that he'd been to the North Pole. So this news item suddenly appears - on TV news (did any of you see it?) - which showed this photo and it said that this "dispute" as to whether Peary had reached the North Pole had been "resolved" by scientists measuring the shadows, which thus proved that he'd been at the north pole. Now that I think about it - DID ANY OF YOU SEE THIS NEWS ITEM ON THE NEWS IN THE LAST 9 MONTHS? I sometimes wonder if someone is trying to discourage me from continuing my pursuit. There have been other coincidences which I've documented before.

This latest one really strikes a note with me because the way this "Grandson" has gone about things there really is no hope for anyone with a similar story.

Some days the futility of all this strikes at me. I have seriously pondered - for example - what would happen if one really DID make physical contact - either with Aliens or Hollow Earthers. Imagine the difficulty of "PROVING" that it had happened. What could you bring, or tell people that would MAKE THEM BELIEVE YOU? Do you know - short of bringing one of those people or their craft - I doubt if there is *ANYTHING* you could do to make anyone believe you. I have thought about this for several weeks and the utter futility of it all leaves me quite depressed. It makes me think about the trip which Dan is planning. Would there be a subtle campaign to prevent people such as Dan from ever achieving anything?

It also shows the INSECURITY of the Govts involved in this - the fact that they have to go to such lengths to discredit a subject just to prevent people from trying to go there. Are they afraid we might find something? Is that why they try to nip it in the bud before we actually DO find something substantial?

This "Grandson" seems such an irresponsible or perhaps more accurately, deliberately mischevious person that he can do nothing but bring harm to the subject.

There is a simple way to find the truth of course. Perhaps Dan Weiss will simply contact Byrd's daughter and ask her if she knows who this mysterious "Grandson" is. I'd really like to hear what the daughter has to say. Then we will know in 2 seconds whether this guy is for real or not. It shouldn't be difficult.

In his book "Alone" Byrd records seeing a mysterious moving star - which seemed nothing short of a UFO sighting at latitude 80 degrees south.

I have been cutting articles out of magazines, about the history of navigation and I saw a most interesting British documentary about navigation. In this British documentary it said pretty much what everyone else has said - that at one time explorers thought that the quickest way to the far east was OVER the North pole. Henry Hudson's explorations of Spitsbergen and Eastern Greenland were documented. It also explained the contribution of chronometers towards navigation and the fact that French scientists up in Lapland found that a degree in Lapland was 1 mile longer than further south - thus proving the flattening of the Earth.

What was interesting too was the discovery of so many whales in Arctic waters. All the books I've looked at speak of the great numbers of whales and how they find security "under the ice" and flee northwards from predators.

This "Grandson" of Byrd seemed pretty well versed in some things - like the info about the "continent" deep down - found by the atomic explosions in China. That is not something thats all that well known. I wonder if this "Grandson" is about to pull a "Bob Lazar" on us? To stick around and be a thorn in the side of serious research and enquiry and to continually discredit the subject.

You know, such a thing would hurt Dan's upcoming expedition more than anything - because this guy would immediately want to claim association with Dan (because of this enactment of his "Grandfather's" flight to "beyond the pole"). Maybe these things have been hatched because of all the work done by the ISCE and the fact that people are attempting to make some progress in this subject.

It is all very sad and disturbing. But I see no reason to stop enquiring about the subject or to give up. If anything, it makes me curiouser. I am very keen to lay my hands on the 1989 issue of "Discover". If anyone knows its address, maybe we can buy some back issues?

Mark's article was excellent and I think I'll scan it and send it to all of you.

I'm busy catching up on reading. I've got some huge e-mails from Goro which I'm going through too.

I would still like that photo analysed. Jeff - the eternal pessimist - why don't you give it to one of your university contacts and see what he says - if he imagines it to be a "cloud formation" as you remarked! I looked at it clearly and nearly gagged at your suggestion of it being a figment of my imagination. The only clouds there are are the ones in your mind preventing your from believing your own eyes. There is none so blind as he who will not see.



From: "Jan Lamprecht"
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Date: Wed, 25 Oct 1995 15:39:27 +0200
Subject: 1# Admiral Byrd's grandson
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I happened to awake at 0400 this morning, and on the "Coast to Coast" radio show with Art Bell, I heard the words: Hollow Earth.

Well, Art Bell was interviewing Dr. Harley Byrd, who claims to be Admiral Byrd's grandson. He was reading from Admiral Byrd's diary (he claims he was given the original at his grandfather's funeral). Anyway, he is a die-hard Hollow Earth believer, and he says he is the North American representative to the Hollow Earth Research Society of Australia.

He spoke excitedly about following his grandfather's footsteps and wanting to do another expedition. He spoke about it all......tunnels into the earth, the German Nazi connection, Agartha, Tibet, Shambala, ring of fire, earth changes, nuclear testing by the French in Polynesia disturbing the inner earth inhabitants---the whole thing.

Ever hear of this guy?

I'm going to obtain a cassette tape of the show, but before that, I need your opinion. He says he lives in Sherman Oaks (part of Los Angeles). I may even try to call him if I can find his number of the US Phone Number CD.



I think I must give you Dan Weiss's telephone number first. Speak to him and ask him if he knows of this fellow and the Australian Hollow Earth society. How come he lives in the USA then?

Dan's number is: (408) 335-9329.

I'd like to hear what Byrd's daughter says.

At this time I am suspicious of this guy. I'd like to hear more from Dan and from your various conversations.