with Peter Gersten
Director of CAUS

( Update Feburay 1998 )

A few years ago we received some information from Peter Gersten (then living in the Phoenix area) about his organization called Timeless Journey. The brochures that were enclosed included some information about journeys to Peru, of which we offer ourselves via Spirits of the Earth. But also I seemed to remember there was an attorney with this name, who had been successful to release some UFO documents from the government. So in contacting Peter, I asked if he "Was the Guy" and he responded yes.

The next contact we had with Peter was last year via email correspondences on the Internet. Peter began to send to us a serial UFO story he was writing ... and we expressed some interest to share the story via our web site ...

Then we received an email from Peter that he had started a weekly chat room on MSN (microsoft's on-line network service) and on Monday, December 29th (1997), I participated as a guest in his room. This was the first time I had a chance to speak directly with Peter and get to know him a little better. I could see Peter is one of those people who is very dedicated to what he believes in and is willing to give his time for its successful conclusion. In attending some of these chat sessions, Peter talked about CAUS (Citizens Against UFO Secrecy), the name of his organization before, when he was able to liberate some of the Government Documents related to UFOs.

At the begining of February (1998), Peter was invited to speak in Laughlin, Nevada at the annual International UFO Congress put on by Bob Brown and there he talked about reviving this initiative.

For those of you not familiar with Peter, he is a criminal defense attorney who in 1977 brought suit in a U.S. District Court on behalf of Ground Saucer Watch against the Central Intelligence Agency. Pursuant to the FOIA lawsuit, the CIA in 1979 released over 900 pages of documents relating to the UFO phenomenon. They refused to release 57 documents, claiming national security considerations. On June 24th, 1980 Gersten brought suit against the National Security Agency on behalf of his own recently formed organization, Citizens Against UFO Secrecy, for 135 UFO related documents. On November 18, 1980, based upon a NSA top secret affidavit, the Court dismissed the lawsuit stating that "the continued need for secrecy far out weighed the public's right to know."

At this time there are two approaches being pursued to challenge the U.S. Government to share what it knows about UFOs. One approach is to pursue establishing some congressional hearings that will grant amnesty to various professionals who have been involved in the coverup so they can freely testify what they know. I know that Robert Dean is pursuing such an avenue (a former military officer). However, Peter believes a better approach is to continue to take the Government and various of its agencies to court to legally order these agencies to share its information.

I asked Peter to send to me more information about this Initiative. If anyone who reads this page would be interested to help out, Peter's email address is listed at the bottom. V J Enterprises who has been involved in sharing various information about UFOs via our lectures, books and our web sites, is totally supportive of the CAUS Initiative and I have agreed to be a part of the Board.

So lets see what 1998 holds ... many feel it is just a matter of time before a door opens and the truth will come out.....

Joshua "Illinois" Shapiro


by Peter Gersten
Director of CAUS

Citizens Against UFO Secrecy (CAUS) is a
nonprofit corporation which stands for two principles:

1) It is against any and all secrecy relating to contact with all forms of extraterrestrial intelligence

2) it believes that the public has the absolute and unconditional right to know about this contact.

CAUS believes that the people on this planet are 1) being contacted, directly and indirectly, and will continue to be contacted at an ever increasing rate as we approach the galactic alignment; and 2) we presently have the technology and resources to discover the truth about this extraterestrial contact for ourselves and decipher these messages.

Pursuant to these principles, CAUS is involved to specific projects to get the truth out:

1) A Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) lawsuit to be filed against the Army based upon the book "Day After Roswell" attributed to Lt. Col. (ret) Philip Corso.

2) "Project:Destination Moon,' the first civilian, privately financed, rocket to the moon to send back live photos from Sinus Medii to verify alleged artificial structures located there

3) the CAUS INITIATIVE, a viable and practical alternative to Congressional hearings, immunity and amnesty

4) 'Beyond a Reasonable Doubt,' a promotional and fundraising video on behalf of CAUS.

Other projects will involve:

1) interpretation and analysis of crop circles data
2) investigation and analysis of photos, videos and films of UFOs
3) collection and analysis of channeled information


In the spirit of promoting and encouraging an end to any and all secrecy relating to extraterrestrial contact with this planet; and in support of the public's right to know this information, CITIZENS AGAINST UFO SECRECY (CAUS) hereby formally offers pro bono legal assistance and representation, under the following terms and condition:

1. CAUS attorney Peter A. Gersten will, without cost or obligation to the person, enter into an attorney-client relationship* with any former or active military officer or government official who possesses any or all of the following evidence of an extraterrestrial event:

a. eye-witness testimony;
b. physical evidence, including artifacts, photographs or film;
c. official government documents, whether classified or declassified;
d. any other admissible, relevant and genuine evidence which tends to confirm or corroborate such event.

* Inherent in said relationship is the client privilege which affords the client, as a matter of law, the security that anything discussed must remain confidential unless consented to by the client.

2. The client must consent to waive the privilege of confidentiality and allow CAUS to file a Freedom of Act (FOIA) request to the appropriate agency, basing its request on the information supplied by the client. At no time will the source of the information be revealed. *

* CAUS and Mr. Gersten have no ethical, professional or moral problem with keeping the name of the client confidential, thereby respecting the client's privacy.

3. If a subsequent FOIA lawsuit is necessary and the client so agrees, Mr. Gersten will submit all necessary affidavits and affirmations on 'information and belief,' thereby continuing to respect the confidentiality of the client.

4. If it becomes necessary for the client to testify,* Mr. Gersten will first petition the court and US Attorneys Office for immunity citing the client's reluctance for fear of reprisals.

* The client always controls the proceedings and can withdraw at anytime with his privacy intact.

The CAUS INITIATIVE affords every witness the utmost confidentiality
while resolving an obstacle to important disclosures.

Where there is secrecy there is no truth.
Without truth there can be no justice.
And without justice there can be no freedom.



Peter A. Gersten
Director of Citizens Against UFO Secrecy (CAUS)


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