The Players Assemble

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Chapter 1

The Storyteller rJis


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Crystal Skull Explorer
and friends

( The following information was transcribed from a data crystal
recorded on April 17, 2037 -- The 25th year of the New Dawn )

{There is an older man -- Looks younger than he is-- 50's to 60's. 6'3"-6'5", flawless features, perfectly symmetrical. Strong yet not overpowering. (Both the facial characteristics and the physical body) Wrinkles, deep crows feet and laugh lines, the brow isn’t overly furrowed. Looks wizened rather than old. Eye and hair color are beyond me. Hair is just past the shoulder blades, almost shimmers in the light, slight waves in it.

The clothing is different, is a style that is difficult to describe. It is a bit easier to talk about the color, you can call it that. Almost white, almost clear, almost mother of pearl. It is a white color with reflections off it . . . (Could be surroundings?) pale purple, an almost translucent blue, pale silver and gold (very soft). Incredibly vibrant colors yet they are soft at the same time. Sitting in a room of a house, simple furnishings. Not poor looking, functional yet appealing to the eye and comfortable. Soft, relaxing noise in the background, not truly music but musical, animal sounds, nature, children laughing, and distant voices.}

WELCOME, I AM rJis. I am as of today 82 years of age. I am your host in these chronicles. As a citizen of The United Earth I currently reside in the city of Alto Paraiso. In the old Portuguese tongue Alto Paraiso meant "High Paradise". Paradise it truly is. Ahh ... but in my day, all is paradise. On The United Earth we no longer have names for countries although we tend to keep the old name used before for our cities. We have become as one therefor we have no need for such barriers. This is a time of perfect tranquility and unity upon our planet. A period of time in which every living creature on the New Earth lives together in complete joy and contentment. I am here today to share with you how this era came to be.

I cannot fully explain exactly why I feel I must make this recording. Possibly for posterity, or to ensure that the extraordinary events that occurred during the transition are not forgotten. Or today is my birthday, April 17th in the old calendar ... perhaps just as a present for myself. These milestones in our history took place during the latter part of what was known as the 20th century and continued into the early years of the 21st century. Forgive me for lapsing into terminology spoken in earlier times, for, you see, I was a witness to these incredible events and thus I am able to record them accurately here. I saw the great changes taking place not only through reading the news reports and watching the programs on our viewing sets, but I saw some of them with my own eyes. Anyone can read the reports that were printed and view the old newscast that were aired at the time, but they will not fully experience what truly happened. These reports are just that, reports.

This is in all actuality more of a compilation of various stories I have told to the children here. One of my little joys in life is passing down our history with words and stories to the younger generation. Spoken words can convey so much. Our world doesn’t have the challenges and conflicts that previous generations had to face, and I feel it is imperative that our children learn about the past. If they know what happened in earlier times and what caused the problems then they can try to avoid having it begin again. History has shown itself to move in cycles. The wars, depressions, famines, and also the good times of life moved in regular cycles. Many civilizations were forever lost due to the inability of humans to understand themselves. By passing down this information, keeping our children from forgetting the mistakes that were made in the past, the future will be kept from becoming a replication of earlier times.

The Time of Transformation was a time in our history (about a seventeen year period) when a series of powerful events erupted that temporarily brought our world its our knees. As a result of these events, our world is the peaceful place we know today. I pray that our children will (hopefully) never have to experience for themselves, such a dark era of human history. Our special sensitives have read the akashic records (dimensional records that record the entire history of our world) and describe to us how the Earth has gone through many periods of harmony and challenges. We know there were other periods of peace yet, after so many years, the Earth and its inhabitants would fall into a time of ignorance and go back to the ways of war. After the Transformation we entered into this Golden Age, our world is one in which all things live in utter harmony. A cornerstone of our philosophy in life is that our true essence is held within the spiritual part of ourselves. These stories show our children not only how life came to be as it is now, but how truly wonderful it is in comparison to the alternative, which is to return to the old ways.

THE WORLD OF 2037 IS VERY DIFFERENT from most of the previous times. We no longer have countries, we are united in every sense of the word. Hunger and greed no longer exist. No one is without. Ever. In order to truly live in peace we have joined together to provide for every being on this planet. There is no form of currency. If you need or desire something, it is yours. We attach no monetary value to "things" nor do we expect anything in return for services rendered. All things are completely free. Not one child in our midst has ever known the feeling of hunger or thirst for anything, physical or spiritual. An illustrious musician from the 20th century, John Lennon, described a world in his song "Imagine" (which by the way we still sing), this world is our world. He was given a picture of the future which he tried to pass on to others of his era:

Imagine there's no country
It isn't hard to do ...
Nothing to Kill or Die for ...
And no religion to ...

Play the Song
( Wave, 519k )

(c) 1989 EMI Records, from the
John Lennon Collection )

I use the year 2037 so that those who view this account may be able to relate the time frame and how past events relate to today, which we refer to as the 25th year of the New Dawn.

(* -- Editors Note: A data crystal recording is a visual and audio presentation and also can include 3 dimensional aspects similar to the VRML that is being implemented on the Web on the Internet. )

WHAT ELSE CAN I SHARE WITH YOU? In most past times people had the need for many names. Now we use only one. Our names serve the purpose of allowing others to see/feel our spiritual essence in earthly terms through the sound of what we are called. We do not need to use our name to tell what family we belong to as we all belong to one. Nor do we use our names to tell what place we are from. Everything works together, our many communities are simply pieces of one puzzle. All the pieces fit together full to form an incredible picture. We all live together as one family whose goal is to benefit each other. The adults all care for the children. Children are our love and essence combined to form a new being. Parents do not keep their children to themselves, they are shared with the group so that we may all experience the wonderment of a maturing being. We provide training, nourishment, love, comfort, and anything else the child may need as a group and individually. Whoever is near takes care of the child. No person ever feels unloved or inadequate. The children are raised by a group who truly love and cherish them. Not for what they can become, but what they are. Each child is an individual and all are special.

We no longer struggle to survive or compete against one another either. The cooperation that takes place in our large family provides for all. There is no concept of jealousy or ownership. There is no need for them. We share all that we have with others. There is a sense of oneness, of being completely accepted and belonging, that creates a feeling of ecstasy that can only be known be experiencing it. This feeling of worthiness by all is part of why we need just one name for ourselves. We need not separate ourselves.

In 2037, our world is organized more a community level, as each person has a choice to decide which community is right for them at a given moment and for how long they decide to stay. Our communities, or what used to be termed cities, are normally based upon a theme such as a communitiy for artists, technicians or spiritual philosophers. I recall in the Pre-Dawn days that each city was filled with a random grouping of people with no discernible common thread to connect them. The people in our communities live and work together and usually host at least once or twice a week what we call "Celebrations of Life", that gives the citizens of the community a chance to commune and joyously share with their fellow citizens.

NOT ONLY DO WE LIVE TOGETHER AS ONE but we are at peace with all the universe. We have contact with those who live in the Inner Earth (Editors Note: Please see our pages about the Hollow Earth ) as well as the Galactic beings who have made their presence known to us. A few years (2017) after we entered what we call a 5th dimensional consciousness our world (The New Earth) became a part of a Federation made up of many planets. The Time of Transformation shifted our world into a frequency where we were open and accepting of other beings. This brought about an influx of otherworldly visitors. They are welcomed with open arms and we fear nothing from them. Upon opening our hearts to these creatures we discovered that they have known of our existence and have been monitoring our activities for many years. During the tumultuous times of our changing they constantly sent us positive energies to help us cope with the changes manifesting within us. This unobtrusive assistance was a great help and is deeply appreciated. We now work together with our Space Friends and they often act as mentors to us. (Though they say in many ways that we are their teachers as our world is so unique to them. )

Each citizen of the New Earth offers to our world and their local communities exactly what they love to do. Thus our citizens happily offer their unique gifts and talents which is not considered work but a scared trust. On most days, it is not uncommon to see people singing or dancing in our streets with almost daily celebrations (or parties) with friends and family in the evenings … People generally do not go to bed till late hours in the evening or into the early hours of the morning as they stay outside talking and sharing with each other. Time has no meaning to us .. there are no schedules to be met yet each person intuitively knows when their tasks must be completed. Our small communities all over the world are interconnected to each other via our various forms of communications devices. We are able to travel quickly throughout the world using extremely fast transport aerial ships and we are told within the next two years, we will have teleportation machines for almost instantaneous travel to anywhere on the New Earth. We still have various communities who have chosen to honor and live the way of their ancestors in the 20th century, keeping the traditions of the old cultures (Editors Note: Such as Japanese or French orientated cities, one city even has an old Western Cowboy look … sounds interesting …?). We also have special centers where our citizens can learn about the member worlds of the Federation of planets that the New Earth belongs to.

Thus, through the combination of our wonderful technologies and the loving vibrations that surround our world, all physical needs of each citizen of the United Earth is taken care of …. A great deal of what we are living is very much in alignment with dramatizations that were given in the 20th century via the numerous number of science fiction (no longer) media productions and books (Editor's Note: Like Star Trek ….). By using our technology in harmony with the natural forces of Mother Earth, we are able to live a comfortable and peaceful life. Although it seems there are no challenges (as compared to the Pre-Dawn days) in our lives, this is not entirely true as we have more time to take inner explorations of the universe to become more consciously aware of the Creator and the consciousness of all living beings. Many people use their free time to learn more about the many wonders of the cosmos especially from insights given by our cosmic friends from the Stars. Our Citizens, if they wish, can travel to the Stars, and live on some of the other worlds that are part of the Federation of Planets, to learn about the incredible diversity on alien world and their cultures.

OUR HOMES ARE VERY SIMPLY CONSTRUCTED using some of the new light materials given to us by our Space Friends. Usually our homes will take on a domed-like shape or is beautifully carved from pure (absolutely clear) quartz crystal. The inside of our homes are designed to not only be simple in form and attractive but the geometry's of the home provide a healing and uplifting energy. We use specific combinations of color in our rooms in combination with music based upon the individuals unique energetic vibrational signature. For over 20 years now, in coordination with this home design, we have been using color and sound therapies to help heal people of any type of illness or pain (which does not happen too frequently now). We even have flying crystal cities (which has just been incorporated recently and is pretty fascinating for us) which use a form of anti-gravity beams to hold the city in the sky. Temperature is moderated all over the planet to always be pleasant (never too cold or too warm) again using a simple form of weather control technology. Yes indeed, the people of the planet Earth have finally been able to create a Paradise which is absolutely amazing. When I think back to the events of the past several hundred some years, it is truly a remarkable story of how quickly our world changed from one of great challenges and conflicts to one of total peace and calm. I can scarcely believe it myself.

What does a typical day for us consist of? This morning I woke hearing the sweet voices of birds singing outside my window. As I was not urgently needed for other things, I rose quite leisurely. Looking out the window of my resting chamber I was greeted by a magnificent sunrise. The colors aren’t as vibrant as they were during and just prior to the transition as we no longer have the poisons in our air. There are shades of pink, blue, orange and purple softly blended together, almost as if one of our talented artists simply placed one stroke of each across the sky then skillfully blended them to create this incredible masterpiece. At first I can only see shadows in the distance as I take in the beauty of the dawn. Eventually the sun gets far enough into its ascent that the light is sufficient for me to see the landscape around me. The grass and tree leaves are an incredibly deep green. It is breathtaking to look across and see this lush, fertile ground fully covered in color. The trees seem to be stretching up to the sky. The intense purples, blues, reds, and yellows, virtually every color in the spectrum, dot the landscape, giving the appearance of confetti left on plush carpet after a celebration. Everything is allowed to grow freely and reach it’s own potential for beauty. No matter what area you are in, The New Earth sends out a powerful energy to all who will feel it. The joy and love creates a powerful invigorating essence which fills your heart and mind while your other senses take in the splendor of nature that is so evident all around you.

The openness we have has allowed us to fully experience our spiritual selves. In older times many people were frightened by their ability to sense the feelings of others. We have embraced this fully. There are some who have allowed their "inner" being to develop to such an extent that they feel no need to speak aloud, instead they communicate telepathically. There are no longer any language barriers for we all speak the same language. Some of the elders and those who are nostalgic still speak in the tongues used during the Pre-Dawn times. We are all able to understand what they are saying because we can feel what they want to convey to us. When the Mother Earth shifted its vibration into this higher octave, many of the so-called psychic or spiritual gifts that only a few people demonstrated in the prior century, are now commonplace for us. Once they were looked upon as being curious, fascinating, and even frightening. They are now beautiful, enlightening, and something to be truly cherished by all. Though it is a "normal" thing, these abilities are still precious to everyone.

Another area of change has been in our eating habits. Just as we congregate with others and commune with nature in order to nourish our spirits, most of us still need to eat food to sustain our physical bodies. We do not feel the need to eat just for pleasure as we receive our pleasures from many sources. Taste is not our main sense. Our meals are appealing to the eye, tongue, nose, and fingers. We also do not eat any meat from animals. Being open to others thoughts and feelings is not restricted to humans. Even the cow whose udder is bulging must give her permission before we can gather the milk for ourselves. Could anyone who is loving and joyful slay another being while feeling its fear, pain, and confusion? There are some who are on such a high spiritual plane that they have learned how to use the abundant energy and life force that is around us to nourish their bodies and do not partake of any food. Energy is omnipresent and everlasting therefore we have a constant supply.

Even though our life is wonderful and peaceful, we still continue to share the many lessons we learned from the Pre-Dawn years with our children. Since we have access to the akashic records, we are able to use special devices which permits us to experiences the lives of people who have lived before which provides incredible insights into the history of humanity. I recall very clearly the lessons learned in these Pre-Dawn time. We had many prophecies and different viewpoints of what was ahead of us. But we quickly learned not to allow our fear of change to control us but rather to trust in ourselves by working with our own inner gifts and intuitions in addition to helping each other. We understood completely that all people (or souls) who had incarnated onto the earth at that time, choose to do so for the incredible period of spiritual growth.

I WOULD LIKE TO USE THIS INTRODUCTION to not only share a bit about myself and the world of 2037 but also to discuss some of the key participants in helping to moving planet Earth into the New Dawn. The saga I am about to tell has it's focus through a specific period of time that includes the years 1996-2013 (of the old time calendar) which we call the Time of Transformation. However we will have to move a bit in time to get many aspects of this time-period in proper perspective. In addition, the main people who were involved with our story were mysterious and magically brought together surrounding an interesting chain of events connected with the sacred artifacts known as the crystal skulls. If you are unfamiliar with a crystal skull then to give a brief definition what I am referring to is a human shaped skull that is made from various type of quartz crystals. These so-called ancient Crystal Skulls began to be uncovered in various ancient ruins in the areas known as the Americas in the late 19th century and parts of the 20th century. These objects were one of the key activators for helping to raising individuals' consciousness and prepare for the New Dawn. There was a great struggle over control of these ancient power tools but fortunately in the end they were used to help humanity.

So I welcome you the viewer to this tale … Thank you for your kind attention. And now if I may, it is my honor and pleasure to briefly introduce some of the main historic people who played a significant role in the bursting forth of the New Dawn …

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