The Players Assemble

V J Enterprises, 1996-1997
( ... for the written part of the story ... )

Chapter 1
The Storyteller rJis


( Continuation of the transcription of the data crystal recorded
by rJis on April 17th, 2037 -- The 25th year of the New Dawn )

February, 1997 A.D. … Guatemala City, Guatemala

HIGH UP IN THE MOUNTAINS, overlooking Guatemala City, the capital of Guatemala is a large estate that encompasses many acres of land. In the center of this region is a magnificent home … with swimming pools and lush gardens. Inside this house is a meeting being conducted by the Crime Lord known as Mendoza. All of his lieutenants are reporting on various activities of their crime syndicate.

Then towards the end of the meeting Mendoza asks his head lieutenant:

Mendoza: "Hector, and what is the status of finding the American, that professor please. I have not had an update in over two weeks … how hard can it be to find this Gringo?"

Hector: "Senior Mendoza, we have some excellent leads on this Professor and we should have him in our custody very soon!"

Mendoza (speaking very loudly for all to hear): "Gentlemen … it is absolute impairment to find the Professor …. This delay is causing problems for my time schedule … I will not tolerate much longer this incompetence ... or heads will roll. Don't try my patience! We must find the Stone of Power immediately! That is all … you are dismissed!!!".

Mendoza men quickly leave the room ... but somehow Mendoza has a feeling he is being watched ...

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Act IX
The Eagle Flies ....
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Magic in the Air ...

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