The Players Assemble

V J Enterprises, 1996-1997
( ... for the written part of the story ... )

Chapter 1
The Storyteller rJis


( Continuation of the transcription of the data crystal recorded
by rJis on April 17th, 2037 -- The 25th year of the New Dawn )

2036 A.D. … Alto Paraiso … Garden of rJis …

rJis: "Well beloved ones ... we have taken you on quite an adventure ... moving through time. As you see, our world before the New Dawn was very complicated and had many challenges. But we must not forget the lessons that humanity learned from these periods in our history. Today, we are who we are based upon these experiences. Just another story in the evolving universe we are all a part of.

Well children, let us take a break for today. Tomorrow morning we will continue ... ponder about what you have learned today and if you have questions we will answer them first thing in the morning. Besides, you need to get ready for our "Celebration of Light" this evening ...

As the children leave ... we see one young boy, about 11 years of age ... still sitting in his seat ... thinking .... Then with a shudder, he gets an idea and approaches old rJis. The boy's name is Lin-don ...

Lin-don: Honorable rJis ... excuse me please ... but may I ask a question?

rJis: Yes of course Lin-don ... what is it?

Lin-don: You know the sacred oracle you mentioned that these Mayan People had ... that the bad people tried to take ... does it still exist today ... do you know where it is ....?

rJis: Yes it does .... (as he looks at the stairs to the basement of his home) but I can't tell you where at the moment. I can promise that I will show it to you one day ... would you like that?

Lin-don: Yes, of course, I would like that very much ... thank you kind rJis ... I don't want to take any more of your time .... I am so excited ... I shall be patient ... don't worry.

rJis: Very good, now go ahead and play with your friends, I will see you tomorrow!!

Lin-don leave the room and rJis goes to a cabinet filled with old albums of pictures ... as he opens up one of the albums ... he opens directly to a page that has an image of this sacred artifact of the Mayans, a clear quartz crystal skull .....

April 17, 2519 ... On the Planet Harmonia …

AMAZING IS ALL I CAN! I really never knew how challenging and exciting the post "New Dawn" time was ... today things are so simple, with the combination of our modern technologies and free time ... we take so much for granted.

WOW -- I wish I didn't have to stop viewing this Data Crystal ... now I understand the old Planet Earth expression .... "You Can't Put a Good Story Down!" .....

Well I need to get ready for my work detail ... I'll just hop into the Sonic Shower and then go into the auto-dresser which has my Flight Suite all prepared ... should only take about 10 star-sons (3 minutes in old Earth time) .... I think I am going to wait to give this data crystal to the Historical Museum ... also probably Shir-Lee my companion, would enjoy this too ... an original data crystal from rJis (maybe she will be a little bit more ... you know)

This is 1st Flight Coordinator ... Sij-rus .... signing off for now ... I will definitely get back to this story on my return from the Space Coordination Center ... (oh Stars!!!)

( end of chapter 1 )

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Act XI
Magic in the Air ...
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The New Dawn.

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