The Players Assemble

V J Enterprises, 1996-1997
( ... for the written part of the story ... )

Chapter 1

The Storyteller rJis


(April 17, 2519 - On the Planet Harmonia, in the Andromeda Star Cluster )

{ looking in on a young gentleman rummaging through a cylindrical container ... then leaning back ... and looking at something in his hand. Behind him we see a holographic sign that saids Si-john, his name.

... Thinking aloud and looking intently at what is in his hand, studying it .... }

WHAT IS THIS DOING HERE? I don't remember this being in here ... this is just some storage container where I have put a few odds and ends over the years ... why yes, its a data crystal. This must be ancient, as we haven't used this form of recording and storing information for hundreds of years, since the Time of Transformation took place. Our ancestors received this technology from our friends on other planets. This gave humanity a way to record their thoughts directly from their minds onto the crystals.

Hmmm ... this crystal looks like it was left by my relative rJis … I can't believe how we could still have this ... as its been almost 400 years since humanity has traveled throughout the stars … and the time of rJis. Wait, the seal is intact, the information has never even been viewed. Maybe Father placed this copy secretly into my cargo containers … Dear dad, he's always wanted for us, his children, to remember our family history. rJis is considered to be one of the most famous people from our past.

{ Pause ... thinking ... } Well ... I do have a few moments before I must gon on watch at the Space Coordination Center at our orbital station … I think I will just take a look! ( see Act 1 of this chapter for the information on the data crystal that Si-John reads next .... )

As I read this data crystal … I recognize how far we have come since those early days of the beginning of the New Dawn … and I guess it is kind of synchronistic that I would find this crystal exactly on rJis' birthday. But then again, at this time, our lives are constantly filled with such type of events. rJis truly was one of the key individuals to help humanity move forward into the New Dawn. I really should give this data crystal to our Historic Events Museum so they can have it on display for all to see, adding it to the Galactic libraries … but with this chance to actually experience an original data crystal from rJis, I think I can wait a bit (Please don't tell anyone!!!). I am a bit surprised that old rJis didn't give this to the appropriate services. Well as everyone knows in my family, rJis was quite a character and no one in our family could quite understand him … he did some really crazy things but he left his legacy for us ….

HMM ... WHAT'S NEXT HERE … oh, rJis's description of Michael Richardson and Jamie Nielson his … well let's just take a look and see what he has to say next …

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