The Players Assemble

V J Enterprises, 1996-1997
( ... for the written part of the story ... )

Chapter 1

The Storyteller rJis

ACT III - And the Stars Are …

April 17th, 2037 - Continuation of the Data Crystal,

-- Book 1 only --

Note from rJis: In order to understand our story, let me first give to you some background about the key individuals who helped to shape the New Dawn. This description will include key aspects of each person up to the beginning of our story on February 17th, 1997 ….

(Professor) Harry Nielson: A famous and well recognized professor in the 20th century specializing in the area of Ancient History and Civilizations with more of an emphasis upon the Mayan Culture. The professor taught in Yale University on the East Coast of what was once called the United States of America. The Professor wrote several successful books about the Maya based on his intensive research and experiences at various Mayan excavations in which he participated in, key ruins and digs within the areas known as Mexico and parts of Central America. During his almost twenty five years of travels throughout the Mayan regions, the local natives would speak about a mysterious object, a human shaped skull made of quartz crystal or as we know of it today, a crystal skull. The first time he encountered the legend of the crystal skull was in 1959. For some unknown reason, Professor Nielson became totally fascinated with this subject, and began to spend many days during his expeditions in these regions, speaking to the natives to try to determine the history of this artifact, whether it really existed and where it might be hidden.

In 1994, as he was starting to get quite old (65 years of age) and was having numerous ailments and physical problems that people of this age experienced in the Pre-Dawn times, he decided that he would make one last trip into the mysterious land of the Maya to look for the crystal skull before he his health would not permit him to ever return again. Based on all the clues and information he had collected about the crystal skull over the years and from studying many Mayan glyphs, he determined that in Guatemala (part of the Central America region, where some of the most magnificent Mayan structures remain) would probably be the best place to find this sacred artifact. He was determined, if there was nothing else he would accomplish in his life, it would be to find this legendary object. He knew from various Mayan documents he had translated that were in his possession, that there existed a new codex (name of a set of Mayan documents that give the history of these people as well as discuss their laws as well as spiritual and religious practices) in this region that if he could find it, it could lead him to this ancient treasure.

Shortly after Professor Nielson arrived in Guatemala, neither his daughter Jamie, nor his wife, ever heard from him again. It appeared as if he had just disappeared from the face of the Earth. All Jamie and her mother had received from the Professor was a postcard saying he had arrived safely. After a few weeks had passed, Jamie contacted the local authorities in Guatemala who made an attempt to search for him, but they came up with no clues. Therefore, Jamie and her mother both feared that he may have been killed possibly by local bandits or perhaps met an unfortunate accident due to the hazards and rigors of this region of which a man his age was ill-prepared to deal with. His daughter was heartbroken as he had been very close to her and her friends could see that part of Jamie seemed to be distant and cold.

Jamie Nielson: Jamie is a free spirit who loves adventure and living on the edge. At the beginning of our tale, she is 32 years old, has been married once, but her husband could not deal with her fiery energy, love of life and desire to always want to be on the move.

Jamie was born in California and she came from a well-to-do academic family. As previously mentioned, her father Professor Harry Nielson was a renown expert on the Mayans based on his numerous expeditions into these mystical lands. Thus, we can see that Jamie received a rich education and fell in love with traveling primarily due to some of the expeditions she would accompany her father when she was younger. Jamie believes that anything she sets her mind to, she will be successful. Jamie is at present one of the most successful journalist for a local newspaper in New York City (part of the what was known as the state of New York) and is always eager to go after the hottest new stories, especially if they involve some danger.

Around the age of fourteen, she began to have a series of dreams and strange experiences which led her to study many of the worlds religions and cultures, trying to understand her place in the universe. As she began to open up to her spirituality, money and material possession became less important and understanding universal truth and helping to create a world of peace and harmony became more important. Jamie always loved animals and a quiet vacation for her was being in nature.

Her interest in quartz crystals began when her father gave her a birthday present of a mysteries crystal he found in one of the Mayan ruins. She still has the crystal and at times, wears it on a chain around her neck. Especially at the beginning of our story, this crystal represents an important link for her to the essence of her father, who she secretly hopes and prays is still alive somehow in Central America.

As our story begins, we find Jamie at a major crossroads in her life. Life is a bit boring for her at the moment. For many years now, Jamie has had a powerful inner feeling that she has something important to do or a contribution to make to the world. Even though many people admire her and wish they could live a life such as she, she feels as if she hasn't accomplished very much in her young life. Another aspect of her life she feels is missing is to really find that special person to love and share a dynamic relationship with. However, finding that right person, a man who is as strong willed and likes challenges as much as she does, has been very difficult.

Michael Richardson: Michael was born in Chicago and at the beginning of our story is 41 years of age. Michael is a born explorer but considers himself more of a researcher, lecturer and author. He started his professional career as a computer programmer, however at the age of 28, he began writing a series of articles based on various parts of the world he had traveled to on his vacations. Michael is totally fascinated by the diversity of cultures and people in our world and if he had the time, he would try to visit and experience every country on the face of the Earth.

From 1983-1986, he submitted various articles about his travels to different magazines and journals and periodically some of them would actually get printed. At the end of 1986, he sent a piece about his journey to Tibet, to a magazine in New York City, where he was living at the time. Michael had always had a strong pull to visit this country and became totally enchanted with the land and its people. He also had a strange experience during his journey, a Tibetan Monk he did not know, somehow seemed to recognize him and wanted to introduce him to various head Lamas in the area. Michael couldn't quiet understand what all the fuss was but he did feel as if Tibet was very familiar to him even though he had never traveled there before. This trip to Tibet was kind of a turning point in Michael's life.

In any case, the New York Magazine loved his article about Tibet very much and published it in February of 1987. The article received so many letters from the readers that the magazine decided to hire Michael as a staff writer, which was perfect timing for Michael as he was getting a bit bored just doing computer programming. This new job gave him the opportunity to continue to travel throughout the world, to many other exotic places such as Peru, Central America, Egypt, Israel, etc .... He started to become totally fascinated by all the incredible mysteries and ancient ruins he encountered along the way on these journeys (the pyramid and sphinx in Egypt, the Mayan Pyramids, etc ...), so much so that he developed a insatiable passion to find some answers to understand these wonders.

To quote Michael:

"How can I go on in my life when there are so many incredible mysterious in our world that must have an answer? I can hardly sit by and ignore this as I intuitively feel these mysteries have a message for mankind that could literally change our world for the better … I must find out what this message is ….."

Being a technically literate person, Michael utilized his computer to document and record information about each place he visited. In addition, he would access many of the Online Computer Databases commercially available at this time as well as such as the service known as the Internet (a global network of computers that were linked together at this time - similar to our global knowledge bank, the pre-cursor to our system) to pursue additional insights about these ancient cultures and sites. He developed friendships with many experts in many fields and received thousands of electronic mail from all over the world. Beginning in 1993, he received an invitation from a Book Publisher in New York City (who had fallen in love with Michael's articles about his adventures) to write a book about all the different World Mysteries he had encountered in his journeys as well as share any theories and conclusions he had developed to explain their existence and purpose. Because of the wealth of information he had collected so far, it was just a matter of organizing his various computer files including his personal experiences from his journals and in almost no time, he had a completed book. This Publisher knew from Michael's writing style and popularity that Michael could write a great book and made him an offer he couldn't refuse including a generous advance.

The Book was published in 1994 and was a smash hit, sitting on top of the New York Best Sellers list for 15 weeks. As a result of the success of Michael's first book, he was able to become a full time writer and speaker. This change in his financial position enabled him to travel a great deal more and to continue his research in uncovering some answer about these mysterious ancients civilizations. His lecture tours were offered to packed audiences who were totally fascinated with his adventures.

One of the factors that helped Michael immensely to prepare for his travels which at times found him in many isolated and un-populated regions, was the military training he received as a young man. He volunteered at 18 to join the army and received a chance to not only to earn his degree in Computer Science through this service but learned many survival skills that he used extensively (even getting him out of some tough and dangerous situations) on his journeys. Even though he was not happy about the four years he spent in the military, since he was a person who was very committed to non-aggression and peace, this military training helped him to improve his body strength and stamina and prepared him for living in the wilderness without many supplies.

In 1994, during an exploration of Guatemala, Michael heard about the legends of an ancient artifact that the natives called a head of crystal or a crystal skull. This crystal skull was described as being human sized and shaped and was made from a clear quartz crystal. It also was rumored to have some special symbols carved into the quartz itself. Although he found this legend interest, it really did not catch his fancy although he did include the legend in his second book, "Journeys of a Modern Explorer, Book II" (published in 1995). Michael was one lucky fellow as once again, as his second book was another best seller, outselling his first book handily. As a result of the success of his two books, Hollywood was considering to make a movie based on some of his exploits, portraying him as a modern Indiana Jones (Editor's Note: Indiana Jones was a popular explorer figure who was portrayed in a series of movies in the late twenty century .. he was a professor turned archaeologist - explorer).

Another aspect to Michael's personally was his desire to work cooperatively with scientists and archaeologists in a concrete way to help him unravel the many mysteries left by these ancient civilizations. His first and foremost goal was to determine by what means the ancients were able to build some of the most remarkable structures known to the world (purportedly without any modern machines). Next he felt it was vital to determine the meaning and purpose of various mysteries artifacts discovered in these incredible cities (the ruins) that had been left behind. Actually his best friend, Joshua Conde, a physicist who was also quite intrigued by Michael's adventures and curious about these mysteries, helped Michael on numerous occasions with some of the research for both of his books. Michael knew Joshua when they were growing up in Chicago and stayed close friends since that time. Thus, since Michael was a very logical and analytical person, he felt he would need the best conventional scientific and archaeological approaches using empirical data to discover some answers to these ancient puzzles. A big turning point comes into Michael's life as he becomes involved with the crystal skull in this story. (Note from rJis: I shall say no more and allow the viewer to discover this last point for themselves …. )