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Chapter 1
The Storyteller rJis


( Continuation of the transcription of the data crystal recorded
by rJis on April 17th, 2037 -- The 25th year of the New Dawn )

2036 A.D. … Alto Paraiso … Garden of rJis …

rJis: "OK ... dear ones ... let us get settled down now. It time for our Story, which is called "The Time of Transformation". Can anyone here tell me what this period of our history was about?"

(... all the children raise their hands and some are jumping up and down ....)

rJis: "Yes, citizen Sel-va ... tell us dear child what is the importance of this time in our past ...

Sel-va: "Honorable rJis ... "The Time of Transformation" was when the Old Earth was changed to how our world is today ... isn't that right uncle?"

rJis: "Yes of course Sel-va (please I am just rJis) ... and dear ones, there are many lessons we can learn from this time ... so let us start in the beginning, way back in time, about 800 years ago ... during the end times of the mighty civilization known as the Mayans ... The Day is .....

1259 A.D. …. Somewhere in the jungles
of what will be called Guatemala …

THE DAY IS SUNNY AND THE TEMPERATURE is warm … to the people of this region, it begins as any other day … each person has their work to attend to. The village we are visiting is small but it has the distinct honor of housing the powerful oracle … a remnant of the fast fading Mayan civilization.

Mayan Glyphs of People Then in the distance we hear loud shouting ... a mountainous sound ... it is the war cry of one of the most feared tribes of the Mayan land ... this group is descending upon this village … we can see in their eyes their only purpose is to attack and conquer ... to extend their sphere of influence throughout the Mayan territory. However, they also believe that they can regain their former power if they have possession of the clear oracle …

As the villagers attempt to defend themselves … we see off in the distance a large hut. Inside of this hut are two men rapidly speaking to each other. One man is very old with white hair and appears to be the Shaman of the tribe, a guardian for the sacred oracle. The other man is young, perhaps the Shaman's helper or favorite apprentice. It has been known for days that this time was fast approaching … it was foreseen in the stars … a time of Darkness was coming to the Land.

BOTH OF THESE MEN ARE INVOLVED IN protecting the sacred oracle. A prophecy has been passed down over the ages, a verbal legend that the Priests must guard this sacred artifact with their lives. The oracle itself is sitting on a table between the men and is flawless and absolutely clear …. All people who have come to visit the oracle know that it possesses great power. Time has run out ... so the Shaman and his apprentice quickly gather the sacred oracle and run away from the village, to hide it before the warring tribe can take possession of it and use its power to control and enslave other neighboring people.

Mayan Structure The Shaman knows of a secret hiding place that is underground held within an old stone structure nearby ... so he and his young apprentice run off to this place and hide the oracle there with other important religious artifacts. They conceal the opening to this room by placing a somewhat large stone behind them, which makes this location almost invisible ... only one of the special priests know of this special place's exact location and how to find it ...

As the fighting grows in intensity … the people become frighten when a strong earthquake erupts during this battle .. the earthquake totally seals the secret hiding place of the oracle so that it is totally buried under tons of stone and earth …

A SHORT TIME LATER, THE WARRING TRIBE has already conquered the village and captures the fleeing elderly Priest/Shaman and his young disciple. The Shaman is too old to bear up to any torture, so he fights to escape and is killed in the process. The young man is then put on a rack and tortured endlessly as his new masters ask him "Where is the Sacred Oracle?". The young disciple never reveals the secret location and knows in his last dying breath he has successfully protected the oracle … but somehow he feels on an unconscious level while experiencing the most intense pain, that he will return one day (which he doesn't understand what this means).

The high priest of the warring tribe is very upset with his so-called expert torturers as they were unable to acquire the whereabouts of the oracle … he had some very important plans indeed for its use .. This individual looks strangely familiar as he is none other than our black magician who lives over many hundreds of years trying to get possession of these sacred artifacts. But he knows inside of himself that this battle has only begun….. Our story moves to …

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And the Stars Are ...
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