The Players Assemble

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Chapter 1
The Storyteller rJis


( Continuation of the transcription of the data crystal recorded
by rJis on April 17th, 2037 -- The 25th year of the New Dawn )

Late Summer, 1972 A.D. ……… A Mayan Ruin in Guatemala

IN THE MIDDLE PART OF THE 19TH CENTURY, the Europeans became fascinated with the Mayan people and their grandiose structures that had been left standing, buried deep in the modern day jungle. The question the experts were asking was, "Who Were These People?". Eventually this fever spread to the U.S., as many American archaeologists took it upon themselves the task to be the ONE to discover the Truth behind these mysterious people, which they called the Maya, based on translations of the Maya Glyphs left on their structures. But still till this day, no one can fully understand why they abandoned their great cities about 600 hundred years ago..

Tikal is considered to be one of the most beautiful Mayan ruins in Guatemala … some incredible structures and pyramids can be found here. On this morning, on August 2nd, we find a research team exploring the site, having received special permission from the Guatemalan Government.

The Professor Entering the Site The research team is from Dartsmouth College on the East Coast of the U.S., a very prestigious school indeed. The team is led by Professor Harry Nielson, a world reknown archaeologist and Mayan expert, now in his early forties. Besides being on the faculty at the College, Professor Nielson is an accomplished writer and speaker, and has had a number of articles published by professional trade magazines about the Maya. Dartmouth was quite thrilled to have Professor Nielson accept their offer to be an instructor at their school in 1965.

Professor Nielson is no newcomer to this part of the world, he has been involved in numerous expeditions to Central America and Mexico and by this time had personally been to over twenty different Mayan sites. Of course, one of his dreams is to be the discover of a new Mayan ruin which so far has not been the case. From various contacts with the local people, he had received a few leads, as the people re-counted some of their older legends that within Tikal exists a special cache of treasures left by one of the great rulers of the city, Caan Chac ("Stormy Sky"), 4th Century A.D.

Primarily the team consists of students with a few other teaches from the History Department and local guides. One delightful addition to the team is the professor's young daughter Jamie, 7 years old, who is the favorite of one and all (she has a special magic about her even with the locals) as well as demonstration of a fearless spirit that shines out for all to see.

Mayan Glyph in the Ruins ON THIS SPECIFIC DAY, JAMIE is getting bored of just entertaining herself -- seeing the same people and places around her … so she looks for her dad. We see her father conversing with some of the local Mayan people as they are in front of a wall of one of the structures. This wall features the writing of Maya, in their traditional glyphs and pict-o-grams which is of course featured in all the known Mayan cities that have been uncovered so far. However on this day, the professor is drawn to a specific image on this wall ... an image of a skull ... he can't take his eyes off it and inquires of the natives what this image means. Actually the professor, normally a cool and calm individual, is getting quite animated, which is what draws Jamie's attention, as she has never seen her father in this way.
The local people explain that there is a story told by their ancestors of a powerful object, a skull made from pure quartz crystal … a tool of magical power, convented by all Mayan rulers of the past but which now is lost. However, their legends says when the crystal skull returns … then the Mighty Mayan will rise again. As Jamie approaches her father, she sees that he has a very strange look on his face ...

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Act VI
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