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Chapter 1
The Storyteller rJis


( Continuation of the transcription of the data crystal recorded
by rJis on April 17th, 2037 -- The 25th year of the New Dawn )

Fall, 1989 A.D. ... Northern Part of Peru, Jungle Area

FELIPPE PUMAKAWA TUPAYACHI wakes up to a new day, as he continues his sacred mission to teach the indigenous people in his home country of Peru, about the knowledge and spiritual insights handed down by the Inca. Today he is in a small village in the northern part of Peru, with an indian people who live very simply in hatched huts and find all they need from the vegetation which grows in the area.
The people respect Felippe as a great teacher and this morning, he is once again doing a very informal talk for the elders and men of the village. Felippe is accompanied by a young boy, who acts as his assistance. Felippe is speaking with the people in the native language of the land, Katchua. He speaks to them about times in the past, even before the Inca existed. He shares with them the Inca Prophecy that states when the Condor of the South (the people in the South) meets the Eagle of the North (the Native Americans), a peaceful and harmonious age will begin on the Earth.

Felippe has accepted this important work from the elders of his home village high in the Andes. The people are fascinated with the cosmic wisdom that Felippe shares and welcome him as a member of their village.

Native People in the Jungle During the talk, the villagers notice a strange golden light that appears in the sky above them ... which they interpret as a sign from the Gods ... Felippe knows what this light represents but stays silent ... then the people invite Felippe to participate in their daily ceremony, where they thank the Creator for providing all their needs .... as we move on .....

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In the Jungle ...
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Old Peru Again ...

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