The Players Assemble

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Chapter 1
The Storyteller rJis

ACT VIII-B - Old Peru Again ...

( Continuation of the transcription of the data crystal recorded
by rJis on April 17th, 2037 -- The 25th year of the New Dawn )

November, 1995 A.D. ……… Santa Fe, New Mexico

IN THE LIBRARY IN DOWNTOWN SANTA FE, we see many people gathering in the meeting room as there is a special speaker this evening. Due to the book by James Redfield, The Celestine Prophecy, many people now have a strong interest to learn more about Peru. The speaker for this evening is Felippe Pumakawa Tupayachi, an Amyrian Peruvian Shaman. He is here to give a talk which will discuss the Inca, their spiritual philosophy and their Prophecy.

Kokopelli Felippe was invited to travel through the United States under the sponsorship of Walter Benitz. Walter met Felippe in Peru in 1994, as Felippe started to offer his services as a tour guide for people interested in the more spiritual perception (New Age) of the Inca sacred sites. In this year many people rediscovered Peru, so a guide of his knowledge was very timely. Walter stayed in touch with Felippe and they agreed to offer a tour to share sacred knowledge from the Inca. Santa Fe, was Felippe first stop, since Walter lived in New Mexico. This was only one of a number of stops that Walter had setup for Felippe.

Jacob Schwartz, who had taken his own trip to Peru (solo) in 1989, just happened to live in Santa Fe at the time. With Jacob's love of energy vortexes and mystical experiences, Santa Fe seemed to be perfect. Jacob's first trip to Peru was so powerful, he had such incredible experiences, that anything having to do with Peru, he was the first line. Jacob saw a flyer in a local bookstore about this lecture and knew he must attend. Not wanting to have attention placed upon himself, he sat in the back of the meeting room, listening intently to every word that Felippe said. Felippe spoke with a heavy hispanic accent, but his English was quiet good and the people could understand in the room.

When Felippe begin to discuss the Inca Prophecy ... Jacob's heart stopped beating ... it strung a note somewhere, deep inside of him ... it felt like it had something to do with a strange vision he had been having for the last year ...

After Felippe finished his talk, the room was filled with excitement and many people wanted to come meet Felippe or ask him some questions. Jacob decided he would wait till everyone left before he approached Felippe.

JUST AS FELIPPE IS READY TO LEAVE, as his helpers are gathering the ceremonial artifacts that he uses during his talks, Jacob rushed up to Felippe and said:

Jacob: "Senior Felippe, may I just speak to you for a moment, por favor?"

Felippe: "Si young man ... how may I be of service ..."

Jacob: "Senior Felippe, when you spoke about the Inca Prophecy, about the Condor of the South meeting the Eagle of the North, it seemed that this prophecy has some connection with a strange vision I have been having ..."

Felippe: "Oh, well this is a powerful prophecy that will affect many people, but please continue ..."

Jacob: "In my vision I see the image of a skull ... I see it off in the distance ... it is floating in the air in front of me ... it is not made from bone but some type of transparent material ..."

Felippe: (He pauses before he speaks) .. "Does this skull you see, does it have a color ....? As you know the skull image is very powerful and is used in many cultures in the world including by the Inca."

Jacob: "Yes Senior Felippe, its color is blue ... a sky blue"

Felippe: (Takes a long and hard look at this young man, who has long hair and is dressed somewhat poorly. But Felippe recognizes that Incal (God) works in strange ways ..) My young friend, do you have a piece of paper ... I would like to give you my Postal Address in Cusco ... if you ever decide to come back to Peru please see me ... this is all I can say at this time ... but allow the vision to guide you ... you will know what to do. Now, I must go, we have to journey far this evening but please stay in touch.

(In Quechua Felippe says a blessing .....)


Winãypaq ... kaypin reqsisqa kanki kunan

Ri-nki -- inti taytay
Qam ka-nki -- apu
Qam ka-nki -- kuntur-pa
Qam ka-nki -- Apurimac


( Wonderful!

Forever, you are with us now ...

You go to the Father Sun
You are the Sacred Mountain
You are the Condor
You are the Great Speaker

From All Time ... Till We Meet Again -- It is Truth)

With that, Felippe and his helpers leave the library. We see Jacob's face lit up as if he has received some form of enlightenment although he has no idea what the words mean nor could he even hear them clearly as Felippe almost spoke them in a whisper. But, as he comes back to the real world, he firmly grasps the paper with Felippe address and puts it in his wallet, the one place where he never looses anything ....

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