The Players Assemble

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Chapter 1
The Storyteller rJis


( Continuation of the transcription of the data crystal recorded
by rJis on April 17th, 2037 -- The 25th year of the New Dawn )

Winter, 1996 A.D. ... The Hopi Land, NE Arizona

THE VILLAGE OF ORAIBI in Northeastern Arizona, near Second Mesa, is considered to be the oldest village still in existence in North America. From the point of view of our modern world, it seems that this is just another poor village but to the Hopi, this city represents a connection with their past and has a powerful role to play in their future.
In the desert, a few miles outside the city, we see a campfire encircled by a group of Hopi Elders, it is now night-time. The Indians these days are very resistance to convert to the ways of Modern Society, which they do not regard as a healthy atmosphere to nurture Mother Earth. According to their prophecies and spiritual teachings, the Great Spirit (Taiowa, the Creator or also known as Maasau'u) foretold of the challenges of this day and reminded them of the importance that they not deviate from their traditional teachings.
Hopi Prophecy The prophecies tells them if the Hopi Nation dies, then so does the world, as these people must guard the Mother Earth in this specific location. They are waiting for the Elder Brother, the White Brother to return, to fulfill the prophecy.
This group periodically meets in this way, to continue the ancient rituals which pay respect to the Mother Earth and the Great Spirit (the Creator). Not far from this area is the sacred stone, which contains the Hopi Prophecy.

BUT THIS NIGHT -- THE ELDERS PRESENT are not just here to do their ritual ceremonies. These men are part of a secret tribe within the Hopis, which even their own people are not fully aware of …. Some disturbing events and signs have occurred, and it is now time to prepare. We hear them chanting to the beat of a single drum and the oldest elder present is speaking to the circle, reciting a prophecy that has been handed down in secret within this special tribe for over a thousand years ...
"Yes", the old Shaman says, "The Signs are Here … the Eagles are flying ... the Mother Earth is speaking to us through nature and the plants and the animals ... the time of times is upon us and the ancient prophecy is beginning to unfold ......"

The fellow elders all nod in agreement ... they understand the perils that lie ahead ... We move away from the campfire and on to a house in Guatemala where a different time of gathering is occurring ....

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Old Peru Again ...
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The Dark Side of Things

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