The Crystal Healing II Symposium

Featuring 12 Crystal (and gemstone) Skulls
An Event Like No Other Ever Before!!

Skull Collection of Joky Van Dieten
Crystal Skull Collection of Joky Van Dieten
( All skulls will be present at the conference,
featuring ET, an ancient smoky quartz skull)

Windsong - Caretaker: Floyd Petri
Clear Quartz Skull
Floyd Petri, Caretaker

Rainbow Crystal Skull - DaEl Walker, Caretaker
Clear Quartz Skull
DaEl Walker, Caretaker

Made Crystal Skull - DaEl Walker, Caretaker
Clear Quartz Skull
DaEl Walker, Caretaker

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Dr. Chet Snow , a Sedona-based regression therapist, presents: The Crystal Healing II Symposium in Sedona, Arizona, with Crystal Healers JaneAnn DOW, DaEl WALKER and Marta THOMAS plus Crystal Skull Caretakers Joky VAN DIETEN, Charlene ACKERMAN and Floyd PETRIE. Also appearing will be indigenous elders: BEAR HEART, FLORDEMAYO, and Don ALEJANDRO and Crystal Skull Explorer/Author Joshua SHAPIRO. Lastly the conference will also feature some dynamite Aztec dancers in authenticate custom.

PLUS: Several CRYSTAL SKULLS including: "E.T." - "RAINBOW" - "PAOULIE" - "CARA" - "THE JESUIT" - "WINDSONG" - and more to come... We expect at least 12 or 13 various Skulls will come together at this Landmark Event, perhaps the largest gathering of these powerful healing talismans in Modern Times.

This action pack weekend will be filled with Lectures, Displays, Workshops, Private Healing Sessions and special Ceremonies... This is one event you will not want to miss! If you ever had an interest to be in presence of an ancient crystal skull ... at this event you will have a choice of several. If you ever wanted to know more information about the crystal skulls, the room will be filled with various caretakers, researchers and Indigenous Elders who have spent time with various crystal skulls.

Besides the announced speakers and caretakers, many people who are interested in the crystal skulls are planning to attend, so reserve you seat NOW. This event may turn out to be more then what meets the eye. Also, there will be an interesting collection of contemporary crystal skulls on display, so you can experience the difference between the skulls being crafted today versus those considered to be old or ancient (very old) crystal skulls. Never before has one event included so many crystal skulls and some of the top individuals involved in uncovering and sharing the secrets and mysteries of these sacred artifacts.

Symposium Details

Location: The new DOUBLETREE-SEDONA RESORT in mystic, magical SEDONA.
Dates: Friday, April 30th through Sunday, May 2nd

Price: Until March 31, 1999, is only $99!! After March 31, it will be $125 and $140 at the door.

Registration/Payment: Visa, Master Card and Discover Card accepted. Check or Money Order.

More Information:

Dr. Chet Snow
PO Box 1738
Sedona, Arizona 86339
Phone: (520) 204-1962
Web Site:


Hotel Information:

Holiday Inn Express - (520) 284-0711 -- $69 a night

Red Rock Inn - (520) 284-2487 -- $ 79 a night for 3 night stay

The Doubletree - (520)284-4040 --$115 for one room and $125 for 2-room suites.

(Please Note: There will be a jazz concert in Sedona on Saturday, May 1st, so this event is booking all the rooms there ... so if you plan to stay in one of the above mentioned hotels, you want to make your reservations as soon as possible. Mr. Snow has blocked 20 rooms at each of these hotels.)

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