* Personal Sessions and Counseling *

Individual Work with Dr. Scott Mandelker

Private sessions with Scott Mandelker cover a range of issues, guided by your own unique concerns. An opportunity for intensive dialogue, this is a chance to better understand and integrate your spiritual experiences, personal path, and cosmic nature. Scott has extensive meditation training, an M.A. in Counseling, and has been in private practice since 1991. Major themes include:

* Issues of Wanderers, Walk-ins, and ET Souls on Earth

* Near-Death, Out-of-Body, UFO Contact and Dream Experience

* Life Purpose, Challenges and Your Immediate Work

* Intimacy, Relationships, and Dealing with Human Society

* Spiritual Empowerment and the Way of Meditation

Individual Work with R. "Joshua" Shapiro

If an individual or couple feels an affinity with the energy or vibration of Joshua, he offers to other friends along their life path specific information and spiritual messages for your consideration to help clarify life situations, your potential or hidden gifts and how you can receive your own inner guidance and discover your spiritual mission to help the Mother Earth during the current Global Transformation. He will offer suggestions how to actualize your own gifts and use these gifts to help others.

The technique that Joshua uses for these sessions is by trusting his own inner guidance (he feels the essence of the person in front of him and mirrors back this information) or hears various spiritual friends who may whisper some ideas or suggestions. The key to this session is that he is spontaneous, which he believes is the highest state one can be in the physical world to channel universal knowledge and information from their soul. Joshua always finds himself interacting with ET Souls (Wanderers and Star People) during his every day life and has given many such individuals guidance and understanding of who they are. Joshua feels a strong affinity to the ET souls known as the Wanderers and sees other Star People and Wanderers by their energy in their eyes and sometimes even sees the home from which these souls come from.

All private sessions are generally one hour in length and fees are normally $40-60/hour with a sliding scale available and sessions of a shorter duration possible. Individuals, couples, and groups are all welcome, and telephone sessions can also be done. Please inquire for more details.

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