The Crestone
"San Luis Valley"

( by Joshua Shapiro,
January 17th, 1996)

In October of last year (1995), I had just returned home from New York City, ( where I had participated with crystal skull caretaker Jane Doherty, to give a lecture about the Crystal Skulls at the Whole Life Expo) and my wife told me that I had received a call from Chris LaFontaine of Minneapolis (MN) while I was gone, something about a new skull. So of course I phoned Chris right away.

Chris told me that while he and his partner Michele had been in Colorado, they had experienced a different skull. He saw from our Internet Site that we were interested in different skulls, and was curious if I had heard about this one. He called it the Crestone Skull and gave me the address and phone of Light Reflections in Moffat, Colorado, where this skull was currently being kept. Chris also gave me a description of the skull (see pictures above, these photos were taken by UFO Researcher Tom Dongo of Sedona, AZ and Light Reflections sells copies). I promised him I will check on it and let him know if I found anything out and thanked him for taking the time to share with us.

About an hour after I concluded my conversation with Chris, I received another phone called from Darlene Bruns, who is the director of Sacred Journeys in Connecticut. I had just met Darlene at the Whole Life Expo and see had a strong connection with the crystal skulls and attended a private workshop I did after the Expo. So can you guess why Darlene called me? It was to tell me that she had just spoken to a friend who saw the Crestone Skull! So I thought to myself, is the universe conspiring again to point me in a certain direction. I better call Light Reflections right away.

So the next day, after receiving these phone calls, I called Light Reflections, and spoke to Alta, who works with her parents as the manager of their store. In conversation with Alta, here is what I learned about this skull:

A woman who owns a local ranch (they are keeping her name anonymous for now) was walking on her property and one day she saw just lying on the ground, this strange looking object. It sort of looked like a skull, or as some people described, half of the face is somewhat human like and the other half seems to be melted. Apparently she was friends with Alta's parents, and wasn't sure what to do with the skull, so she permitted the skull to be kept at Light Reflections.

Word got out about the skull and some people would just come to the store just to see the skull. Many people reported feeling an energy connected with the skull. Sometime last year (1995), they had a group meditation with the skull in the center and over one hundred people came. I also asked her what material is the skull made from and she said they are not sure. It looks like glass or quartz crystal but it is not. As we mentioned Tom Dongo from Sedona came to take a look and took over 60 pictures of the skull from various angles.

As far as what sensitives have picked up about the skull, some people felt the skull was very young or newly created. Other people felt that it was a projection of some spiritual entity into our world which might explain why its form is so strange ... others felt that the shape was solidified from some type of a liquid and then others felt the skull had a connection with the Inner Earth. Another surprise I learned was that our friend Steve Mehler, who we interviewed in our crystal skull book (Mysteries of the Crystal Skulls Revealed) and lived in Colorado Springs, not far, had also had a chance to work with this skull. So I tracked Steve down and he pretty much confirmed all the things I have shared so far.

At the end of last year in December, I received a call from Alta, as I was trying to obtain permission to share some images of the skull and tell its story. Alta had just returned from the UFO Congress, held in Mesquite, NV, where she had brought the skull to share with others. Many people were quite fascinated by the skull and Alta received invitations to travel to other places so more people could experience the Crestone Skull. In addition, Alta told me that the woman who had found the skull was having some financial problems to keep her property and so she wanted to travel with the skull to receive financial donations which she would give to the owner to help her in her situation. She asked me for advice on how to go about doing such a tour. I was hoping by now to receive more information from Alta directly, about the Crestone Skull, as this page is composed from notes I took in all of my phone conversations and what I remember being said. I hope in the future that Alta will be able to send to us a more direct report.

(Update August 1997): At the end of this page, please find an email we received from Floyd Petri, the caretaker of a crystal skull known as Windsong. Floyd has been personally researching the crystal skulls trying to stay on top of what is going on in the world especially since he came in contact with Windsong. He received some new information which he states confirms that this skull is made from glass and is a hoax. Please read below the information that Floyd has collected on this matter.


(Via Floyd Petri, caretaker of Windsong, crystal skull mailing list) 

Via our crystal skull mailing list we received some information from Floyd Petri, who is the caretaker of "Windsong", a human size clear crystal skull purportedly created in South America (see information about windsong), about the Crestone Skull. Below is two emails from Floyd and my in-between answer. 

Date: Sat, 16 Aug 1997 
From: "Floyd N. Petri"  
Subject: Fake Crystal Skulls 

Joshua did you know that in May 1997 that Christopher O'Brien took a half melted glass skull to the Houston UFO Network and billed it as the first Crystal Skull found in America because it was found in the San Luis Colorado Valley? There was even talk that it may have been an "alien" skull because it had a tongue and a mouth. Later it was determined that it was made of glass by Brad Chavea, a Denver glassworker who had made over 100 of them to sell at a day of the dead festival. This one had been discarded as defective on his parent's land where someone found it and there we go. I was wondering if you knew all about this or if you were the one who solved the mystery and the article was furnished by you? 

Floyd Caretaker 
Windsong Crystal Skull 


Date: Sun, 17 Aug 1997 
From: Joshua Shapiro  
Subject: Re: Fake Crystal Skulls 

Floyd thanks for sharing this and as expected, as more interest comes around the crystal skulls some people will claim the ones they have are real the one you are speaking could be the one they call the San Luis Skull that was very twisted looking or the Crestone Skull .. I had not seen this one so I could only report what others said via our website but yes we must find a way to test all claims on the crystal skulls 


============================ >

Date: Sun, 17 Aug 1997 
From: "Floyd N. Petri"  
Subject: Re: Fake Crystal Skulls 

Joshua This is the same skull. It now has been exposed as a fake. The guy that had it did not know that it was a fake. He found it on this guy's property and did not tell the guy because most likely the guy would have wanted the skull. Then he started showing it around as the only skull found in the United States. It was by chance the man that made it found out about all this and came forward to clear it up. The thing that bothers me about all this that someone did not pick up on the fact that it was glass. Quartz will not just get soft and melt and bend like glass. This story was in the HUFON newsletter and also mentioned that people could see more about crystal skulls on your Internet site. It also gave a plug for MAX and JoAnn in Houston. 



( Editor's Note -- Update 1/1/2000 -- In 1999, I did receive an email from a gentlemen who claimed who had 
did this skull in glass and was amazed what happened and how people were going so crazy over it. This is just 
another example of why sound research is necessary when such items come to light ... Joshua)


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