Hello dear crystal skull family and friends – thank you for visiting our website.  We are known as the Crystal Skull Explorers, Joshua and Katrina, and we will be your house with our two plus crystal skulls, which we affectionately call our crystal kids.

We invite you to look around: read our articles and blogs, see photos of different crystal skulls, learn about the crystal skulls and how to work with your personal ones.  We also have items for sale including special books (some we have written, and some by other friends we know) as well as crystal skulls to.  Also feel free to leave your comments or questions. Get a copy of our free crystal skull e-book or join our free on-line newsletter.  We have been working together since 2009 although Joshua started his explorations with the crystal skulls all the way back in 1983.

The sub-sections linked to this page give you some background about ourselves, some of the most popular skulls we have and a new series of almost daily blog posts of inspiration by Katrina which she calls “Krystal Star Journey”.  Welcome, welcome, thank you for visiting.

Joshua and Katrina
your crystal skull explorers
email: crystalskullexplorers@gmail.com

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