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A Review of the Video | Max, The 36,000 Year Old Crystal Skull

Max, The 36,000 Year Old Crystal Skull was a video recorded in 1992 at the Wolf Song II Gathering. The Wolf Song gatherings were created by Grandma Twylah Nitsch, a part of the Seneca Wolf Clan, who had a vision to bring various elders from different indigenous tribes together. At the Wolf Song II, the ancient crystal skull “MAX” was present and this summary of the view shares the elder’s insights about this skull.

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Journey’s of the Crystal Skull Explorers E-Book (Full Edition)

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Above we see the crystal skull "Portal de Luz" having an interaction with the Sunlight or is it colored "Orbs" that are reacting to the Skull's Energy?  Could this be some type of proof of a form of intelligence that inhabits or works through crystal skulls?


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R. “Joshua” Shapiro Bio

Joshua has been involved with the crystal skulls since 1983 when he saw one made out of amethyst in northern California (“Ami”). He felt such a strong connection with this artifact that since that time he has devoted his life and resources to sharing the best information he can about these crystalline artifacts with other people all over the world and the future role they will play to help our planet see world peace.

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Katrina Head Bio

Katrina Head is a Crystal Explorer with her divine partner, Joshua Shapiro, since 2009. Katrina’s first contact with the crystal skulls happened in 2008 when she was gifted a small rose quartz crystal skull from a close friend. At this time in her life she was expanding quickly into her life purpose. As she worked with

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Healing and Intuitive Readings

The purpose of this reading is to offer a healing energy which is done by Katrina and an intuitive reading which is done by Joshua. Our readings are done on skype (with voice or voice and video) or by phone. We require a digital photo of the person the reading is for. We also send

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5-7 Ounce Brazilian Crystal Skulls

A person’s work with the crystal skulls is greatly enhanced when he/she has their own personal crystal friend who can act as a teacher which will offer to them very special and profound insights into the world family of crystal skulls!!

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Mysteries of the Crystal Skulls Revealed

This is the classic book about the Crystal Skulls Published in 1989 by Bowen, Nocerino and Shapiro. This book is out of print but we still have a few copies left. It delves into the history of the crystal skulls, the experiences of the three authors and includes information never published before. (Currently we don’t have any more copies)

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The Best Collection of Crystal Skull Products!!

These are some of the most spectacular new crystal skulls you can buy, so you can experience the extraordinary power of crystal skulls for yourself. These real crystal skulls have been meticulously carved in detail by dedicated carvers using only the highest quality of genuine natural crystals.

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Crystal Skull Shadow Lamp

Example of a Crystal Skull Shadow Lamp, showing four phases of the lamp. In the top left corner is the lamp in an off position showing an image of the “Mitchell-Hedges Crystal Skull of Love”. In the top right corner, we see an image of a UFO appear inside of the Crystal Skull with a

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