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Crystal Skull Lamp and Shade

The Crystal Skull Lamp and Shade includes a two dimensional image of the crystal skull Mozes of Peace (the healing skull from Blue Arrow Rainbow) on the stand and a collage of various crystal skulls from the three contributors, floating in front of a Mayan temple on the shade. The photo to the left is

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Purple Love or Zippy One-Eye

This amethyst crystal skull is slightly over 2 lbs. Joshua acquired this skull from a friend in Chicago, Steve Rosely, who sells crystal skulls and many gemstones in his store on the North Side of Chicago.

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The King / Laialani - amethyst star being skull

The King – The One Who Points the Way

The “King” (The One who Points the way, or the masculine side name) or “Laialani” (the feminine side name) is what is called a “Star Being” skull and is less then 1 lb., made from amethyst quartz. Joshua has tried to discover who the carver is

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Crystal Skull Children and Photo

Interview w/ Joshua Shapiro – Fate & Fortune Magazine, UK (Summer 2009)

Here is the full interview conducted by independent journalist Stephanie Bunce of England in May 2009 with Joshua (when he was living in Atlanta) for a special article for Fate and Fortune Magazine (also in England). We also included the final version of this interview which appeared. In this interview we learn more about Joshua and his special experiences with the crystal skulls over 28 years as well as information about some of the key crystal skulls known in the world.

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Strange Phenomena in Night Sky.. Orbs?

In 2010 while we were living near Asheville, NC with our dear friends Ron & Missy Hill, we had a chance to be involved in videoing some Orbs in motions besides all kinds of photographs. This may have started when we visited a labyrinth in Wisconsin in the early part of March of that year. Anyway the Crystal Skulls meet the Orbs in this article.

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