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Crystal Skull Photo Gallery

Photographs of our Personal Crystal Skulls (Instructions: Below are different galleries of photos of our personal crystal skulls. When you click on one gallery a new page is presented with just the photos from that specific gallery.  You can view them as a slideshow by clicking on “slideshow” above the photos or if you click

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Ta'chu'la - a crystal skull found in Mongolia


“Ta’chu’la” is a skull made out of clear obsidian with a piece of cranberry obsidian that lies in the back of the head. “Ta’chu’la” was retrieved from a construction project and dig in Mongolia, China where they were building a dam. As they were digging into the ground, they discovered “Ta’chu’la”

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Anton, clear quartz skull from Brazil


“Anton” is a small clear quartz skull that was carved in Brazil which is less than 1 lb. Katrina received this skull when we ordered skulls for all the passengers of our UFO – Crystal Skull Journey to Peru in November of 2009, Katrina’s first taste of Peru.

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Atahualpa, a clear quartz skull made in Brazil


“Atahualpa” is a 9-10 ounce frosty clear quartz skull that was made by a carver in Brazil around September of 2009. “He” with another one of the crystal skulls we received for our group going to Peru later that year.

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Your Unique Crystal Skull

If you have viewed our 9-10 Ounce Brazilian Crystal Skulls and would like to find out how to get a larger or smaller Crystal Skull then you are on the right page. Below you will find an on-line form to complete that will help guide us in the right direction as well as open our

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The Guardian

The “Guardian” is a small pink quartz crystal skull which weights less than 1 lb. This is the first crystal skull that Katrina received which was gifted to her by a friend during Christmas, 2008. Do not let the size fool you because it is an amazing tool.

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