Crystal Skull World Peace Meditations 2012

A projected image of what could be the 13 skulls coming together for Peace













What Are the World Peace Meditations Linked with the Crystal Skulls?

Since January 1st, 2009, at first supported by the Crystal Skull Explorers and now a major project of the International Crystal Skull Network – there have been a special group of people who have worked together sharing a loving and positive energy with “Mother Earth” and all the living beings upon “Her”.

Working with the crystal skulls, which have amplified the energies focused upon, the goal and an experiment has been to see, what effect upon our world could there be when many crystal skull guardians are all working together to share this positive energy.

Starting on January 1st of 2012 and continuing on the 13th of each month at the 13th hour (1 PM or 13:00) – these World Peace Meditations will be continued.  A person does not need to have their own crystal skull to participate.  On the main webpage which discusses the meditations and explains how you can participate, is a way you can work with any type of “Quartz Crystal”.

To learn more about this new series of world peace meditations for 2012, please visit:

We send great gratitude to all those who decide to join us – we can create effective positive changes in our world when we co-create, work together and focus on our intention and vision to a common goal!!

In Peace and Light always,

Joshua Shapiro & Katrina Head
Crystal Skull Explorers
on behalf of the International Crystal Skull Network (ICSN)

– to learn more about ICSN please feel free to visit the following
webpage at:


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  1. Hey neat article. We have a selection of crystal skulls at iMetaPhysical if you guys are interested.

    I am wondering what a crystal skull made out of marble or tourmaline will do and how to use it.

    Does anyone know? Please let us hear your story.


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