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The 2015 Edition of our Free Crystal Skull E-book
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In May of 2015, Joshua had an opportunity to do a tour through Australia.  To prepare for this tour, we created a new and updated version of our FREE and UPDATED version of our crystal skull e-book, not last updated since 2010.  This version has more than 40 pages of new materials and all kinds of interesting photographs.




To get your copy of this e-book, its very simple, just go to our webpage at:

— we just need your name and best email in the on-line form and then we send you to the page where you download your copy of this e-book (an Adobe PDF Format).

Also if you are not already a member of our free newsletter, “Unfolding of the Crystal Skulls”, sign up at the website below as this is one our main ways to communicate with other members of our crystal skull family the latest news and updates. To become a member go to:

Finally – do you know about Crystal Skull World Day?? Well, on November 22nd, 2015, a call has gone out to all the crystal skull guardians to join together on this day for a special 15-20 minute meditation to share a peaceful and harmonious energy enhanced by working with one of our crystal skulls.  The first such day was held last year on November 22nd, 2014 and was extremely powerful.  We had hundreds or thousands of people joining us, doing the meditation in their home or at public gatherings.  There even were a few indigenous elders who joined on this day as well. To learn more about this special day, check out the website at:


Stay tuned for more news and updates in the Crystal Skull World,

Joshua and Katrina
your crystal skull explorers
Kent, WA



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