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Crystal Skull Kindle e-book cover of new book by Crystal Skull Explorers Joshua Shapiro and Katrina Head

Book cover of new Crystal Skull Kindle e-book by Joshua Shapiro and Katrina Head


Dear Friends – we are delighted to share this our new Kindle e-book with you as part of the series of e-books we offer called “Journeys of the Crystal Skulls”.  But from September 5th through September 9th, you can download this e-book for FREE by going to our webpage in the Kindle Store for this e-book. All we ask of our friends and extended family, is if you do get the e-book free, please go back and leave a review – this will help us so much!! Thank you!!

To get your free copy head over to:

Now in order to be able to read our new e-book you must have either a Kindle e-book reader or one of the programs or apps which Amazon makes available for free so you can read our e-book.  There is another webpage you can go to if you do not have a Kindle e-book reader to get a program for your PC or Mac or an app for your tablet or cell/mobile phone, see:

Now lets talk about what is contained in this e-book and why you want to get your free copy before the end of Sunday, September 9th …

What is so special about this Crystal Skull Kindle E-book?

Well as some of our readers know we have begun since last year (May 2011) a series of new e-books around the title of “Journeys of the Crystal Skull Explorers”.  Our e-book we released last year for the Kindle, Nook and Apple e-book devices was called Travel Log #1 – Mexico 2009. Although this new e-book is not directly a part of this series it is still linked.  Besides sharing some background about the authors Joshua and Katrina, the Crystal Skull Explorers there is also information about some of the crystal skulls, known as the “Crystal Skull Children”.  In addition, as the name of the new book implies, the Explorers also discuss what they have uncovered about the purpose of the crystal skulls through the many travels and research in the world.

We could say this book has elements of being an introduction to the crystal skulls but it also contains some advance information. The Crystal Skull World Peace Meditations led by the International Crystal Skull Network is mentioned, some orb experiences that Katrina had in Wisconsin with the crystal skulls and a good section of crystal skull resources.

So take advantage of the five days we negotiated with Amazon to offer this e-book for free.  If you miss out the cost is only 99 cents and if you are Premiere member of Kindle, it is always available for free. Again if you like our e-book, please leave a review on the Kindle e-book webpage – we are so grateful for this help – thank you with big hugs :-)

On the cover of the e-book is a special link where we offer our readers and fans four special bonuses – you don’t want to mess out on these goodies as well, if you are curious check it out at:

Or if didn’t get a copy of our first e-book in the Travel Log Series about Mexico, click on the title of our book below


thank you for joining us in this time of celebration,
as a new book is birth about the special crystal friends,

peace and light always

Joshua and Katrina
the crystal skull explorers

PSstay tuned, we hope to have another e-book available before the end of September (2012), the second book in the Travel Log series entitled as “Travel Log #2 – The Search for the Blue Skull in Peru”!!

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