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We are creating this special webpage to discuss a special series of videos we have taken which we placed on Youtube, that deals with footage recorded in June (2010) of night time activity. Many times when you do research, you do not fully realize what you are seeing or observing until you have time to study it.

First we wish to acknowledge our dear friends Ron and Missy Hill for permission to share this footage. Without their enthusiasm and the equipment they personally provided which was used to help make the video you are about to view, everything you will read and experience upon this webpage would not be possible. If you would like to know more about Ron and Missy and their personal research they do through their company Nite Vision X, feel free to visit this webpage at:

We (Katrina Head and Joshua Shapiro) had our first strong contact with “Orbs” during our adventures in Wisconsin in March (2010 – at the Bluff Trail Labyrinth, for those people reading this page who are not members of our newsletter, “The Unfolding of the Crystal Skulls, we have provided at the bottom a link to our report from Wisconsin) where we believe somehow a link was created with the energy of the Orbs (or their energy was encoded) with our personal crystal skulls. Therefore it is possible that the “Orbs” might have followed us to North Carolina where the Hills live and thus been a catalyst for the phenomena we began to observe in this location.

In June (2010) we were staying with Ron and Missy in their home in the mountains south of Asheville. All of us were inspired to begin taking photographs in the backyard, near where the Hills have built a small pond with fish, running water which is surrounded by stones (we have placed our mutual crystal skulls on these stones, left them out during the eveing and conducted two world peace meditations in this area). Anyway to show you that Orbs and other beings (lights) exist in this area, in June we released a short report. Please feel free to take a look at this report by going to:

Next, we decided to try a new experiment, and started to film video around the pond using the special equipment which Ron and Missy have (this was prior to June 20th, the date of the first video shown below and after the World Peace Meditation held on June 13th). As usual we would look in the night sky for UFOs using the two pair of night time (or Nite Vision) goggles that Ron and Missy have. But before we discuss what we saw, lets make sure all of our visitors know what is a night time (or Nite Vision) goggle and how does it work?

Well, the goggles look like binoculars (see the NiteVision X webpage shown above for a photo) except the light they eminate outwardly is a green color and you are able to see in the dark. I (Joshua) think this is one of the technologies we inherited from the Roswell Crash (1947, Roswell, New Mexico – according to the book “The Day After Roswell” by Major Corso). When you look through the lenses you see everything in a green light but it is lit up and you can see in the dark. These goggles also allow you to see things you can’t see with your normal vision (such as UFOs in the sky or as we reported last year visiting another labyrinth in North Carolina by the border with Georgia, what were thousand of sparkling lights — fairy lights).

But what was different on this first night of experiment is Ron had other devices we used which could shine out specialized beams of light. The one that seemed to work the best was the infra-red light. When the goggles were put on and used in combination with the infra-red light that we shined out – we could see other lights or objects flying around us and above us. So the question we were asking was, were we seeing with the infra-red light, the “Light Orbs” that everyone is photographing but few people are able to see actually flying around or was this just creatures from nature (insects or birds). How the recording of the video was done is Ron put the lense of his small digital camera through one of the lenses of the night time goggles to film what we were viewing.

So what we would like to do right now is to just show the video that was taken on three separate days so you can experience with us our progress. We recommend that you first view these videos with an open mind and to form your own opinion of what we saw in the night’s sky before reading our own analysis that appears below the link below to Youtube. So the question we are asking is this: Can we really see Orbs with the combination of the night time goggle and an infra-red light and did we also see some other phenomena occur? You be the judge (exciting huh?).


1st Video, June 20th:

Here we see high in the tree three or four balls of light dancing. Some people think (as you can not see these lights just with the night goggles) that this might be flying insects that somehow are reflecting the infra-red light so they show up as a light object within the goggles. Now you will know in the videos when the infra-red light is shined because everything within the goggles becomes brighter. But again, when you try to view an infra-red light normally, the naked human eye can not see anything. One other thing we should mention is that there are fire-flies around this area but their light only stays on for a few seconds and is not constant. So did we capture some Orbs flying near the Labyrinth of this center? Then we decided for our next test that we should return to Ron and Missy’s backyard where we first witnessed this phenomena (but didn’t film it) and get some good video to demonstrate what we had observed the previous time.

2nd Video Set, June 28th:

Ok, we return to their backyard and begin to once again see all these circular lights flying around us but most of them appeared directly above us. I would have to say that the five videos taken on this date did not accurately reflect what we were seeing. Again the very bright round lights flying around could have been insects but if you watch closely there are also many circular lights (Orbs?) seen flying through the Infra-red light at a low elevation that do not have such a solid form or quality to the light. At one point, I remember seeing like a formation of 40 circular lights – maybe in 3 or 4 rows high up in the sky. And also we noticed a mist (you will hear us talking about this) that was not very high in the sky which remided me of the mist in our pictures from the Labyrinth in Wisconsin where so many Orbs are being photographed. My feeling is this mist could be like a dimensional door that is allowing Orbs or beings to come into our reality. Again you must decide if we captured something of significance here. You may want to watch this part over a few times carefully.

For the next and last test performed for this video series, Ron and Missy went outside themselves about 10 PM, and stayed out for about half an hour. Ron used some velcro so he could attach the camera directly to the goggles which made it easier to move both devices with his hand for recording. Lets review what was recorded next.

3rd Video Set, June 29th:

As stated before, this last set was done by Ron and Missy alone. Here we see the same type of floating lights as before but all of a sudden we now are watching lights that are moving quickly and either streaking across the sky or breaking apart going from one light into several lights or several lights are merging into one light. This doesn’t seem to be the behavior of “Orbs” but could it be that they were witnessing some type of UFO phenomena? Missy said in the video one of the lights seemed to have a flat shape with a hole. Again, what do you think we are observing?

Final Analysis and Thoughts

It is very possible that the use of the combination of the night time goggles with infra-red light can allow us to see other activities or intelligences that are present but exist in a slightly different dimension than our own. For a long time there has been many prophecies discussed within various native cultures or within the different regions that humanity will have contact with other intelligent life that is not human at some point in our history. What exactly are the “Orbs” – why are they are appearing in our photographs and why can people influence their behavior by asking them mentally to do something. It the same type of situation with all the reports of the crop circles which show magnificient geometric patterns that are being created by some means we don’t understand (lasers, sound, advanced technology). And what about all the UFO sightings? Can these (paranormal) phenomena all be signs of a new world coming (sooner then we think) where we will have direct contact with these other intelligences that will take our world into a higher state of being – a world of peace and harmony?

I believe if Ron and Missy did capture UFO lights in the final set of recordings, “THEY” must have known (or previously observed) we were doing this and for some reason decided they wanted to show themselves (knowing that our objective is always to share new information) – or maybe the “Orbs” are in contact with the UFO beings and told them we would be recording. Yes, it is true, in this part of North Carolina, by Asheville, there are many strange phemenona being reported which might be why so many spiritually orientated people live here. So it could just be we were observing the same type of phenomenon as other people have seen in this area.

Anyway, after the video file was completed, the very next night Ron and Missy went out again and took a very bright light to shine in the sky where they saw flying insects and birds. Missy said that once listened to an expert on the Nite Vision Goggles who showed them what insects and birds will look like with the goggles but these extra lights we saw did not show up until we added the infra-red light. We have to be careful here, as everyone would love to witness the majesty of a paranormal phenomena. This is why we try our best to have an open mind ourselves and merely present the videos, our experiences and thoughts but ultimately allow our reader/visitor to decide for themselves. Unfortunately we live in a world today where even if real paranormal phenomena occurs, if we have contact with other intelligences from other dimensions, some people will deny it or find a rational explanation for this activity.

The challenge is, with our modern technology of today we can make things look so real on film which never happened. Furthermore, even when one has their own inner spiritual experience, it is not occurring within the physical reality so although there is no way to prove it, it was very real to that person. The popular movie “Contact” starring Jodie Foster and Matthew McConaughey, clearly illustrated this point when after we received and interpreted a message from an intelligent species from the constellation Vega how to build a capsule that can travel through space and dimensions, where Jodie Foster is the occupant, in the blink of an eye she makes contact with these beings but has no physical proof of such. Although it is mysterious because although the camera in her capsule has only static, it had 18 hours of static.

Anyway we hope you enjoyed these videos and we will continue to share any new findings with you. If there are other people doing a similar type of research with the Night Time Goggles or getting moving images of “Orbs”, we sure would like to speak to you. Thanks!!

Thank you for joining us on this wondrous journey,
In Peace and Light always,

Joshua & Katrina
your Crystal Skull Explorers

telephone: 1-678-687-5787

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