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Hello dear fellow Crystal Skull Explorers,

It is a great honor for Katrina and I to finally be able to share this new website.  Thank you for stopping by to check it out!!

We are still learning how WordPress works (this is what we used to create this site) so we have a long way to go.  However, if you are knowledgeable about Word Press and have some extra time please contact us (see our contact details to your right near the bottom of the right column).  But we wanted to share a little bit about what you will discover here on our new site and what is coming up.

First of all, from now on, all of our new information – travels notes, discovery of new crystal skulls, a chance to blog our thoughts and feelings will all come over here.  I can’t explain it, but since about May of this year, a lot of new connections are being made with other people involved with the crystal skulls that is going to create some new activities and projects that have not been seen before.  So its a very exciting time.  Plus we are excited about the two TV shows coming up in the Fall (September or October) that we had a chance to participate in to share special information about the crystal skulls and we will let you know when they will air and where to view them.

Also within the last few months we have learned how to create e-books which you can read on your computer, the various e-book readers being offered everywhere (Kindle for Amazon, Nook for Barnes & Noble, etc ..) or the new tablets like the Apple Ipad or even for your cell phone you can read these books.  So for 2011 we have decided to release a few new books including a novel based on the feature film we have (the script is done) that shows how the Crystal Skulls create world peace.

Now about this website, we have it divided into sections which we will explain – so you know where to look.  The About Section gives a bio about Katrina, our crystal children and yours truly – hope to add in this section a bit more about some of the organizations we are linked to.  The Events Section will not only list our current events but also what we offer in case you might like to bring us to your area.  Of course the Shop Section shares various products and services we offer and this section will be growing shortly (here is where you find information about our new e-books for example).

The Radio Section has information of five shows we offered in 2010 on Blog Talk Radio – we are trying to see if we can do another radio show as the conditions have changed but eventually this section will be changed to Media as we will discuss anything linked to Media (Radio, TV, etc ..) Under the Newsletter Section is about our free newsletter called “The Unfolding of the Crystal Skulls” and how to signup.  Then Katrina will be in charge of the Photos Section, where she will be sharing from the ton of photos she has taken on our trips – not only about our own crystal skulls but other skulls we have seen and the places we have been.

Finally we have two other sections, Articles and Blogs – here we will share special articles we have written or reports and lastly to share periodic blogs as we move forward with various new crystal skull activities or sharing our ideas and thoughts.  As you know, everything is speeding up these days and many people are having some of the most amazing personal experiences.  Whether we are going through working through our personal blocks or challenges or having great awakenings in getting more in touch with our inner self.  Of course the crystal skulls are a major tool helping people to wake up.  And our personal skulls have been whispering to us about the idea of co-creation of new activities and events, to work with other crystal skull guardians and teachers.  It is a great time to be alive.

Oh yes, I forgot, also on our side bar – to your right, are other items – How to get our FREE e-book, a link to our shopping area, some of our other key websites to check, recent Posts (Blogs) made to this site, and of course how you can contact us.  We are happy to speak live to via Skype or we also have our sections on Facebook as well.

So, thank you for stopping by.  Enjoy your visit and stay tune for more exciting news.  We have known for a long time we needed to have a new website but with all the events and projects we get involved with its been hard to have time.  We are grateful to Karla Fouts for getting us started.  Eventually we will move all the pages over from our old website to here.  So add to your links to find us: http://www.v-j-enterprises.com/crystalskulls/

Have a great day, peace and light always

Joshua Shapiro & Katrina Head
your crystal skull explorers

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  1. Stella says:

    This is a wonderful site alot to explore, I will learn so much, thank you both.

  2. Gay Bertman says:

    We are a group of volunteers and opening a brand new scheme in our community. Your web site provided us with valuable information to paintings on. You’ve done a formidable activity and our whole neighborhood can be thankful to you.

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