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A time of thankfulness ~Autumn~ 2015

A time of thankfulness ~Autumn~ 2015

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The 2015 Edition of our Free Crystal Skull E-book

Get Your Copy of our 2015 Free Crystal Skull E-book

Get our new Free E-book Now!     In May of 2015, Joshua had an opportunity to do a tour through Australia.  To prepare for this tour, we created a new and updated version of our FREE and UPDATED version of our crystal skull e-book, not last updated since 2010.  This version has more than

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Poster for the on-line conference "Crystal Skulls into 2012 & Beyond" - December 1st & 2nd

Crystal Skulls into 2012 & Beyond – Online Conference Dec. 1&2

Crystal Skulls into 2012 and Beyond is a unique on-line conference dedicated to share the latest information about the Crystal Skulls. The Conference will be held on December 1st and 2nd, 2012 – you just need your computer, an internet connection and speakers to be with us. We have six remarkable speakers to share their knowledge with us over the two days and other little surprises. The first International On-Line Conference dedicated to the crystal skulls.

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Cover of the New Crystal Skull Kindle e-book by Joshua Shapiro and Katrina Head, the crystal skull explorers

Get our new Crystal Skull Kindle e-book for FREE!

Special Announcement — If you would like to get our new Kindle Crystal Skull e-book for FREE – starting on September 5th through September 9th in the Kindle Store you will find it. The title of the book is “Journeys of the Crystal Skull Explorers – Discover the Hidden Secrets within the Crystal Skulls” – come join us in the celebration of this new child in the world …

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A projected image of what could be the 13 skulls coming together for Peace

Crystal Skull World Peace Meditations 2012

Please Join Us for one of the Most Important and Powerful Meditations for World Peace in 2012 linking into the energy of the Crystal Skulls!

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Welcome to Crystal Skull Explorers

Welcome to the New Crystal Skull Explorers website. We are so happy to have you come and visit us!! In this blog post, we explain how this website works and what you can expect from us in the future. We live in exciting times, yes?

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Interview with Grandfather Tue Bear

A Special Interview with Grandfather TueBear, a Cherokee Holy Man and Shaman who we met at a Peace Conference in Texas in 2001. Unfortunately Grandfather has passed away but for the first time publicly, outside the private members of our newsletter, we release the full interview with Grandfather discussing many aspects of Native American Traditions and the Crystal Skulls.


Strange Phenomena in Night Sky.. Orbs?

In 2010 while we were living near Asheville, NC with our dear friends Ron & Missy Hill, we had a chance to be involved in videoing some Orbs in motions besides all kinds of photographs. This may have started when we visited a labyrinth in Wisconsin in the early part of March of that year. Anyway the Crystal Skulls meet the Orbs in this article.

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