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Plasma Heart Connection

Plasma Communication~deep~er connections that is an understanding on all levels and brings in spiritual truth on the level of “NOW”… Communication with no substantial meaning leads to a dead end…. Some consider me to be quiet although I am talkative with those who resonate… The 13th was an opening day of many portals…was feeling a

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Clear quartz large final pic for page

Our Latest Unique Crystal Skulls Looking for their New Homes

On this page are very very special crystal skulls we have that are either from the best carvers in Brazil and China that have been charged with our personal crystal skulls seeking their true guardians and new home. Take a peek and see if one is calling for you. The skulls available on this page will change over time so you may wish to check back periodically.

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This Negative is on File All Rights Reserved Copyright (c) Date 3-23-88, This image was scanned from an original photograph sold by JoAnn and Carl Parks

Activations Ceremonies with “Max”

With Star Johnsen-Moser, July, 1995 In 1994, I received a letter from Doctor Terry Friedman, who I had met in my travels and knew had an interest in the crystal skulls. In this letter, he shared with me information about Star Johnsen-Moser, who was conducting what she was calling Activations working with “Max”, the Texas

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5-7 Ounce Brazilian Crystal Skulls

A person’s work with the crystal skulls is greatly enhanced when he/she has their own personal crystal friend who can act as a teacher which will offer to them very special and profound insights into the world family of crystal skulls!!

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Mysteries of the Crystal Skulls Revealed

This is the classic book about the Crystal Skulls Published in 1989 by Bowen, Nocerino and Shapiro. This book is out of print but we still have a few copies left. It delves into the history of the crystal skulls, the experiences of the three authors and includes information never published before. (Currently we don’t have any more copies)

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