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Katrina Head is a Crystal Explorer with her divine partner, Joshua Shapiro, since 2009. Katrina’s first contact with the crystal skulls happened in 2008 when she was gifted a small rose quartz crystal skull from a close friend. At this time in her life she was expanding quickly into her life purpose. As she worked with this rose quartz crystal skull it communicated to her that its name was “The Guardian” which was in absolute divine timing as Katrina has learned that her spiritual essence is part of the “Guardian Race” (the Guardians). Therefore, the synchronicity of receiving this small crystal skull was a catalyst to bring back her memory of who she truly is and what her agreement in this lifetime and her life purpose as she would be working with the Crystal Skulls again for global peace. Another part of Katrina’s work is that she is a steward for people to help guide them through spiritual ascension or our ability to evolve into a higher level of consciousness in the physical.

Katrina works through and with the crystal skull energy (for her that being of the crystalline consciousness) which is totally online with her work as an energetic conduit and catalyst for many people. She works with and through the frequency of the crystal skulls and utilizes this strong inner connection with the crystal skulls as tools to link with the consciousness that connects to the blue ray and aquamarine codes of frequencies which are necessity to stabilize the frequency of organic living light codes into the planetary fields of the energy grid of mother earth. She works as a part of the “Guardian Race” in assisting to repair the energetic fields of the “Divine Blueprint” of this planet (“Mother Earth”).

Further, Katrina has been connected with crystal skulls from past earthly lifetimes and galactic past lifetimes. Katrina is what is called an “Indigo Elder” and a “Starseed” (or Star Person). She has been made aware since 2005 through various life experiences that she is a “Blue Ray Holder” along with being integrated through various lineages of that being the “Fe-Lion Holder Races”.

Additionally, Katrina has many contacts with energies related to UFO’s and beings who pilot these ships which this awareness has been enhanced since she has been working with the crystal skull consciousness. She is able to actually see and feel them as luminous beings and is able to hear their communication.  She is also able to take photographs when the light orbs are around and is sensitive to their energy as well.






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  1. Love the new site. You guys are awesome-sending you love. I been exploring America with the grandkids and RV camping with Rob. No free time until October. I want to come and visit you soon and see your nest.

  2. PS
    My skull babies have been going all over with me.
    I really miss my Guessie. I know she is having fun and waiting for me at the Rainbow Bridge. She was beyond awesome.

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