~ The Power of “Love” ~

The power of the force of Love is key that unlocks every door in the Universe. When we can access the power of Love we are capable to accomplish almost anything. When intending to direct energy, bring feelings of love and devotion to the process. ~Lisa Renee 

Last week as I was meditating at Puget Sound, a Sea Eagle joined me. At first, I wasn’t sure what kind of bird it was that was joining me in meditation and prayer. This is the first time I actually saw a sea eagle in the physical. I asked it “what bird are you?” I got the message, “I am a Sea Eagle”. It looked a lot like a sea hawk but the difference was that it was much larger and it seemed to have more white around the tail. I do not believe the Sea Eagle is native to this part of the world ~Seattle area~.  The Sea Eagle relayed to me that anything is possible and “you can learn to be aware of this” Hah!

I felt such “Love” as I observed this wonderful Sea Eagle. Join nature and you can receive a touch of God! The Sea Eagle “reflects an awakening to learn to walk between worlds.”*  This makes total sense because of the time~line work coming into fruition with the planetary work a lot of us are involved with and this includes with energy of the crystal skulls and our crystalline energies.

Sending so much love to every~one and thanking you for dropping by ~Katrina

*Credit to Animal Speak ~ Ted Andrews

Credit to photo: https://500px.com/rolandalbanese



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