~Krystal Star Journey Introduction~

Katrina Head's Introduction photograph for Krystal Star Journeys ~Welcome to Krystal Star Journey~s Blog.~


It is so wonderful that you have dropped in to be inspired with a dash of crystalline “living~light”. My name is Katrina. I am a being that is on my conscious spiritual journey and path. 



I am here in this world to offer support in “Awareness”.  I love crystals, stones, crystal skulls, trees, grass, beaches, lakes, rivers ~~water~~, mountains, walking and just about anything that is connected to nature.


Please sit back and enjoy some inspiration and encouragement for the day through Krystal Star Journey~s~  It is amazing to connect to each and every~one of you.  


~Remember~ never give~up your unique path~Love is always the answer~

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