Plasma Heart Connection

Plasma Communication~deep~er connections that is an understanding on all levels and brings in spiritual truth on the level of “NOW”… Communication with no substantial meaning leads to a dead end…. Some consider me to be quiet although I am talkative with those who resonate…

The 13th was an opening day of many portals…was feeling a grand space opening in from many universes… felt the vast, forever moving, forever expanding space and a day that was infinite for all days without space and time in the aspect of the past, present and future coming in…portals opening infinite possibility… NO LIMITS with any pretence… Only pure, raw Energy and Plasma. I was feeling the grand space of the Universe on January 13, 2017 as I heard~((heart))… the HEART call to be one with the sun~son and there they were the plasma ships. The only thing necessary is to open the heart space and the pure, energy of creation comes through with boundlessly magic that is very real. RE~Member you are that Energy…you are that space…you are that raw Power of Creation. As you link into this energy you feel the truth and that it is not of an illusion and is deeply potent.  It flows through you and around you like a magical fire-breathing Dragon. A plasma breathing Dragon as it awaits your call to spring into action and bring this plasma of fire of life that creates energy into form and into shape.  As you bring this into your body it is not of the faint of heart for it brings in a freedom of limited ways of thinking. You are Powerful, you are Source manifest in a human body through the plasma dragon. I bring to you hugs of plasma light if you so ever deem to…. ~Katrina Head bringing in Krystal Star Journeys ~*★*~*★*~*★*~

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