Crystal Skull Photo Gallery

Photographs of our Personal Crystal Skulls

(Instructions: Below are different galleries of photos of our personal crystal skulls.
When you click on one gallery a new page is presented with just the photos from
that specific gallery.  You can view them as a slideshow by clicking on “slideshow”
above the photos or if you click on any photo, will appear larger on your screen.
After you finish viewing one of the crystal skull photo galleries, click on the
left {go back} button on your browser to return to the main page that shows
all the available galleries.)

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  1. Melanie Handke says:

    Hello Joshua and Katrina,
    I have always had a really strong connection to stones and crystals. I have never been particularly drawn to crystal skulls until after listening to your blog talk show today and checking out your website. I was immediately drawn to Portal and geronimo, but when I saw Blue Starfire, it was LOVE at first sight!!!!! I got “shivers” when I saw it and I know I energetically connected with it. (I got shivers too when I looked at Geronimo, but I don’t resonate with it nearly much as the Blue Starfire. How can I obtain one of these Blue Starfire skulls? What does it work with? I have a feeling it works with the Pleiadian Emisaries of Light and the saved Blue Star Lotus energies (Egypt). I’m going to be going to Egypt in December and we will be working with these Blue Star Lotus Energies. It would be great if I had my Blue Starfire skull by then.

    I’m a quantum healer, highly intuitive, being committed to being of service and to making my ascension in this lifetime. I’m remembering sho I am, the skills I have developed in previous lifetimes and I feel the Blue Starfire skull can help, especially if I am able to have one with me as my friend and companion.

    I’m looking forward to hearing from you.

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