The Best Collection of Crystal Skull Products!!

These are some of the most spectacular new crystal skulls you can buy, so you can experience the extraordinary power of crystal skulls for yourself. These real crystal skulls have been meticulously carved in detail by dedicated carvers using only the highest quality of genuine natural crystals.

Our friends at Millennium Products For Personal Power, Inc. provide the most amazing collection of crystal skulls and crystal skull products.  All of the crystal skulls are charged by the old Tibetan crystal skull known as “AMAR”.  The owners, MD and Grace, are some of the nicest people you would ever wish to meet and the most dedicated to sharing the best and most positively charged crystal skulls in the world.  To check out what Millenium has available, visit their site at:

(Note: if you join our free newsletter, “The Unfolding of the Crystal Skulls” – our members receive a 10% discount on products you order, over a minimum sales order.  Please take advantage of this gift we received for you from MD and Grace. Click here to join our newsletter.



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