Healing and Intuitive Readings

The purpose of this reading is to offer a healing energy which is done by Katrina and an intuitive reading which is done by Joshua.

  • Our readings are done on skype (with voice or voice and video) or by phone.
  • We require a digital photo of the person the reading is for.
  • We also send to you our client (if you don’t have it already) a copy of our free e-book which has a photo of all of our personal crystal skulls.
  • We ask you to pick the crystal skull that you  have the greatest affinity for.
  • We then print their photo and place it on the top of the skull so you will also feel the energy of the skull.

  • Before the actual reading begins, Katrina will link into your high self and send you healing energy.
  • During the actual session, Katrina will discuss what happened during the long distance healing and
  • Joshua will give you information about this life, or past lives which are affecting what is happening now
  • information to assist in moving any blockages in your energy life,
  • exercises to perform on how to open your spiritual and creative gifts
  • and information on your life purpose.
Product Options
#OptionPriceDownloadFile Size
11/2 Hour Crystal Skull Reading$50.00
Order Healing and Intuitive Readings 1/2 Hour Crystal Skull Reading @ $50.00
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