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If you have viewed our 9-10 Ounce Brazilian Crystal Skulls and would like to find out how to get a larger or smaller Crystal Skull then you are on the right page.

Below you will find an on-line form to complete that will help guide us in the right direction as well as open our communication to find YOUR perfect Crystal Skull.  We are in touch with a few companies who work directly with the carvers.  In order to be able to help you in an efficient manner it is very important in our form below, to give as many details as possible.  Most important is to discuss which type of crystal skull you wish (what type of quartz or another gemstone), your price range and size.  But remember the larger the crystal skull you would like, the cost will be higher.

We will review the information and contact you with the next steps in finding your perfect Crystal Skull. Thank you for your time and interest.  Below are some comments from Joshua related to his experiences being a crystal guardian:

“I have found being a crystal skull caretaker a remarkable and rewarding experience. Why is this? Well first of all, we (Katrina and I) have been able to travel all over the world and meet some of the most wonderful, kind and loving people. Next, the adventures our crystal friends take us upon, to exotic places or revealing inner aspects of ourselves is mind blowing and keeps us excited and feeling young all the time. Now do not expect right away that once you obtain a newly made crystal skull that miracles will happen immediately — but if you respect your new crystal friend, have a consistent contact with “him/her” and carefully listen to their subtle messages and ideas — your life will never be the same — its great and amazing. I wouldn’t trade these experiences for anything in the world!! Since 1999, is when my first personal crystal skull “Portal de Luz”, came into my life so that is 9 years of pure joy. Plus how would it feel to become part of a larger family of people when we will all one day, in the future, create a day to collectively meditate with our crystal skulls, all together, to help bring a peaceful energy to this world — wait it will happen.”

Joshua Shapiro

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