Anton, clear quartz skull from Brazil“Anton” is a small clear quartz skull that was carved in Brazil which is less than 1 lb. Katrina received this skull when we ordered skulls for all the passengers of our UFO – Crystal Skull Journey to Peru in November of 2009, Katrina’s first taste of Peru.  Katrina immediately began to connect with Anton when we received him from Brazil. As soon as the carvers was shaping the piece of quartz crystal, “he” telepathically told Katrina that his name was “Anton”.  “Anton” has strong Egyptian energies and a blue dragon energy.

When Katrina first received “Anton” it was truly a reunion for them. Katrina took pictures of “Anton” when he arrived and Katrina could see an image of the Sphinx. “Anton” has a higher energy which creates a doorway leading Katrina to have an experience of a higher reality system of source energy.  Katrina senses a feeling of liberation and freedom when working with “Anton”. (‘the Law of One’)  When taking “Anton” to Peru “he” received and recorded a blue dragon in the back of his head and you can see the shape of the dragon. “Anton” revealed to Katrina that this is an ancient dragon technology picked up through the doorway of “Amur Muru” and he revealed to Katrina that this works with the ley lines across Mother Earth both horizontally and vertically connecting to the four faces of man.

“Anton” is able to work with people in regaining and reinstating cellular records of who they truly are and begin experiencing their soul path.

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