Atahualpa, a clear quartz skull made in Brazil“Atahualpa” is a 9-10 ounce frosty clear quartz skull that was made by a carver in Brazil around September of 2009. “He” with another one of the crystal skulls we received for our group going to Peru later that year.  The quartz was mined in the state of Minas Gerais in Brazil as is true of several of the other “kids”.   After Joshua was called to select this crystal skull, the skull (“he”) told Joshua that he was forbidden to work with “him” until they were actually in Peru.

Now, the name of “Atahualpa” comes from the name of the last Inca Emperor, who was tortured by the invading Spanish and then eventually killed.  The crystal skull did not receive his name to Joshua, as “his” primary caretaker until we were in Peru with our spiritual group.  Joshua had visited Peru several years ago, in a remote city in the Andes mountains in the north called Cajamarca, the last home city of “Atahualpa” before he was executed by the Spanish.  Joshua felt a connection at that time with the spirit of “Atahualpa”. Then, while we were in Lake Titicaca, before returning to America, the spirit of the crystal skull asked Joshua to be given this name.  But right after the name of the skull was decided, while we were still in this sacred Lake, Joshua did his first personal meditation with “Atahualpa” listening to the music of the group called “Cusco” on his mp3 player. “Atahualpa showed Joshua that he had a past life with Katrina as Inca and that they had lived in Lake Titicaca before. Joshua is not ready to reveal who they were during that time just yet (as it is hard to believe).

While in Peru, Joshua observed how “Atahualpa” was recording and absorbing all the frequencies of the sacred sites the group visited within his vibrational structure.  So this crystal skull holds the energy of Peru and helps a person to prepare for visiting Peru.

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