Heavenly Mother (Pacha Mama)

Little Indian Princess, a brazilian rose quartz skull“Heavenly Mother” is a 1 lb rose quartz skull and was made by the same carver in Brazil as “Portal” and “Geronimo”.  “She” was a gift in 2007 to Joshua from a dear friend in Holland.  At this time, Joshua was preparing to leave Holland and had two crystal skulls which had a predominately male energies so “Heavenly Mother” arrived to bring a feminine energy to this circle.

“Heavenly Mother” is the crystal skull in our circle who emanates a very pure and loving energy which in general will touch people in their heart, whether this person is a man or a woman.  “She” is usually not one of our skulls who is seen out in front as “she” does her heart work behind the scenes.  “Heavenly Mother” played a very important role (besides helping to open up her “daddy’s heart” {Joshua} ), in that she also opened the door for more feminine based skulls to come to us which followed in 2008 including the arrival of the rose quartz skull, called “The Guardian” with Katrina in 2009.

For Katrina: “ ‘Heavenly Mother’ has a very gentle and loving energy but “she” has acted as a catalyst to electrify and really opened up my heart energy. “She” also works with the higher heart energy. The higher heart energy is what activates the crystal records that are within each of us. Once I started working with ‘Heavenly Mother’, this is what she activated within me, these crystal records.”  Katrina saw with her inner vision that the higher heart color becomes a crystal lotus blue which is directly connected to a level called “The Kundalini Universe” which is where our “Cosmic Chakras” (verses our physical body chakras) and “Light Bodies” exist .

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